Tips appreciated

So, basically I just recorded a match (or most of it), and hoped some more experienced Caldarius (or any experienced) players can analyze and give me tips and tricks how to up my game, things like aiming is kind of pointless to point out since that’ll come… eventually. Anyway, any tips and/or criticism are appreciated.

EDIT: I apologize, it took far longer to upload this video than I expected.

I think @NatsumeRyu could help.

Should work now.

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Okay so if it’s alright I might be super nit picky here. Don’t be afraid to use Burst to deal damage, it deals decent damage. It’s a great escape but it also could’ve killed that OM early on there. And this is unrelated but the top mid of paradise is a great escape route. Good job with using the stage to kill turrets and stuff and always getting shards. My only real critique is that you tend to just use flashbang whenever possible, when you may wanna be a bit more consevative. Otherwise you’re really good.

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Thanks, appreciate any feedback.
I find Burst to be extremely unreliable as a attack tool, it easily get stuck on terrain and more than once I’ve simple just brushed past enemies, so I basically only use it as a escape or gapcloser, but I’ll try to use it more offensively. And yeah, there were many ways I could have avoided that death, just didn’t think of it at that moment :unamused:.

I just find Flash to be too versatile to be left unused. Hit a minion wave to get assist exp and slow them down. Does decent damage against opposing battleborn and can turn a fight in my favor if used correctly, and thats not even mentioning people do get more defensive, if not outright retreat, when hit by a bleed-proc’ing flashbang out of nowhere.

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I would say that you are not mobile enough, you should spam your double jump all the game. Calda is the most mobile character and must makes your enemies think you are everywhere for a good pressure.

You are not going melee enough (just once vs Ambra), Caldarius is an hybrid character, not only ranged or melee but both and if you use the burst with the 20% attack speed helix you have a really good melee potential and deals more damage than ranged.

When i play him i poke enemies till they are mid life (depend on the enemies) and then i use the burst to go melee and finish them.

Do you have his legendary ? Because it’s a really good item, with it you can continue your fight when low life by using it, deals damage and refill your life and if you hit enough enemies you are full life


Not sure what platform you’re on, in a hurry reading on my lunch at work lol, but on my xbone I change the controls around, switching jump and LB, makes it easier for me to spam lb to jump around and still be able to aim with my right thumb, as it’s not mashing the A button constantly.


Already done that, switched A/X with R3 (pressing the right stick). Lets me jump without moving my fingers on the controller, might not be clear in the video though.

Also I didn’t watch the video lol, like I said on my lunch :stuck_out_tongue: was just a quick tip that I know several people overlook on caldy

In general you’re doing a great job! Taking shards whenever and utilizing the mobilaty of his dubble jump much better then i do xD

Like epicender584 said, dont be afraid to use your L1 dash a bit more on the offence. It’s a great gab closer to fire more accurate at people / chase them down when they are running, and ofcourse when you hit them try and keep melee dmg up because it’s actualy verry viable on him.

I wanted to say don’t forget your ulti. But on the last part of the gameplay clip you started using it pretty usefull :slight_smile:

So i would recomend just keep playing and getting better through your playtime!

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Sorry it took so long to get here!

I don’t have too much to add from what the others have said already - use the double jump more - if im jumping as cal im dbl jumping.
i dont go for buildables much as him, too weak and theres better things i could usually be doing, but if you ARE attacking buildables, don’t. stop. moving. you could easy let the other team gank/ body block, etc. you.
i also dont waste skills on buildables, especially the thumper.

and since you said you were having trouble landing the flashbang: pull a benny with explosives- jump and aim at the enemies’ feet. you’ll still get the blind and bleed damage plus the aoe damage, even if you miss the direct shot- far better that aiming eye to eye on an even plane and missing, allowing your shot to miss altogether.

I have more tips, but they arent directly related to cal, and i didnt have time to finish the video, sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I appreciate the feedback, however… I don’t think I ever said I’m having trouble landing the Flashbangs… I did however say the Gravitic Burst just brushed off enemies from time to time. Still does, but I did listen to the feedback and have started to use it more offensively, even secured some kills by going with Zealous Frenzy and Gravitic Anomaly.

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