Tips for getting through TVHM with salvador

Hey guys just trying to get some tips on surviving TVHM on salvador are there specific weapons or should play a certain way? anytips are much appreciated

This is a level 50 build:

Progress down to No Kill Like Overkill in Gunlust. Really all you need at this point is a Purple Berserker class mod and either a slag Rubi or Grog Nozzle for the off hand. Use whatever gun you like in the main hand.

ok so basically I need to focus on the gunzerking side of things first, and also where would I get a grog nozzle ? and does the rubi automatically come slagged in TVHM?

I just got my first Legendary tonight Hefty Baby Maker
Its a pretty good slag gun

Rubi come in all elems. You need to dash board farm it.

Sal is pretty much Invincible as long as he can Gunzerk which is as long as you need to with a Berserker class mod. That’s because of the amount of healing generated from using a Moxxi gun. In order to get the Grog Nozzle you will need Tina’s DLC and start but don’t turn in “The Beard Makes the Man” mission. It will always be at the same level as you. Getting the Rubi requires dashboard farming until you get the one that you wanted.

alright so should I get rubi asap or wait untill imm level 50 or is it worth getting the grog nozzle?

You’ll get more healing from using the Grog Nozzle but the Rubi is still a good choice (especially if you don’t have the Tiny Tina dlc). Just try to make sure you get a slag version- the other elemental types are fine but situational- slag has a universal use. As for the build BookEmDano posted, if you’re going strictly pistol use with Sal (which is what I mainly did until reaching UVHM) IMO I’d switch out Quick Draw for I’m Your Huckelberry and take Divergent Likeness over Lay Waste (at least for now- I’d take either of those skills later as I made my way to level 72).

All you really care about is the slag and healing so it could be any level on the Rubi. I’d get it as soon as the mission is available.

so I went and got the grog nozzle and to the best of my ability specced to that level 50 skill tree and all I can say is WOW I am dying a lot less no and generally killing everything more