Tips for Building A Gear Loadout with Benedict

Breaking Character…

I originally wrote this to @epicender584 as a private message.
And I was just going to give some basic tips.
Then I overthought it, spent WAAAAYYYY too much time on it… and this was the result.

I usually don’t give gear advice/play style advice, not because I don’t want to help, but because I don’t consider myself an expert or master level L33T gamer. I haven’t placed much faith in my advice to be helpful in the past… hence why most of my posts are jokes, but I’m going to post this publicly. Maybe I’m wrong and this will help someone. I mean… it looks good… to me… so… it must be helpful! Right? RIGHT??? Whatevs. Make of this what you will.


PLEASE NOTE: I do not consider myself an expert by any means. I honestly play more supports than I do Benedict in PVP. And Kelvin. Because I LOVE playing Kelvin in PVP. Gear choices are also based a lot on personal preference. That said, I will give you what notes I have.

PVE: (Or when you have time to shard gather)

RELOAD SPEED - I personally like to use Vyn’s Quiver. This also has the benefit of offering health regeneration. (Just in case your shields get depleted before you have a chance to pull back. See below.) EDIT: But this is only because I don’t have the epic gear “Rejuvenating Stalker Rounds.” Which is weird because I have three other reload speed options in epic gear. Thanks to @hanautaBOB for mentioning its existence to me. This gear is cheaper/better to use since you don’t have bullets to to gain the third skill.

SHIELD STRENGTH - I’ve found that equipping gear with shield strength works surprisingly well for Benedict. His shields and health will go down fast if you’re not careful. As he has no natural health regen, it takes forever to get that back once it goes down if you don’t have a healer. The extra shield strength gives you time to escape to a rooftop if you get surrounded before it cuts too deeply into your health. You should at no time tank as Benedict (unless they have REALLY bad aim). Once his shields get too low, you should pull back, regenerate, then push forward again. If you try to tank as him, you’re going to die. A lot. The Modernista is a good choice if you want to use liftoff or Hawkeye more often. It offers cooldown and a bit of extra protection from snipers/shooters with 20% bullet reflection. If you have an epic or legendary shield strength booster with shield regen increase, that is also a good choice. (ISIC’s Legendary has this, but I prefer the cooldown and bullet reflection of Modernista personally)

DAMAGE REDUCTION - An alternative to Shield Strength. Same philosophy as shield strength. Reduce incoming damage to stay in the game longer and keep Benny from getting shot in the face, but back out once it starts cutting into your health. These have some nice bonuses too. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Legendary damage reduction, but the epic gear “Readying TurtleGuard Armor” gives a secondary boost to reload. And makes Benny’s reload like 30% faster when used with Vyn’s Quiver.

ATTACK STRENGTH - Symbiotic Gauntlet is not a bad choice. When used in conjunction with Modernista, and tactical fall backs, you can keep your health relatively high, and thus use the damage bonus for current percentage of max health more often, and more effectively.

PVP: (When you don’t have time to shard gather or matches are going quickly)

I like to go with a low level shard gen and a low level reload speed. I need that reload speed… fast. I will go with a mid-tier to epic shield strength depending on my estimation of how much time I’ll have to gather shards. While it would be nice to HAVE IT ALL!!! (singing angelic choir here) Reload speed and shield strength are most important to how I play. I’ll sneak in some legendaries if I get onto a good team/have more opportunities to use shards on personal items. (building defenses/spending shards on other things is necessary a lot now in PVP with the minion buffs)


  1. Get that reload speed up.
  2. Get that shield strength/damage reduction up.


  1. Attack Damage (Always a good decision. Like Samuel Adams. Except during the morning rush hour. Don’t drink Samuel Adams during the morning rush hour)
  2. Shield Recharge (Gets you back out faster)
  3. Health Regneration. (Helpful)
  4. Skill Damage (If you want to piss off @EdenSophia with Hawkeye. I’m not a big “Hawkeye” Benedict. I liked getting the crits a lot more than the homing rockets before they removed crits. And I didn’t realize it until they were gone, and I was still aiming for the heads trying to get the damage bonus. Now it doesn’t matter where you hit, so Hawkeye is an effective strategy, but not one I enjoy using.)
  5. Movement Speed (Cool if you want to escape/get out there faster)


  1. Shield Penetration (Not as big a deal since the sentry’s shield goes down faster in Incursion now, and Benny has extra shield penetration helixes anyway. Insert dirty sexual pun here.)
  2. Maximum Health (Not… super helpful once the enemy can crit you when your shields go down. Benny is a big target. You really want them to hit your shield more than you.)
  3. Attack Speed (Eh… It’s ok if the enemy is shooting down your rockets I guess.)
  4. Buildable Cost (Benny should be used for tactical offense/defense, as such, reload speed, attack speed, damage reduction, shield strength are more valuable uses of your slots.)
  5. CC Duration (I’m sure you can think of creative way to use this. Let me know how that goes.)
  6. Critical Hit Damage (Benny doesn’t crit. Anymore.)
  7. Heal Power (Only good if you have a dedicated healer…)
  8. Healing Received (Only good if you have a dedicated healer…)
  9. Recoil (Meh.)

