Tips for mutator arena lvl9 Shadowtrap?

You thought EOS/Eclipse was hard, think again, Shadowtrap in Mutator 9 is a frigging beast.

I have a lvl70 doppleganger, could anyone give me any viable strategy with it? Cuz man, frag the racist hot dog & party cat…

You have to keep him tagged with a DOT so you can keep damaging him and always find him quickly when he Teleports.

If he is not being damaged long enough…his shield will rebuild.

Corrosive is probably the best and longest tag. If you are teaming with a Wilhelm…have the Wilhelm constantly tag him with the Laser Guided as the red dot should show to all.

Even so…I tried for two hours Solo, Level 9 with a Wilhelm and the closest I got was half health. I have heard of Nisha players being able to just over power him with fire power. Don’t know if a Jack could do it or not. Good Luck!!