Tips for elemental projector deathless build?

I recently picked up an elemental projector deathless. I assumed this combined with Bloodletter and splash damage it would be OP. However I can’t say I notice much difference with the elemental damage boost. I’ve purposely set myself on fire, electrocuted myself, ran through corrosion and radiation. The only element that I’ve noticed a damage boost with is electricity when damaging an enemies shield. Otherwise I don’t notice any difference. I’m running in M4, which could be the reason why it doesn’t seem to make a big difference. Also I have been running a powerful splash damage build in general, so it might just not be more powerful than what I am used to. Any suggestions? I’ve been sticking with mostly splash damage elemental weapons, cutsmans, kirbys, alchemist, laser-sploders, etc.

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I keep meaning to write up my build but I’ve done something similar to what you’re attempting. The key to making it work for me is to use a Blast Master for a class mod. The damage sky rockets, my fire kyb’s verse the test dummy was doing 10k body shots before stacking Dib or PD. This is with no annointments active.


The problem I have with Blast Master is survivability in M4 in multiplayer, slaughter, and raid. I don’t care to run a transformer and continuously damage myself with electricity to heal/survive. There are times when you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and if you’re not actively healing you’re dead within seconds. Survivability should come down to a characters level/guardian ranks and equipment. Not having to resort to a gimmick/cheat or 1 shield with self inflicting element damage. Unless I’m missing something. I do enjoy Blast Master for general play tho, and I can see how that coupled with elemental projector could be a good combo.

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I 100% agree with what you’re saying about character survival. I’ve been having success with BBB for most content however I haven’t seen anyone demonstrate a non IB build capable of MH4 solo raid/shaft.

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With those weapons it sounds like you’d almost have to use blast master to see a difference. The projector would be with the splash damage I think.

The raid is pretty tough to comment for survival, you’d probably have to focus some points into Iron Bear as Prismatic commented. As for slaughters I’ve had a much easier time surviving with Blast Master over Bloodletter, but I want to do some more testing with blood letter soon.

…are there at all moze solo build for m4 slaughter shaft?
my current build can mob and boss around no problem in m4, and solo takedown in m3, but SS m4 was a hard nope for me.

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IB focused CD build can, I just did it the other day. No healing apart from BBB. The build relies around getting out of IB early (50-70%), making use of proper positioning so that Auto Bear doesn’t die and using Dakka Bear for invulnerability (CD continues while in DB), and then jumping back in as soon as IB is off CD. He does insane amounts of damage as well. However I think you need Topped Off for this to really work and it’s disabled for most people right now.

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Rocketeer might work for that with out topped off. I’d have to check how long it lasts.

It might yea, but this build maximizes IB damage so you’d be missing out on the Blast Master 100% bonus damage, and you’d also have to invest in DW all the way down to Vampyr which limits your ability to pick up Desperate Measures or Scorching RPM’s/SB.

I can do ok in slaughter in M4 using Bloodletter with +4 in Phalanx giving me 9 total. A few kills and my shield is over 60k, a few more on that and I’m over 70k. Personal best is a 127k shield, cistern of slaughter, with a 20 kill boost from Phalanx. Actually, cistern is a walk in the park, it’s the other 2 slaughters I haven’t completed without invulnerability or brawler/facepuncher. Need to have shield, relic and character mod all compliment each other 100%.

Yeah the Cistern isn’t so bad. Shaft is pretty nutty. It’s doable, albeit very very very slowly to the point it isn’t worth it. Slaughter Star is a hard pass though.

Should at least be able to go down BM tree for the boosts there. Missing out on Blast Master would make for a pretty long fight in the Slaughter Shaft, forgot about that.

Assuming 3 points in Vampyr, between DM and SR/SB you’d have to give up at least another 50% damage I think. Though I guess DM is only adding 25% due to only one of IB’s arms receiving the benefit.

I have a question about the blood letter mod. Doesn’t it add to delay and reduce recharge rate? I’m not understanding something here and im confused as to why it augments survivability if it makes your shield not work as well.

They nerfed it awhile back and added those two debuffs. The reasoning was they wanted to emphasize “manual healing” which they felt was in line with the idea behind the class mod. Keep in mind it was nerfed while beam/tesla grenades were still proccing Vampyr and splash damage, which is no longer the case.


Does DM work off Iron Bear’s Health or Moze’s? I’ve heard both and never bothered testing it because I always just used Blast Master and the BM tree for Iron Bear Builds.

Moze. The wording isn’t very clear in the skill description.

Cool thanks. I’ll have to see about a maximum damage Iron Bear Build.

Tediore builds work in M4 Slaughter Shaft (and anywhere else).
The next best thing might be a splash damage build based around the 120% splash damage anointment on Hives/Scourges, Lumps, Flakkers and other really good splash damage weapons. I’ve seen some versions being tested on streams and they seem to do okay in the Trials on M4.

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Yes, it does penalize shield recharge rate and delay. It used to give Moze a huge advantage over other characters which is why they added this nerf. But, with the right equipment and skills it is still one of Moze’s best attributes if you want to play legitimately. The idea is shield is better than health. Your max health can only get up to around 6-7k. Yet shields, standalone, can be double that AND they recharge quickly. So shield is better than health. Bloodletter alone isn’t enough to consider it an advantage. Bloodletter with pull the holy pin is better than no class mod and regular healing/shield recharge. Bloodletter with deathless artifact, doubles your shield size, in exchange of taking health down to 1hp. So a 13k shield becomes a 26k shield. This is better than a 13k shield and 6k health, right? 19k HP vs 26k HP. Moze also has skills that exchange max health into shield, up to 60% without additional points from class mods. Another skill that simply just adds shield capacity. Find a front loader shield that takes 60% max health into shields and you can have a max shield upwards of 50k. 50k is better than 19k, right? This massive cushion of HP has to have a draw back, and that draw back is reduced shield regen rate/delay.

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