If you need to crit someone (just for the sake of it) you can still try to do it with quick melee. (Mostly only if this challenge pops up in the new Friendship Raid, that stupid Bot)

If you got the Epic version (Rejuvinating… something) thats better, especially since Benny and Ernest can’t use the third effect. So giving away 750 Shards for nothing… not a good option, but if you have only Vyn’s Quiver it’s still viable.

Other than that, very good explained why you take a certain stat about an other.


You are correct, I do not have the epic version, and it did not occur to me to look it up to see if there was an epic equivalent.

Just looked it up here…
It is Rejuvenating Stalker Rounds.

I may edit the OP with your suggestion/I’m doing it right now.

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sad they removed benny’s crits? stop crying, put em back in by yourself!

Best part: now you don’t even have to aim for the head to “crit” them!

seriously though: in know recoil (meh) and CC duration aren’t bennys favourites, but they don’t harm either, 7% maybe not much, but if the effect activates it is actually a difference between 300 and 450 damage per rocket…

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It just ain’t the same as a satisfying skill shot…


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Here’s the gear he mentioned above in case anyone wants to see for themselves.

Also, @Benedict_87 have you tried
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It works wonders on Benedict.


Keep your feathers un-rustled, buddy.

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I’ve got those same rejuvenating stalker rounds on my Benedict, along with a blue needle that also gives attack damage, and the symbiotic gauntlet.

Covers all my bases pretty well, once i get the ready rockets helix; the health regen is great for keeping me in the fight longer, and restoring my SG damage bonus quickly.

Oof. There are some really strange and expensive gear suggestions in this thread.

Shield Strength is a huge question mark, especially since the potential secondary stats are not useful at all. Maximum health will serve you better, and has AD as a secondary stat option. Modernista? Trash on everyone but Kleese and S&A (and the effectiveness on them is debatable).

The only reason you should take Damage Reduction is because you are looking for the secondary Reload Speed. Damage Reduction is a completely wasted stat on Benedict, and stacking reload speed is much less useful than before.

Attack Speed needs to be listed as an “essential” stat. Even a single white attack speed piece lets you get an extra rocket off during hawkeye.

Stable Executioner is completely useless on him. First two stats are actually useless, and the tertiary comes out to a 3.5% damage buff over the course of the game. 1.8k shards for 3.5% damage buff.

Vyn’s Quiver does not work on Benedict, period. It behaves exactly like a more expensive Rejuvenating Stalker Rounds.

Seeing a slew of Damage Reduction legendaries suggested actually triggers me. The only thing you are getting out of a Damage Reduction piece is the minor secondary Reload Speed. Benedict is not going to be pocket healed, and does not have nearly the health pool to benefit from damage reduction, even in its buffed state. If you really want to stack reload speed (which you really don’t need to do), take a Green Nimble TurtleGard Armor (reload speed after reloading).

The only non-standard piece suggested here that is actually interesting is Hidden Charger, because each rocket counts as a reload as far as I’m aware. Very much a meme piece, but still interesting.

Here is what I run. It’s cheap and effective. Activated in the order listed.

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White AS gear is to get the entire mag off during hawkeye. You don’t need anything more. You could take a more expensive AS piece, but this loadout is already pricy, and Benedict benefits from power leveling to 6 off of buildables while he builds his loadout.

Reload piece helps with his reload, and doesn’t waste any slots. Reload after reload is also an option, but I use my skills often enough to keep it proc’d almost always, and the duration is longer, and doesn’t mean your first reload is slower. The reload after reload used to be a must have, but reload clipping is no longer a thing unless you build a full reload loadout, which means you are sacrificing other good stats. If you aren’t constantly using skills, reload after reload is better.

Symbiotic Gauntlet is pretty self-explanatory. All of his damage comes from his primary.

From my ~1.4k hours playing this game, here are my thoughts on gear usefulness for him.

Very good stats:

  • Attack Damage (DPS)
  • Attack Speed (1 more rocket during hawkeye)
  • Reload Speed (clearing a wave usually takes more than a single mag)
  • Bonus Shards (Benedict benefits from powerleveling, since levels 4-7 are really strong for him)

Decent stats:

  • Cooldown time (Hawkeye loses 1.33s, Liftoff losses 1.05s, and Boomsday loses 5.95 seconds. Unless you are using those skills within the listed time frame after coming off cooldown, you are wasting a slot. Even spamming my skills, I usually have them off cooldown for more than a second before using them again. Buff to Boomsday looks significant, but its use as a finisher means it is an opportunistic skill. If you use it to clear waves, it does bring it under the 80 second threshold for usefulness when not gaining ground, but its potential is wasted on waveclear)
  • Max Health (the best survivability stat for just about everyone)
  • Movement Speed (a small buff, but being able to navigate the battlefield faster is always a plus for a mobility character that specializes in tagging and bagging)
  • Sprint Speed (see above)

Meh stats:

