Tips and tricks (Mechanics you may have missed)

I’ll just wait on someone else to confirm this, though it was after I unlocked my third one, the top right one, with ghalt, that I got my character specific legendary. But I could easily be mistaken and I just didn’t notice when I got it.

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nice thread!

can not confirm about top right lore challenge. I played up to character rank 12 or so on OM and completed all the lore challenges, no legendary for me in OB.

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Someone else actually posted that OM doesn’t drop his Legendary.

And i confirm that you don’t need the 5 Challenges to get the Legendary (I only had 4 of 5) It’s only the top right who wield it. Or at least, as far as i have seen, it’s always the Top right.
Strafe can confirm too:


I will take this as confirmation then. Thank you.

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Also, another quick hint:
Benedict’s rockets can be shot down by another (Physical) projectile. Same for Boomsday and Hawkeye.
So far i noticed:
-Thumper’s Rocket. 100% sure.
-Sniper (The Algorithm’s bots) projectile, 100% sure.
-Another Benedict Rocket. Not perfectly sure.
-Miko Spore (Not 100% sure, though, only happened once)

I suspect that all physical projectiles can, not sure about hitscan (OM rifle, etc), but it’s kinda hard to test during a real game.

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ofcourse… the one character I specialized with didn’t get his ^^ typically 10Tacle-y :scream:

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I don’t know if this is obvious but Miko’s healing beam can be used from behind corners/scenery. Just lock it onto a friendly tank then step backwards behind something. Make sure to face outwards and not towards the cover itself as it will interrupt the beam.

I use this strategy a lot as it allows me to heal friendlies without being able to be hit by the enemy (or even seen, apart from beam). I’m usually least damaged taken at the end of a match which is hard to do since as a healer I’m always a target. Works best when healing slow moving friendly tanks.

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Initially it seemed fine, then you edited your post and it seems like a legitimate bug. Still added it though.


In my opinion it’s not a bug as the beam is still interrupted by collision with scenery. It just bends around the corner. The other team still generally knows where you are and usually sends assassins to hunt you down :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the clarity, tried to make the tip explain it as best I could.


Yeah it’s hard to explain. When the game is finally released I’ll make a video of healing strategies and share on here.

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Some other junk I thought of:

  • Montana’s Firestorm helix doesn’t make it clear, but the “bullets inflict fire damage” effect of the helix doesn’t add to the “bullets inflict slow” effect of the base skill, it replaces it. Compare Hailstorm vs Firestorm.

  • That ability to shoot the ice blocks out of the air also works on the slowing orbs fired by H3NCHM4N and the white orbs ISIC Magnus launches. Doesn’t seem to work on Geoff’s torpedo pods, despite behaving similarly.

  • Evidence of breaking the game to kill ISIC in one cycle. No idea what happened here, but shows it’s possible.

  • Attikus’ ultimate gives you a crosshair and looks like you’re making attacks, but it’ll just continually activate for the duration without you needing to click. Which leaves you free to sprint around while using it, looking quite ridiculous with +20% sprint speed gear loaded. You can jump, too, but the attack won’t work in the air.

  • In the Void’s Edge story mission there’s a pair of optional treasure rooms. The first is in the courtyard near to where you activate Wolf, the second’s on the left of the new area after Wolf blasts through his first giant door. On any given run, one of these rooms will contain a trapezoid chest with gear in it and the other will be empty. Both doors require standing on pads to open: the first needs two people but the latter can be opened solo.

  • Pressing and holding R (or whatever the “pick stuff up” button is on controller) picks up everything nearby. I think I did this out of habit and honestly can’t remember if the game actually tells you about it, but I saw some rank 20+ people in beta still awkwardly looting chests item by item so I guess it’s not common knowledge.


Very much appreciated my friend. The hold R to pick everything up thing wasn’t something I thought of mentioning because I feel like everyone who plays this game has played borderlands, which had an identical mechanic. But you’re right, a lot of people don’t know.

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Unfortunately there have been plenty of confirmation pointing to the contrary, TheFunfighter. It very much seems that it’s only the top right lore challenge. I got mine on ghalt without getting all 5, someone said they only did one and got it. I do appreciate the sentiment though.

Thanks for the confirmation that it increases supply heal rate with the upgrades.

I prefer the term geometry, as I don’t think a structure’s wall can be properly described as “terrain”. Geometry simply describes anything physical that isn’t an actor.

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Noted then, thank you.

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Solo with Marquis, using his ult on his lowered coil kills him in one cycle. It’s not not exactly one-shot, but quicker than the vid shown.

You probably oughta put up a line somewhere prominent about pressing B (or equivalent controller button) to return to base for a full heal in multiplayer, since a ton of people didn’t know about that in the beta and it’s such an important part of that gameplay.

Bonus trivia: the interruptible portion of the RTB teleport animation takes 4 seconds to complete.


I appreciate the information, will be added.

@BigGunsNeverTire You’re 100% right. A lot of people don’t know about the back to base function, and thank you on the precise time it takes to complete the action.

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Yeah, I was surprised, too.

I’m sure gearbox eyes are all over this.