Tips for Beating EOS with Nisha in UVHM?

Been trying for several days to take down EOS with Nisha, and I am past the point of being frustrated. Wondering what others have been doing and using to get the job done?

I have been able to consistently get him down to 50 percent health, but after that it seems like the mobs get much tougher and more relentless, and it doesn’t take long to finish me off. I have tried all sorts of gear (including Ack Ack, purple Adaptive Shields, etc.), but can’t seem to make any progress.

This is extremely frustrating. Why is this end-mission boss tanked like a raid boss? WTF GBX? WHY???

Thanks in advance for any help.

I had the same problem. First, what’s your spec? I can show you the spec I used to beat him with. Also include what com you’re using.

Here’s the Spec I used with a Maggie and a Moonface, which was all I had since I don’t hoard items:,auto

Second, are you playing smart and carefully, or do you play recklessly and can’t break the habit?

Took me a kajillion Nisha tries too, don’t worry.

One thing to note, it’s almost always a good idea to kill the minions almost right away. Normally you want to let them live for FFYL, but in THIS fight I find they are the things that will most often put you down when you aren’t looking. Never underestimate the adds.

Also, whenever you see those Volatile Bits hanging around, try to shoot those too. You either get free health, or launch high-damaging corrosive orbs at the enemies. Very very useful.

As for skills, I found that The Unforgiven REALLY helped me. Because 1. It ricochets bullets everywhere, so most likely EOS and all his turrets will be hit during your showdown. And 2. Every single enemy that was hit with a bullet during Showdown will be exploded when Showdown ends. On EOS, this is ESPECIALLY effective, because all the turrets on his body count as separate enemies. So he receives MULTIPLE, MASSIVE explosions all over his body that damage EOS multiple times.

What’s your build and available gear?
Luck cannons destroy eos with tombstone (Eclipse not quite so), but if you don’t have those, just do simple element matching. Maybe a shock shotgun for his shield and some corrosive maliwan splitter for his health. As for the mobs that spawn when he pulls back, you can ignore those altogether. Just move around a lot, use jump pads, and keep them away with singularity grenades and cryo guns till eos comes back, then they’ll despawn on their own.

Actually yeah, this guy has a good point. When he dissapears, the superbadass viruses that he spawns will actually just… dissapear after a while. So don’t be afraid to run if you have to.

[quote=“ActionHank, post:3, topic:253496”]Also, whenever you see those Volatile Bits hanging around, try to shoot those too. You either get free health, or launch high-damaging corrosive orbs at the enemies. Very very useful.[/quote]This - those bits respawn, and they’ll almost always kill something when you fire off the corrosive version. When you’re running/jumping for your life, it’s easy enough to pop off a shot at these for a free kill.

@ACNAero - what COM did you use? I can’t imagine using anything but the Celestial Lawbringer (for the healing during Showdown). My Nisha is still making her way there, and I’ve got some reservations about that last fight myself.

It says Celestial Lawbringer in the calculator xD

Whoops! Thought that was just the skill tree. :v:

ACtually, I accidentally sold my COM at some point during this fight…

Had to kill EOS without any Class Mod at all. SO. THAT WAS FUN.

Fixed that for you. Seriously, without a COM? That’s impressive :grimacing:

To make matters even nastier, my near-exact COM was in the shop for sale.

For double my money.

The Mongol. This is the best gun for EOS. there is NO argument. activate tombstone, shoot him, swap to the highest crit bonus gun you have, laugh. repeat when he gets his shield back.

… Night pitchforks in corrosive and shock… Literally takes 5 min for Eclipse and EOS

I have beat him 3 different ways using nisha. First I recommend using a good adaptive shield and a celestial lawbringer com if you can because they both help TREMENDOUSLY with staying alive. Plus the com is fairly easy to grind for. The mongol method works well for a kinda cheesy way to beat him and if you go that way a sham/ logan’s gun combo will help with ammo. For general elemental matching I use this build and my best experience has been with glitch guns. I personally used shock pistols and lasers as well as corrosive pistols and lasers for most of it, but on EOS explosive pistols and shotguns are really good as well because they hit multiple boxes when aiming for the turrets. For non-elemental I have been using and the luck cannon, but a maggie, striker, hammer buster or purple/ glitch jakobs gun will also work well with this build. People seem to like glitch jakobs weapons with her a lot, I just haven’t found a good one yet. Keeping calm and moving intelligently is key. Use the environment for cover. Have a good FFYL gun (whatever works for you personally). The swarmers tend to fly at you when you go into FFYL so that is nice. They also seem to be plentiful. For eclipse use cover, keep kill skills active by hitting swarmers, and keep moving. For eos, keep moving keep kill skills active, cover seems to be less important except with laser if you are using a celestial lawbringer com, keep aiming for turrets; tombstone, unforgiven, and splash damage make these the ideal targets until the 3rd phase of eos when you can just constantly crit the eye.

I totally agree, but some people don’t like using that method because it is considered an exploit. For farming tho, have at it lol :smile:

You mean, hit EOS with the Mongol while tombstone is active, and swap to some high crit guns while the rockets are still in midair?

Anyways, I thought Luck Cannons work fairly fast and safe on EOS already. Not quite so on Eclipse, which is why I always go and face tank him with a flakker, hoping that my Order stacks heal me in the right moments…

Just looked up the Mongol switch thing. Seems to be the same as the flakker swap glitch. Nice for farming, but I wouldn’t use it for regular coop play.

Would the Hammerbuster II or the Torrent work in the same way they do with Felicity for EOS?

IE multiple hitboxes generating massive lag but massive damage as well?

Thanks for these tips! I have tried a few different builds, but I will give this one a try. Thanks!

I am using a Celestial COM.

I would describe my playstyle as mediocre… :confused:

“Mongol switch thing?” asks the player who is too mediocre to ignore exploits.

basically, you fire the mongol with tombstone active, then switch to a gun with high crit modifiers while the rockets are still midflight, so they have extra crit damage when they land.

There’s video guide on Youtube, but the guy is using dual ladyfists for 1600% extra crit bonus. Basically, you need to cheat to get those in the first hand. And using legit guns with crit modifiers, best you could do would be a crit luneshine skullsmasher with 190% + 10%. Results there are rather poor.