  • Buildable cost (less effective than a shard gen unless you are going pure builder. Also doesn’t come in a good free variation for Benedict)
  • Health Regeneration (your engagements should be short. You don’t have the health pool to let it save you from an assassination over a Max Health pieve. It isn’t significant enough to heal you if you get low)
  • Max Shield Strength (not actually that useful. No good secondary stats, pretty small for a character that doesn’t rely on shields. Very few characters actually get much use out of Max Shield over other options)
  • Shield Regeneration (a significant buff to the stat, and synergises with regen on liftoff, but it has no good secondary stats and there are better options).
  • Skill Damage (Only adds 70 damage to level 10 boomsday. Benedict’s skills are not the primary source of his damage)

Useless stats:

  • CC Duration (because CC duration)
  • Critical Hit Damage (can’t crit)
  • Damage Reduction (not nearly the health pool to make an impact)
  • Heal Power (no heals)
  • Healing Received (your healer has more important targets, and you shouldn’t be taking much damage)
  • Recoil Reduction (his recoil is tiny and resets before his next shot anyways)
  • Shield Recharge Delay (hardly ever useful on anyone)
  • Shield Penetration (useless on everyone except maybe Pendles, since you will never see someone at low enough health to kill without breaking their shield. Also hinders your team by making crits take longer to be available)

Loadout Cost:

Never take three legendaries. If you take two legendaries, the third piece has to be a free shard gen. These two rules apply to everyone IMO. In general, I’d suggest keeping a Benedict loadout under 3.6k shards. Mine costs 3144, which is still a bit pricey IMO, but activating the legendary last lets me make game-time decisions between powerleveling and sending buildables after getting the first two up if I’m not leveling as fast as I would like, or just rushing the gauntlet because we have the upper hand and I’m leveling at a good pace.


0 cost sprint/movement with - recoil/heal power, 0 cost AD that has -140 max shield and 0 cost reload speed that has - shield recharge rate for capture is my fav. And then the items go up in price for each game mode with incursion going into most of the tipful loadout suggestions here with the AD RS and AS

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I was just posting the gear @Benedict_87 set up. [quote=“beta382, post:9, topic:1550949”]
All of his damage comes from his primary.

Don’t forget that with Murder of Rockets, Hawkeye does over 500 damage at level 5.


Figured I would ask this here. So I been using a blue reload that gets the +reload for 5sec after a reload. Is that reloading to the full clip for him or after the first rocket loaded?

Same question for Ernest as well if someone knows

i’m going to crunch some numbers here and for tonight it’ll be short since it’s almost bed time for me

these might give people some ideas same thing as my other math posts, it’s just theorycrafting, feel free to adapt these ideas to your playstyles

benedict base stats according to the battleborn bible:

health: 983
shield: 300
damage per rocket: 211
reload time per rocket: 1.08
attacks per second:1

now the first one i’ll crunch numbers on is damage reduction since it’s simple enough


that’s just basic DR, but looking at that…i’d not recommend it unless there’s a secondary or tertiary effect that would help you.

reload speed:now reload speed is a great thing on benedict, and i’m going to take this one as far as I can to explore one possibility I saw.(string of numbers is the equation stretched out, iskip it if you wish
21% with 1 9.8 secondary on one item and two others with secondary effect

1.055=5.1 seconds to refill from empty normal
5=3.146 seconds to refill from empty with all reload speed. based on gear alone. BUT there is a helix that improves reload speed as well


.440*5=2.2 to refill from empty, so over double speed after you get everything going.

attack damage i’ll do tomorrow if I remember after work and from there i’ll start looking at combinations of gear(mainly legendaries that could theoretically be useful in tandem that would understandably be niche ideas)

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Here’s my new gear load out with Benedict.

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For this specific build I’m also taking nothing at level one for helix choices. The goal of it is to return him to day one Benedict so that I can enjoy playing him. I call the build “Data mining is flawed”

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Super Commonrail gear (4WD gear , 4x4 gear , Pick Up U4D gear) is creating the most damage and fastest movement. It’s used for Benedict and Ghalt only.




Benedict’s maximum health = 983 HP
Maximum Health = 980 HP
Attack Damage = 29.12%
Attack speed = 8.40%
Shield = 300 SP
All Damage in himself = 1918 HP/W.
As total damage = 5,749.7112 ~ 5,750 (Nm.•HP•W•J) Dm./ch.

[{980 HP + 983 HP + (300SP x 1 HP/SP) + 1918 HP/Dm. x 1 Ch. +(29.12% + 8.40%)}x (1 Joule.)] = 5,749.7112 (Nm•HP•W•J)

Ans. 5,749.7112 Damage power per Character.

(573.18 Dm. per rocket) x 5 = 2,865.9 Dm. per rocket launcher.
when I used it.

(August Benedict has been tested this gear loadout for 6 month by me.)
[May 8 , 2016 - Nov 8, 2016]

My idea own.

Thanks for reading.:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Whoo, when I saw the first gear I was concerned

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I’m actually using this in PvP. It’s the only way I can play Benedict with out feeling like a ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■.

Edit: I’m not taking the level one helix at all either.


you stack the way I’ve been getting an impression of, well put