Tips for beating Aria?

Doing the operation for the 5th time and Aria is now being a real pest to my friend and I. We got her down to 1/4th health before she just instant killed me somehow (wasnt near her) and we lost. I was Reyna and my friend was Alani. We basically kept using the jump pads and running to the other one and shot at her until she close before doing it again.

Any tips for dealing with her?

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Take down the shock pylons so they don’t drain your shields. Then make sure to keep moving. Her insta-kill move takes a couple seconds to charge up and she won’t be able to hit you with it if you’re moving fast enough.


Focus on the adds before dealing with Aria.

Keep a wall between you and Aria at all times.

Run around the room together, don’t get separated.

Use the chests to recover health if you need.

Fight in and out of cover. Only come out of cover when Aria is not charging an attack.

Keep a good distance away from aria to prevent insta-death.


Damn… @Genericktag beat me to it. ^This.

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It’s them foxtrot instincts, boyo.


Are you “fast” with Deande too?

Drops mic… No, wait: Oscar Mike… Off a cliff…

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There is a staircase at the fair end of the room that leads to a blocked off section. This area will prevent most damage from getting to you. Aria can and occasionally will jump up there but it’s pretty safe otherwise.


Hmm, personally when I used to run the mission I always ignored the shield pylons. I used that time to clear out the adds and give myself some breathing room. You have to avoid the large AoE attack once her shield is charged, but it’s fairly easy if you stick to the edges.

As a duo with my friend, our plan was to attack until her first shield phase, then we immediately bolted to the right side of the room. From there we camped thrall spawns and cleared out any shock anchors. Once her shield was charged, we then stayed on one side of the room and fought from there. Use the pillars to break line of sight from her more powerful attacks and focus any brutes (or enforcers) that spawn, they can one shot you from almost any angle.

The two main things to focus on doing are large damage output for the boss and the thralls, and dodging attacks. Don’t tank anything, you won’t survive.


For the Aria fight I always think it’s important to have a character devoted to killing thrall brutes. Characters that can get consistent head shots like Whiskey or Marquis really get work done on those brutes and I never do the op without someone that I know can clear them quickly.


I’ve never used these since the first couple of runs, since I always ended up in more trouble that way. As others have noted, use the cover of the long walkway (cloister) down one side to avoid the most devastating attacks, and clear the ads. You can also use the small section at the top of the staircase mentioned above (it’s at the left end near side as you enter the building), but keep an one eye on your minimap because some of those big thrall will follow you up there. Also, don’t forget the drone station at the opposite end of the area.

How many ops points were you up to, by the way?

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I actually prefer to use melee characters against her, basically circle-strafing her from phase to phase. Whenever she gets her Shield up, I just keep moving around the Arena, killing Thralls and Pylons.
Once enough ‘safe space’ exists, I get back at her.

I usually do the Ops solo, though. In a team, this might not be so easy to pull off because kiting her gets harder with more players to pull aggro from her.

And for ranged characters, I agree with what @timtoborne and @Whitethroat said.
Try keeping Walls/Columns between you and Aria and attack her in partisan style:

  • Always keep moving - repositioning is crucial to survival.
  • Attack on good opportunities - don’t try to brute-force it.
  • Never let too many thralls alive - if you get cornered by her adds, it’s over. (I focus Evolved over Gunners)

I usually ignore her Shield Pylons, because destroying them within a timeframe that actually yields some benefit is nearly impossible solo. Might be different with a full team.
But the most important part about those is, that destroying them would put me out of my way, leading to bad positioning and probably getting swarmed by Thralls.

Also, I usually try to limit pickups to strategic use (e.g. planning escape routes along ways where there are still loot objects). Destroying 1-3 Boxes (or opening chests) is likely to get you Overshield+Speed Boost. Comes in really handy in those WTF moments.


So that these don’t get confused, Shield Pylons (the ones that regenerate Arias shields) and shock pylons (the ones that drain your shields) are two different things.

Shock pylons generate a shock area on the ground and are shot down in a similar manner to Jennerit spawn anchors. Do they slow you, by the way? I remember them doing that but might remember incorrectly.


I’ve done that more than 4 times with every character, yes hundreds of times now.
The most enjoyable is Ambra:

  1. At the start get her attention, she will jump to one side.
    Drop an event there and a ball of fire.

  2. Run to the back stairs area.
    Keep spawning all the fire balls at the top of the smaller steps.
    Over and over, anything going there will die, including the sisters.

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That’s actually one of the characters I need to run again to get the higher Ops tier reward. Thanks for the tip!

If you’re running solo or don’t really care about score. Keep buying temporal or assault drones, they do a little bit of good against the enemies and soak up bullets.

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Did the same.

Stick to the end with the drone spawner (so you can keep getting helpful support drones), ignore the pylons, kill any adds that wander/spawn in that half of the map, and take her out at range/when she pops up and isn’t going full Cuisinart on you.

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But this is true for all in game opportunities

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Killing the shield pylons is useful in multiplayer, however. One player kills the pylons to keep Aria in her invulnerable state longer, while the others kill all the mobs that spawn.

As a follow-up, I was able to successfully complete this. Got the full 100 ops points, too!