Tips and tricks (Mechanics you may have missed)

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I take advantage of this on Incursion, when you’re at the last sentry and attacking from the safety of that top room with the healing station. Enemies tend to swarm from both sides and target the healing station over Battleborn (Why not, it’s essentially a stationary Miko) so I try to keep it at level 1 until they start beating on it then upgrade it mid fight. Same goes for the thumper turret that will assault flanking enemies, leave it at level 1 and upgrade it once they’ve damaged it beyond say half health.

Sadly my teammates don’t always understand or agree with this tactic and just end up upgrading them to full. Then they get destroyed and we have to wait for them to cool down before we can build them again, wasting precious time and shards when all we need is to defend against one wave of enemies then assault the turret with a healing station at our backs while the enemy team is on respawn timers.

Oh well :slight_smile:

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I also use alternate fire for that (L2 on ps4).

Huh… I was sure that it didn’t work when I tried it out. Guess I’ll have to try again.

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Anybody know the trigger for when they give overshield? I haven’t been able to figure out if it’s on a timer, if it has some conditions, mix of both… It seems to be timed, but when I harrass enemy shepherd before it gets to midlane it seems to overshield early.

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I think I read its every minute.

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It uses the shield a couple times on the trip down the lane so its gotta be faster than that

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I have wondered this as well. I notice they seem to engage overshield if they have a valid target, like if you begin attacking them while they are traveling but they will also use it at specific time frames while traveling, like on Meltdown they will use it almost immediately after leaving the spawner. My guess is they do that first overshield as some kind of anti camping mechanism but will then save overshield until they engage a valid enemy.

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OMG this is an awesome resource I needed badly.

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Don’t think i saw anyone reference this but when you’re in the lobby waiting to queue in for a game, when players join/queue together a yellow bar appears next to them on the right side of the queue list. A few friends of mine wondered about this and always asked what that yellow bar means.


It means they’re partied up together.

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That’s what i said though :joy:

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Awesome work dude, I’ll be linking new players to this post when they ask for help on YouTube. Keep it up. :smiley:


Oh, my bad, lol. Totally read over that.


Something I would like to know: What are the sources of bonus points (in campaign mode, never played the rest to know if bonus points exist)?

Also, does -healing power affect health regen?

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I’m pretty sure the only stat that impacts health regen is more health regen. Healing from actual healing abilities and life steal shows up in the statistics of a game as “Healing Given” and “Healing Received”, where health regen – even crazy-huge health regen that comes from abilities – does not, and I’m pretty sure those are the same parameters that “Healing Power” and “Healing Received” gear interact with.

I’d do some testing to confirm it, but they won’t let me play the game yet gaaah :anguished:


Main reason I’m asking about healing power is that it’s a reasonably common potential penalty on gear, which potentially makes some commons pretty awesome, since with such a penalty it often drops the activation cost to 0. Granted you lose a potentially more beefy item, but having 1.8 shards per second right from match start is nice too…

On that note, I’d also add a note for other potentially good item penalties to look out for . As mentioned, there’s -shields and -shield recharge for Eldrid, but I’d also add -Healing Power for most non-healing (and non-veralsi) classes, -reload for melee classes and classes who uses a non-reloading weapon, and etc.


As far as I know healing power only affects healing abilities. What I’d like to know is do self-heal abilities benefit from both +Heal Power and +Healing Received?

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Thanks for all the additions guys, trying to keep up with updating this.

I’m not sure if mods regularly check threads, but is there any way I could get this thread moved to the main battleborn forum when the game releases? If it can, thanks. If it can’t, thanks.

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