Tips and Tricks to Every Advanced Campaign Mission

There are a few tricks to every mission that I can impart since I’ve been running missions exclusively on Advanced for a long time now:

~Slow and kill rhonin bots before any other enemy, because I bet they are responsible for 95% of deaths.
~Don’t bunch up when fighting elite bots because grenades are nukes.
~Only have one player shooting down Geoff in his last phase while everyone else focuses adds because they will add up and wipe you if you don’t.
~When the Galactic Emperor goes underground in his fight and tunnels around, he throws snowballs up into the air that you can shoot down, preventing a guardian from spawning.

Void’s Edge
~Take it slow in the first courtyard, I’ve had there be so many enemies that I’ve hit level 9 before Warlord Nix.
~Try to keep someone close to Wolf if you have troubles with him dying early. It’s easy to get distracted with all those big shards.
~Thumpers make the stairs defense easier.
~Get through the swarmers as quick as you can to try and spawn the thralls before Wolf walks over in the middle of it all. Buy his healing and shield if you can.
~The varelsi that spawn while Wolf waits at the gate will eventually stop, but you could leave 1-2 people down there with a turret to defend him while the others get to the shard pad.
~Characters who can stealth can run through the gauntlet to the shard pad with ease. If you must go with force, send up 2-3 if you can. If you are creative with characters who can get vertical you can get more up there than the jump pad intends. Snipers can also support from the ledge where the loot chest can spawn.

~Defensive characters and ones with area of effect abilities make the last part easier. Put up thumpers and flash turrets. Have a person or two up top to take out the warp anchors and the enemies they spawn. The first wave has most of the enemies spawn on the small left landing platform. Second wave they come from the big landing platform on the right. Third they come from both, but smaller enemies from the left and bigger guys from the right.

The Archive
~Clear all the adds and gather as many shards as you can before activating the sentry.
~Build thumpers whenever you see a turret available. This isn’t necessary for guiding the small info bots but highly recommended as it will take you a long time otherwise.
~Stay with the sentry as he will keep walking once you finish the cave and faces a large wave of enemies when he walks back to the starting area.

The Sentinel
~Have snipers stay up on the perch and pick off some enemies before everyone else drops down. Stick together and go from shard to shard to avoid spawning everything at once and you should be good.
~Reyna can use her ultimate to push the Old Sentry off the edge after the first shards, saving a lot of time and the risk of him glitching out at the second shards. You will still get the drops.

The Experiment
~Gather shards around the outskirts of the map in the beginning before starting the first wave so you can set up the overlooking thumper and two traps on either side. Position yourself between the warp anchors and the power cores.
~Returning to the cores the second time, set up three thumpers and flash or temporal traps down the middle lane. Look at your map often to see if one side is getting overwhelmed and assist until it evens out.
~The Ansem fight has four phases, not including when he first spawns and allows you to simply attack him. First phase he spawns orange shields around him with shock turrets inside. Try to get a vantage point above him to avoid having to wait for the orange shields to intermittently go down and shoot him and not the shock turrets. Second phase he spawns green shields with regular turrets around the outside of them. You can also get a vantage point and hit him while he is in this one, but it will be tougher. Focus down all the turrets as quickly as you can and get a damage dealer in the shield to damage him. Third phase he puts up a shield and spawns exploders that you should quick melee into the shield to disable it. Fourth phase he does the same as the third except you don’t have to disable his shield with the exploders. Just kill them and then focus him.
~Final time defending the cores just buy all the turrets and traps and even get some healing drones. Same advice as the second time defending it.

The Saboteur
See my guide for tips on this mission here:

