Tips and tricks (Mechanics you may have missed)

After seeing a lot of discussions about a lot of things I’d like to try my best to compile a bunch of information that is never mentioned, but is very important. All contribution is absolutely welcome, and I will do my best to keep this as cleanly organized as possible (but this isn’t really something I’m good at).

Anything with a (?) needs to be confirmed, and if you can help with that it would be great.


  • Skills that “Knock Back” will stun enemies if they are knocked into another enemy, or a piece of geometry.
  • Skills that “Knock Away” do not stun under any circumstances, and simply push enemies away.
  • ISIC’s rotating wards, with the helix option “You dropped those”, will reflect even skills, such as Miko’s spore ball.
  • The effect “Wound” stops all healing and regeneration effects.
  • Thorn’s curse effect applies the damage bonus to her own skills and attacks, not to your team’s.
  • Kleese’s energy rifts also restore shield to buildings.
  • You can jump while using Rath’s ult. (But we all know he should be able to fly, helicopter around.)
  • You can deactivate skills like Shayne’s invisibility and Kelvin’s sublimate by hitting the button again.
  • Mellka, Attikus, Deande, and El Dragon have alternative "Offhand melee"s while sprinting.
  • Thorn can use her helix upgrade to her offhand melee that makes it propell you backwards to reach new heights that she could normally not reach.
  • All slows affect attack speed as well as movement speed.
  • Benedict’s rockets, including ones fired by skills, can be destroyed by projectiles, such as reyna’s plasma pulse?
  • Miko’s healing beam, once attached to a target, can be bent around walls and other geometry if aimed correctly.
  • Montana’s Firestorm helix upgrade completely replaces the slow on hit effect with a damage over time effect.
  • Attikus’s ult does not require clicking to fire the attacks, and allows sprinting and jumping during it as well. However the attack does not work while you’re in the air.


  • Supply stations apply a heal over time buff to your character when you enter the area, which lingers after leaving.
  • An upgraded supply station seems to heal for 30 HP/s. An un-upgraded supply station heals for less.
  • Buying a building or minion gives you a large exp bonus.
  • 500 shards can save your life. If someone is chasing you, run past an accelerator. If it’s down, it takes 500 shards to build it up to having the slow effect on enemies, just mash R on your way by.


  • Player kills are worth 2 points, while every person who assisted also grants 1 point to your team.


  • Bonecrusher thralls become available at the 2 minute mark. The middle thralls become available starting at the 5 minute mark.

5.Story mode

  • Pressing and holding R will pick up all nearby powerups, credits, and such.
  • Playing with the game settings “Advanced” and “Hardcore” each increase the chance of higher rarity loot dropping, including the rate at which bosses drop legendaries.
  • If you run fast enough after wolf breaks down the door (Easiest as benedict because he can simply fly across the gap) you can trigger the removal of the flag for the swarmers spawning before the flag is set for them to start spawning infinitely where wolf would be. In simple speak, you do this and you can kill swarmers infinitely.
  • The ice blocks that fall during the Galactic Emperor fight are the things that summon frost golems. Shooting them before they hit the ground prevents a frost golem from spawning from it.
  • Shooting the slowing orbs H3NCHM4N shoots will destroy them, as well as the white orbs ISIC Magnus launches.
  • Conservator, Galactic Emperor, and Geoff all are heavily scripted bosses, and you cannot kill them faster than the game lets you. ISIC Magnus, however, is not scripted, and if you somehow break the game and make your DPS flow like the amazon river you can kill him in one cycle. Proof
    Marquis can also do this solo with a well placed ult.
  • Also concerning ISIC Magnus, if you shoot the places where the power supplies? were on his legs after you break one, you will directly damage ISIC Magnus. Shooting the battery? that drops down after breaking enough power supplies is his critical spot.
  • The amount of power supplies that must be broken to get ISIC Magnus to reveal his critical spot depends on the amount of players. With 1 and 2 players you only have to break one, with the required breaks increasing by one for every player after that.
  • In the Void’s Edge story mission there’s a pair of optional treasure rooms. The first is in the courtyard near to where you activate Wolf, the second’s on the left of the new area after Wolf blasts through his first giant door. On any given run, one of these rooms will contain a trapezoid chest with gear in it and the other will be empty. Both doors require standing on pads to open: the first needs two people but the latter can be opened solo.

