TIps for Krieg on Digistruct Peak?

So, the Overpower Levels are kicking my butt. They did so when I played Maya and Salvador, but I don’t think I’ve ever it so many brick walls as I have with Krieg.

I’ve been stuck on OP5 for the past couple of days, which is something new for me, since its generally OP3 and OP7 that gave me hangups. I generally get messed up with either the three Scorchs or the two Black Queens.

I have some of the essential gear for a melee-focused Krieg; a slag Rapier, a Rough Rider, a Legendary Sickle, etc. I’ve also got a Bee and DPUH. What I generally like to do is to DPUH+Bee Scorch, tossing in some Fastballs for quick healing, but I always get overwhelmed by the Black Queen and her minions.

Help would be appreciated!

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your build would be helpful.

Here is my build.

As far as fighting the Black Queens and her spawn my suggestion would be to toss out a slag Bouncing Betty and use the doorway area as a choke point while trying to take out at least one of the BQ ASAP. What other weapons are you using aside from the DPUH?

Go Leg Reaper or Leg Torch.
DPUH for Scorch, corrosive CC/Butcher/Omen for loaders, surveyors and Saturn, Hellfire and/or DPUH for the Assasins.
Slag everything you find (grenades)
Go rough rider.

I’m not going to mess with your build and playstyle too much but would highly recommend that you take those three points out of Boiling Blood and put one point into Delusional Damage and two points in Flame Flare so that it’s easier for you to self-ignite and gain the bonuses from Numbed Nerves and Pain is Power.


Because Fillet’ing scalps is fun.

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Don’t use melee Krieg, instead use hellborn with hails or flesh crunch with any powerful explosive weapon.

When I went through Digi, my build was 100% tank (as I had the Missus on 2p).

In the few instances that I’ve done it for loot, I can wholly back what everyone else is saying. Hellborn is infinitely better.

Also, I’d say not to ignore the “Hornet” as a possible gun to have in your inventory. On Hellborn builds, it tears through any Mr. Roboto.

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Yeah, the Hornet decimates anything in it’s path

x2 with the Hornet. Heals through Elemental Empathy and make Loaders to beg for mercy.

I ran DP with this build:

Now it’s OP8. This build, a Legendary Torch and Hellfire (or any Plasma Caster or Maliwan SMG, even whites), it is almost unkillable.

I like my skag fillets well cooked, almost burned.

Not to mention the fact that your embrace the pain already alters its crazy fire rate more than need be.

I’ve ripped through most Loaders with a hornet on OP8 on a Melee build, none the less Gun builds.

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Alright, I respecced more into Hellborn, and its working like a charm!

I made it to OP6, and am at a loss what to do with Dukino’s Mom. Is there a Krieg-specific way of dealing with her, or is it the standard “DPUH then swap to Rubi”? Those electric balls she shoots are a pain; would a Transformer do any good?

Corrosive Conference Call, Omen, Butcher, Hornet, Gub…

Hey, what are your thoughts on Hornet v. Gub. I have both but I just can’t seem to see how the Gub holds it’s own weight.

I’m sure the parts on mine are decent enough.

I can go to Frostburn to farm one. And have a look what’s the deal and compare them.

Don’t give yourself too much of a bother.

4th time. Ready to do the tests xD

EDIT: yeah, the Gub can be an alternative…yet it isn’t as ammo efficient as we want to be (it’s Bandit). In case of using one, a murduerer’s or a dubble one should work fine. I stay with the Hornet.

OK, made it through Op6 (a few days ago)! Now onto Op7!

And jeez, the Assassin’s. I always get screwed on the assassins. Its the one where all four spawn at the same time, and they always kick my ass.

What I’m generally trying to do is to go after Rouf first, then Wot, then Reeth, then Oney. I toss a bunch of magic missiles in pointing at Rouf, then try to eat up enough damage that I can safely Release the Beast. Then I do that, but always end up getting screwed up either by Rouf, or one of the assassin’s ganging up on me after I kill Rouf.

Any ideas? I have a Sham; would wearing that in lieu of the Rough Rider help?