The Heliophage
I could just as easily write a guide on this mission as I did for the Saboteur as it is just as difficult. If I see more complaints on this mission I will try to do so.
~Go left side to start the mission and try not to get discouraged because chances are you will blow through most of your lives trying to get to the first shard area unless you have a very good team. I have found more success in general going this side first because the shard area on the right side gets overbearing for low levels.
~Run back to the beginning platform and take the jump pad over to the right side instead of running the bridge that connects them. You lose a lot of time trying to clear out the enemies on that bridge. If you have a lot of time after clearing both sites then you have the option to clear out that bridge for experience and that middle shard and chest.
~It is a very bad idea in general to fight on the middle island due to so many knockbacks and being able to be shot from every island around it.
~Rendain can be knocked up, making Deande a decent option for his phases with her Uppercut helix choice.
~First boss wave: kill the Maligner and then Jailer Hylis. Quick melee Hylis’s guard off the map to kill them instead of wasting time slowly whittling the three of them down three different times.
~Second boss wave: kill Foreman Grall and then Bagranth. You can find the mechanics to Foreman Grall in my Saboteur guide linked above. To save time, put up turrets while you are fighting him so you don’t have to wait so long to actually fight Bagranth.
~Third boss wave: kill Warlord Nix and then the Conservator. This is the hardest part of the mission in my opinion due to the amount of adds spawned. After killing Nix, many warp anchors have spawned thrall brutes and the Conservator has spawned many skulks. I recommend staying on the platform where Nix spawned and hiding in the cave-like part to avoid fire from the conservator and his many skulks while poking your head out to gradually clear each island of their adds. Then go over to where the Conservator is and take out it’s skulks and fight him with your back toward the wall to avoid the knock-backs. Kill the skulks/scaven/hunters as it spawns them. To clarify this should be the island that has the two sets of stairs up the temple-like structure.
~In the last fight against Rendain, stay on this same island and fight him on the area up the stairs. As long as everyone stays up here, there should be very little adds who bug you. Clear them as they come up and kill Rendain in the meantime.

Hope this helped. Good luck guys.


cough I might’ve finished the Helophage on advanced first try solo on Orendi cough

Addendum: I did lose 7 lives though, I think. I did it for Deande though.

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Solo is easier in every mission.

Clear your throat.

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True, yeah, and sorry if it sounded like I was bragging or anything, I truly didn’t mean it. I think I was on my last life when I finally got him killed, sorry if I came off wrong, again.

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All good lol.

I might just be salty on Helio coz my 3 man died at the final phase of the fight after about an hour last night.

I think I lost like 8 lives when i solo’d but I got it done. The lack of adds makes it easier.

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Yeah, but I think my main cause of death there was just falling out of the map, but I’m sorry to hear you guys made it so far and didn’t get it. Hopefully on your next run you’ll get a good Legendary that you’re wanting.

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I’ve also found that on The Heliophage, fighting Rendain on the Bliss platform works out best. There’s plenty of terrain to keep you on the map as well as a decent amount of room to move around.

Oh! and on The Experiment, my team let Boldur handle the first few enemies at the very start of the level while we ran ahead and farmed shards. We were able to set up before the first wave started.

If I think of any more additions, I’ll add them.


This post continues to be very helpful, thanks for taking the time.

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The Archive: You don’t have to escort the Data Guys.
Do what you can to keep from dying. They will keep spawning.
When things get rough you can safely fight the Thrall back from where Melka is.
You can also fight them in the open areas from behind the protective veils, bombs can not enter there.


This isn’t really tips but more so advice as I’ve been trying to get legendaries from Advanced missions and I’ve been doing them on Hardcore

  1. If you want to easily beat ANY mission (solo) pick Attikus. I personally don’t like his style or moveset and I will admit you have to get level 5 for this to work. But after level 5 the rest of the level is on easy mode. Keep your stacks of Hedronic stacks and DON’T use any skills. It gives him a constant +35 health regeneration. Couple that with health regen gear and his level 3 Helix that gives him life steal on melee hits and you are pretty invicible even on Advanced missions as long as you are punching

  2. Speedruns are cool but don’t feel like you have to rush to beat the level. When on Advanced Hardcore I take a 0 cost shard regen and just wait at the beginning while I eat a snack or something. That way I start the level with all my gear on and enough shards to hurry up and activate turrets/traps. In going with this when you are Marquis/Thorn or any other ranged character you can safely stay WAYYYYYY back behind a rock or something and easily dispose of far away enemies without getting hit (granted this takes a while but better be safe than sorry)

  3. If you are having trouble doing The Sentinel because of those pesky sentinel chest plates pick Kleese or Ambra. I find both of those are great against golems. Preferably Ambra and her level 7 mutation which lets you shoot mini-novas

  4. I just recently found this out but a lot of the times on Advanced Saboteur there are a lot of ranged Varelsi & Thralls that hit Nova from FAR away. The scaven can destroy Nova in seconds but people will usually be in the middle protecting her and not paying attention to the far away enemies. To counter this have somebody play as Toby. Face the direction of the big door and put down your force shield facing the big door on the outside of Nova. Legit this made me go from always being “close” to losing to ending the fight with 90% Nova regualarly. Just make sure the Toby is keeping tabs on his shield in case it goes down so he can quickly put it back up again