6.General Mechanics

  • Right click or middle mouse (your quick melee button) will cancel any skill in the middle of casting.
  • Pressing B will start a channeling ability that will send you back to base if you don’t take damage for the entire 4 seconds it takes to use. Going back to base this way, or walking back to base and touching one of the glowing spawn pads, will instantly refill your hp.
  • Your middle mouse melee (Also known as “Offhand melee”) knocks people away, which is its primary function.
  • Headshots are in the game, and apply to every character, even melees and projectile based skills.
  • Critical hit multiplier is 1.5x vs other players, and 3x vs minions and the like.
  • Critical hit numbers show up golden, and some characters have unique sounds upon scoring a critical hit.
  • Minions cannot be critically hit while overshielded.
  • M3 Shepherd applies an overshield to all units near it, including players, every minute. Practically this will happen as soon as the M3 spawns, and then when it gets to the middle of the lane as well. (?)
  • Picking up shards gives 20% of that value to each of your teammates, while you get the full value.
  • You can simply walk over the small shard growths on the map to collect them, this will break them without you shooting or meleeing them.
  • Large shards spawn every 2 minutes, Small shards seem to respawn 1 minute after breaking.(?)
  • Invisibility can still be seen, it’s a shimmer like in Halo.
  • All visual effects such as a burn effect, or slow, still are appearant on an invisible unit. Infact just damaging them provides a brief white outline around them, allowing you and your team to keep track of them as long as you keep hitting them.
  • Eldrid character can have a shield if you equip a loot item that gives maximum shield.
  • Eldrid do have a natural shield cap, which only really comes into play on kelvin.
  • Items with -max shield generally do not hurt eldrid, however it will reduce the amount of shield a kelvin can put on himself, and how much overshield boldur gets from his dash. -Shield recharge time will not hinder any eldrid unless you have an item that also gives shield.
  • Items with -reload speed do not affect melee characters in any way.
  • Lifesteal counts as healing received and healing given. -heals received and -heal power will reduce lifesteal effect.(?) -Heals received and -heal power otherwise have no effect unless you have lifesteal or healing skills.
  • Self healing effects are affected by both +heal power and +heals received. (?)
  • Loot items that give effects “While shield is depleted” will not work on an eldrid character unless you also give the character a shield through loot items.


  • Unlocking the top right lore challenge for a character will unlock their character-specific legendary.(?)
  • You are given commander packs on 5 level intervals, which always include a skin, and can potentially also include a taunt. The taunts and skins given are not ones you can unlock with rank or lore. You are also given a “Legendary pack” upon reaching rank 100, which gives you many items and a guaranteed legendary.
  • Each commander rank requires 1,000 experience, while each character rank exp requirement goes up per rank.
  • When Queuing for a match the yellow bar to the side of people’s names indicates that they queued with each other.
  • This game, contrary to popular belief, is not just like overwatch.

Some things that I’d like to know, if anyone has this information…

Question Bounties

What is the exact heal rate on the supply station, and does upgrading it increase it?
How much damage mitigation does blocking with galilea’s sword give?
Can skills like boldur’s dash crit as well?
What is thrall respawn time?
How exactly does small crystal respawning work, after breaking, or on a set refresh timer?
Do you get a commander pack every 5 levels? And does anyone know what levels are which commander packs?
Can benedict’s rockets be destroyed by hitscan weapons? I’m fairly sure his boomsday one can, but I don’t know about other stuff.

If you can answer one of these questions, I’ll give you 10 points. If you have some other contribution or can confirm a tip that has a (?) by it, I’ll give you 5 points. For making this thread, I get a billion points. All of you must deal with this.

lokorhyru : 5 points
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Nerdy information available below.

The person who made this : 17 billion points

I don’t feel like copying over most of the information from this to my post, as it feels like just stealing…but all the information here is fantastic if you want extreme specifics about damage, health, and such. I will, however, borrow some of the simpler information from it.

