Tips for a Demolition Woman playthrough

Hi, I’ve already got a level 50 Fl4k so I’m looking to level the other VHs with fun builds. I thought an explosive build on Moze would be something fun and different. I’ve heard it’s quite gear dependant but thought I could still make it work.

What are the most important skills to take while leveling and I’m guessing I’m just looking for explosive weapons.

Does any weapon that has +explosive radius count for all the skills in the tree? Even if it’s a different element?

Ghast Call is a pretty strong grenade that I have at my disposal, does that work with all the stuff in the Demo Woman tree?

What kind of shields and class mods +skills should I be on the lookout for? Any specific Relic?


Oh! Okay. Fire in the Skag den. Always.

Yes. Explosive is now a Delivery Method, and all lumped into Splash. If it’s splash with no element, it’s kinetic splash. So non elemental explosives exist.

My suggestion is: level up Fire in the Skag Den. Means of Destruction. Go to red tree for the bear shield. Selfless Vengeance or cloud of lead. With five in cloud of lead, get Stoke The Embers. At some point, find a marksman com. That gives crits fire and ammo Regen. Build up Blue tree from there.

At some point, consider trying to get Experimental Munitions and Redistribution, because those help make the damage all better. A lot of it is to taste but this was how I did it

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Thanks for the reply, very helpful and well written.

So just one thing I wanted to clarify, did you mean that only the kinetic explosive damage works with the tree or also elemental explosive weapons?

Sorry. All explosive is now called splash, and all splash works. UNLESS it’s specifically grenade. But Means of Destruction, Fire in the Skag Den and the Splash For Bear Rate Skill are all all explosions

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