Tips for Fighting Voraciduous at Lvl 72?

Pretty straightforward. Stuff I have that I figured might be helpful includes the Bee, a DPUH, a nice Shock Plasma Caster, a Legendary Cat Com, a Slow Hand (for healing), and a Purple Shock Boost Relic.

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If you wanna kill the Chief early, and thereby skip all of Vora’s shielded phases, a Trespasser is a nice thing to use. The downside is that Vora goes aggro when the chief dies.

If you decide to keep the chief alive, I’d recommend fire weapons mainly. When Vora is shielded, just stay out of harms way until the chief takes the shield back (Or use the Trespasser for some pot-shots on Vora while he’s shielded). Then you blast away! A Rubi or Grog Nozzle will serve you better with health simply because they heal more.

Although plasma casters are really nice, the goto-gun for all sirens is the Sandhawk. Bee+Sandhawk+Cat COM+Maya’s skills = One Badass Siren.

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I’m a poor boy, bereft of both a Sandhawk and a Trespasser, and a Rubi or Grog :cry: :smile:

I’m farming for a fire relic right now, but yeah the Slow Hand is the only Moxxi weapon I’ve got.

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Grog Nozzle is a mission weapon in Tina’s dlc. As long as you don’t turn in that mission, the gun will stay in your inventory. The other guns are all mission rewards, so they’re all really easy to get.

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Got me a Rubi like, a week ago. Completely forgot about this topic. Whoops!

So yeah. I still lack a Trespasser, but I’ve got a better means of healing. Still getting my ass kicked, since I lack a Sandhawk. I’ve been using a DPUH as a crappy substitute,.

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DPUH can definetly do the job. Problem is ammo. I would recommend that you get a Cat COM and a good SMG. Legendary Cat the obvious first choice, but pretty much ANY Cat COM will boost your SMG damage a whole lot. One of the best, and definetly the easiest to get, is Miss Moxxi’s Good Touch. In case you don’t know how to get it, you go to the bar and start tipping. First she gives you the Bad Touch (corrosive), and then the Good Touch (fire). They both have healing properties, but not as good as Rubi or Grog. Trespasser isn’t necessary, it’s just an easy way to take out the chief while he has the shield.

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I’ve been farming Hyperius for a Fire Norfleet, in between having a go at Voraciduous. Man. I’m not able to get him down an eighth of his health before either he or the Chief kills me.

I feel like my major problem is the Chief’s lightning bolts. There’s no way to avoid them, yes?

I’d recommend a Chain Lightning for quick healing with your Rubi/Grog Nozzle. Or at least a normal Lightning if you can’t get the Legendary varient. As a spell grenade, it will replensh over time, keeping you in the fight that much longer. Also, an Avenger can help. Hold it during those parts of the fight when Vorac has the shield, and you don’t need emergency healing. It’ll get you some SMG ammo back. There’s no quick way to do this fight, and you will go through ammo and grenades fighting solo, so be prepared for a long fight.

So I finally beat him, using this method. Got him with probably a split second to spare (without an Aequitas, might I add), and got myself a Hawkeye and the achievement for completing all of Hammerlock. Felt good.

Damn Voracidious and the horse he rode in on. I’m going to be relying on Omd-Om-Ok or Dexiduous for my Interfacer needs.

Congrats on the win. Vorac is not easy at any difficulty. Though before you go farming those guys, I’ve heard Dex can drop Seraph gear, but no one has ever proven that to me. And I’m pretty sure 3O does not drop anything special but the Twister, which is a very good shotgun, though.

I actually did have a Practical Interfacer drop the first time I killed Dexi, but none since.