Tips for Fighting the Ancient Dragons at Lvl 72 solo?

Yeah, I know. I suck at raiding.

Once more, I don’t have a Sandhawk. I do have a Rubi, a Chain Lightning, a DPUH, a Legendary Cat, a Legendary Siren, and a Bee.

Tips would be nice, I guess. I understand that the best order is Brood, Helianth, incinerator, boost?

I think the order is actually Heal, boost, inc, then brood but don’t quote me on that.
IIRC, there was a whole thread of tips somewhere, I’ll see if I can remember where it was

Here ya go, if you have any questions not answered by this guide, feel free to post them.

There are a couple of youtube videos that show solo Siren gameplay…

Use a Thoughtlock build. Sand Hawks are highly recommended. Call down Brood first, so he spawns second wind and Thoughtlock fodder for you. Damage him if you want, but be careful not to kill him, he is the weakest. Then focus on killing Boost first, because he has the lowest HP, although he cannot be slagged. If you’re lucky, you’ll kill him in one landing. If not, the other 3 will be 2 levels higher, but still manageable. After that, you kill Brood second, Healianth third, and Incinerator last. Because when Incinerator’s health gets low, he will ignite the entire arena.