End of nerdy information.

(If you wonder why some of this stuff is on here, even though it might be “Obvious”, I noticed some people asking questions about it, so I figured why not just include it, since if one person missed it, others might as well.)


good collection of info, one or two bits I hadn’t figured out yet and most of the other ones I picked up on after a while. I would definitely recommend this post to anyone who didn’t have a chance to play the beta or just didn’t play much.

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Thought this was a useful, informative post, until I got to that.

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Looks like I…@Misguided you. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH

It was a joke though, I don’t like the mode, I made a post on a thread that wasn’t related to incursion at all about all my issues concerning the map. But like I said, just a placeholder.


This should be fairly well known but I still feel it’s worth mentioning; the slow debuff applies to your attacks as well as movement speed. If you see people trying to melee your accelerator and it applies it to them you’ve generally got a DPS advantage, same goes for Marquis slow skill and Phoebe’s slow helix, Miko’s spore etc.

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Pretty sure skills can crit.

Thorns’s volley crits, so I imagine Boldurs axe would. Not entirely sure about dashes and the like, though.

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I’m going to take that as confirmation, as it would make sense. Though I’ll just say all projectile based skills for now.

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The crit multiplier is 1.5x for all weapons and 3x vs minions, so sayeth the guy wot made this spreadsheet.

Earlier I found a random Shadowplay clip from the beta where a level 3 support station was healing me for something very close to 30hp/s, if not exactly that, which could be the nice round figure for it. No idea whether that’s influenced by the station level (but 10/20/30hp per second for the ranks could make sense, I guess?).


I’m almost 100% sure level 3 on a supply station just gives it a shield. Same with level 3 accelerator. The thing is, the second level for the healy station shows a flexing dude. I’m not 100% sure what that means. I guess it increases the heal? But it seems to increase the radius.

I’ll toss that information in there about the hp per sec, and just note that we don’t know what an unupgraded one heals for, and that it may not be exact.

You only get half points for that though because your information was weak!

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Story mode thing peoples usually don’t know:
During the Galactic Emperor fight, when he bury himself, you can destroy the ice cube who fly-off from the ground, avoiding (some) golems to spawn. (They spawn once the cube hit the ground)


Oh, here’s a neat one.

Thorn and Mellka can use their propelling melee abilities to get on top of walls and scale ledges that they, and other characters normally wouldn’t be able to.

Can’t tell you how many melee people have seen me jump and just not come back down and look around in confusion.


Does mellka really need to do that? She basically has a doublejump and a dash she can use in the air which I believe can go in any direction… Also thorn can get that helix that makes her jump like she’s on the moon, so… Eh. I’ll add the one about thorn, but mellka can do that without getting a helix upgrade for it. While thorn getting the helix upgrade for it could potentially save a thorn from getting moonjumping to get to places they’re wanting to be.

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Another one that I haven’t seen others take advantage of.

Invisible units light up white when hit. Characters with AoE attacks like Thorn’s Blight and Oscar Mikes Napalm can practically reveal invisible targets while they are in the AoE effect.

Kelvin can follow invisible enemies with his ground pound to virtually keep them in view for everyone else.


The high jump isn’t high enough to get on top of the bridge in Paradise from the ground, and then on top of the catwalk there that you normally see benedicts on - you still need Burst Propulsion.

Though her high jump does still let her jump some places with ease that before she would have had to use Burst Propulsion.

She can also get on top of the walls in front of the base, where the super minion spawner is. Gotten a few kills here because I didn’t have to run around it.

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Hm, just saw this one:

You do the Top right Lore challenge of the Battleborn you are interested in.

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I don’t think this is true, I got Ambra’s legendary and that was the only challenge of hers I didn’t do.

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Deande and Attikus have sprinting melee attacks as well.


Oh snap then, uh…Might need someone else who has information regarding character specific legendaries then, since right now it’s 1 to 1.

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I heard you can drop them normally too (But never had one like that)
But Top-right lore is a guaranteed Legendary, that’s the first thing i did with Benedict.

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It’s possible I got it out of a gear pack then but I can’t confirm it.

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