Tips and info for Moxxii DLC

First time through I like to take stuff a little slow and look everywhere.

Along those lines, I’d recommend turning Mayhem off for most of us.

I inadvertently entered the DLC at Mayhem 4, not a great idea :slight_smile:
Also, you may find that the Smart Gun XXL lays waste to loaders, just toss a bunch of reloads and walk away , they’ll kill the loaders for you.


This is how I plan to do the first run, like you I have to look in every little corner, can’t do that if stuff is continually pounding on you

Two little things;

  • I haven’t checked, but this seems like a different voice actor for Jack. Close, but not quite the same.
  • I believe ammo chests are opening slightly faster now, which is really nice. Probably a global patch since it’s faster on the regular green chests, not just the new Hyperion ones. I appreciate that.
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I just started it on mh3. I also take my time and explore. I have a nice cov pistol that is great for armor. Mh3 with crappy modifiers takes down aganizer in 2 minutes. Goes through ammo fast. Its called moarr linoge.

Couple of additional things;

  • Mantle paint splats appear to be blue, not yellow, here. Maybe not to clash with Hyperion yellow. Edit: Ooops, there are yellow splats also.
  • Plenty of vending machines around, yay!

Started the DLC a little while ago…

A Wee Loader jumped out of an ammo crate. :open_mouth: Didn’t drop anything but a green though.

Also, literally the first bandit I killed dropped the Green Monster COM for Moze. That was quick!

Yeah, first mob dropped a FL4K leg com for me also.

Not so sure. If you’ve finished Normal or TVHM and have the option for Mayhem, heck put it at M1 at least. I’m by no means a very good player but I forgot what I had it on & entered in TVHM M4 – not nearly as hard as the Slaughter or Takedown (yet! haven’t finished). Then again, I started it with Amara and I find her a bit easier than the others (phasegrasping with Driver class mod).

Up to now, my corrosive Cutsman is doing the most work (lots of yellow bars). My Jakobs Hellwalker comes in handy for when enemies get in your face (was funny to see Timothy’s Loader buddy holding one!) Also, clear out your backpack – lots of legendary drops!

Most importantly – just have fun!

Apparently the new legendary class mods have a kinda high drop rate. I thought I was just super-lucky with that Moze one right off the bat but all the other ones for the other classes came easily as I progressed through the missions, and other players have mentioned getting tons of them too.

I’ve only just started the DLC (just past first side quest) but one thing I’ve noticed that others should probably be made aware of is that enemies (at least the bandits) regenerate armor. Honestly I haven’t ruled it being a weird bug (shields the wrong color on them or the regenerate itself), I say that because I don’t recall seeing armor regen in any previous Borderlands content.

I went straight in at M4 with Zane (not my strongest character but the voice lines are terrific) and finding it no problem - I don’t think it’s as tough as the main game on M4. The bandits are essentially renamed CoV but no Anointed. Lots of armour but a good corrosive or cryo weapon sorts them out just fine.

It’s Dameon Clarke. The credits list “Murky Waters” as the VA, but obvious fake name is obvious. :wink: Doing a little googling it seems he’s used a pseudonym in the past on other projects. Apparently it’s a common tactic to get around union rules or somethin’.


The curious case of Alan Smithee. Probably because of the union thing.

Yep! He was talking about the DLCnin an interview I found on YouTube :

Dameon Clarke Interview

Not gonna lie, it feels so good to have Handsome Jack in some capacity. Not sure what it is but the game needed some kind of touch from him. I’ll probably be spending waaaaaay too much time in the casino.

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Played the DLC with my Fl4k on M2. I probably could have bumped it up to M3. I did have a corrosive Faiser which did a very nice job on all the armor in the game. I also picked up around seven of the COMs for Fl4k. Not sure if it is a good COM at this point. I hear it is currently bugged. I also picked up the new Moze COM and what I think is the new COM for Zane. At this point they are being very generous with the COM drops in the new DLC.

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My drop rate for the new coms was initially high, but in rerunning a few areas the drop rate plummeted to virtually none - maybe my bad RNG, or maybe my lucky 7 not so lucky!

I played on Mayhem 1 Melee Hyperion only Amara (I like fun unique builds) and I got her new mod class. 7 times. It’s nice because I got a Hyperion damage boosted one but the fact I got 7 by the time I got to trashlantis - not grinding or farming, just playing through story and side quests, I found a little dissatisfying.

But it did take me since the gam was released to get an anointed Jackhammer (3 months is it now?) so maybe my game pitied me.

Understatement of the year. :grin: The new Amara COM is the most common drop in the game for me at the moment. I’m pretty much guaranteed to get at least one for every 30 minutes of gametime. Which gives me a luxury headache of which one to keep, first world problems and all :wink:

My com drop rate was ridiculous my first run though, it’s dropped significantly on runs with my other characters. Which is fine, I can only use so many coms after all.

The gun I use for loaders is Cheap Tips. I have a Torgue Shock pistol I use to get rid of the shields and then I go for a Moxxi shotgun or the challenge gun from ember to take down the rest.

And of course, the dual Ghast call helps out the cluster if enemies.

Make sure to do the Torgue and ember challenges for 2 legendary guns