Tips and questions for challenges in Claptastic Voyage

So I’ve been going through and doing the challenges in Claptastic Voyage, and I’m stuck on this one in the “Subconscious” area. The rest of the challenges in the DLC have been moderately straight forward, but this one is giving me problems.

It requires you to find 5 teddy bears/rubber ducks. But I’ve only been able to find 4 of them. Anyone done this one yet?

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If you could post the screenshots of the ones you have found and their location in the map, maybe we can help each other. I’ve found three, perhaps the one you are missing is amongst them.

These are the ones I’ve found so far:

The first one is somewhat close to the entrance. Amongst a pile of actual teddy bears.

The next one is in the first Escheresque room after entering VaulHunter.EXE (in the sub-subconscious). It’s on a pool in the wall.

The third one is above the shrinking tunnel nearly at the end (exit the tunnel and then jump above it)

There are two more teddy bears / rubber ducks I haven’t found.

I’ll post the fourth one when I get home. But yeah, I’ve found those three, and the one I’ve found was also a “teddy bear” which makes me think that the fifth one is a “rubber duck” but I can’t find it for the life of me.

@B0SS_ZOmbie Oh, well. After I see yours I’ll give it a go again. Also, you said in the original post that you managed to get all the other Claptastic Voyage challenges. How did you get the “Board Jumper” one in Motherlessboard?

Remind me again, which one was that? I’m at work so I can’t check my challenges.

The challenge description just says “Take a shortcut”

Anyone found the “Faptrap Room” in Overlook XD?

No, I explored mostly everywhere in that area and didn’t find it. It wasn’t the hidden chest where that glitched corrosive Dahl Laser is either.

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@Darth_Geek Ah, that one’s easy. Go to where Dignity-Trap was, and look back to the center structure to the South-East. There’s a small platform between you and that structure with Launch Pads. Just use the Pad next to Dignity-Trap to get to that platform, and the pad on that platform to get to the structure, and you’ll get the Challenge.


@MattFenrir and @Angelripper

That one’s convoluted. You need to hit three timed switches to open a secret room. Someone on the Steam Community made a good guide for it:


I think I followed your instructions, but I didn’t get it. =(

Here’s Dignity-trap

I go to the south-eastern jump pad

I reach the platform with jump pads

And finally I get to the “main area”

But, alas, no challenge unlocked

Could it be one of those challenges that has to be done during a mission or something like that? Maybe that’s the way I have to take just after dealing with digniti-trap.


Hmm. That’s weird. I did it exactly the way you just showed. And I did it after finishing all of the missions in the DLC.

Is there a guide for all the DLC Vault Symbols yet?

I don’t feel like exploring maps looking for these things since they can be mostly anywhere.

@Angelripper These guys have found the Vault Symbols in most of the areas of the claptrap DLC.

Thank you very much! :smile:


Here’s where I found the fourth one:

It’s lying against a column.

Here is the video ive made for that one, hope you like it:

For once, some useful info on Steam forums :stuck_out_tongue: .

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Quite so. Here are the pictures for completeness.

Incidently, there are three Vault symbols in Motherlessboard whereas the Cult of the Vault challenge only asks for one. If Gearbox has messed up that quantity, perhaps they have also done so with this one and there are in fact only four teddy bears. But I guess there’s no way to find out unless we find a fifth one.

Also I find suspicious that there’s only one above the sub-subconcious…

You guys are missing the one in Triplex Isles, here you go: