Tips for New Battleborn Players (2017) (Steam Guide)

Alri~ght! Some of you may have already seen this posted in the Discord and on Reddit; I’m just making the rounds and posting here, too, for the sake of being thorough. Also, I wanted to wait and post here last – after the guide had gone through its first round of public feedback and was a bit more polished – because you guys are the OG Battleborn community. (Which could technically stand for “Overgrowth” as an odd form of Battleborn slang, really.)

Anyway, I penned an up-to-date “New Player” guide on Steam – mainly because the “Guides” section of Battleborn was just a little covered in cobwebs. I tried to touch conservatively on topics that veteran players have been expressing concern over, and I also added sections that I would have personally found helpful early in my career. I only went as deep as I felt was necessary, and I avoided approaching the “meta” line because I felt that players should cross that line at their own speed. Plus, I mean … I don’t have that level of intense knowledge about Battleborn.

Newcomers Be Ambitious! Tips for New Battleborn Players (2017)

Check it out, and let me know if anything needs to be corrected. I’ve already made adjustments based upon feedback, so feel free to lend me your criticisms. I may not take all the advice offered, but I will certainly consider it.


I’ll edit this as I come across stuff

For the season pass I don’t believe it has keys anymore
I believe purchasing the season 1 pass just automatically unlocks all 5 characters

Edit 1 Shards also drop from destroyed minions

Overall the guide is super solid
I could point out some nitpicky things here and there but it does its job very well
Good job :+1:

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Good lord that is a lot. Haha. Wish I had this when the game came out. I ■■■■■■ up a lot. haha (as if I’m not still terrible)

Completing all five challenges will automatically drop the character’s lore-specific Legendary Gear into your inventory – which grants a unique enhancement to that Battleborn only.

The a should be an “an”. And you could mention how lore legendaries can not be sold anymore. Along with the Shard of Solus for any players that pick up the game again after taking a break from it for a few months.

CC. Stands for “Crowd Control”. This refers to any type of skill or attack that either stuns, knocks up (or back), slows, or blinds an enemy.

There are actually quite a few other types of CC, if you want to make the list more thorough.

Your Battleborn’s skill cool-downs will be reduced – allowing you to activate them more frequently in combat;

This does not apply to Kleese as of now.

The one of the right, however, adds the prefix of “Antiquated”; in addition to buffing your attack damage, it removes 140 from your maximum shield strength

The of should be an “on”.

Note: Removing shield strength from an Eldrid Battleborn will affect the amount of overshield they receive from both their own helix skills and external sources, so adjust your loadouts accordingly if you find yourself missing the extra buff.

This is just a visual error, and doesn’t actually negatively affect overshields. After ~5 seconds or after taking damage, the overshield visual will correct itself with the proper capacity to my knowledge.

Firmware Update 1.51C drops off of Geoff (mid-boss of Episode 1: The Algorithm) on any difficulty.

As well as in Oscar Mike and the Battle School.

PVP/Bots Minions (Info.+Crits)

In general I didn’t really see anything about Face Off and Supercharged, but if or when you get around to it, I’m sure you’ll include the Headhunters.

You could also expand on how base thrall are specialized to literally instantly kill standard minion waves with their shockwave attack. Along with how mid thrall are specialized to kill sentries with their grenades.

Take out enemy Battleborn support skills.

You could also include ISIC’s wards, Kelvin’s Ice Wall, and Miko/Thorn’s trap (if they have health pools).

Or you can attempt to fill the void and try something new; sometimes it’s better to have an inexperienced healer or long-range shooter than none at all

In my personal experience, I’d recommend recommending Ambra. It is very hard for her to not contribute to a team at all levels of play when facing a team comp with no healer. Just add a warning about her level 2.

Add a few terms:

“Waveclear”: The ability to destroy waves of minions efficiently, most commonly through high damage AoEs. An important part of the game, as minions will destroy your sentry unattended.

“DPS”: Damage per second, used to refer to characters that deal high single target damage, or the act of focusing damage on something.

“DoT”: Damage over time, an effect that deals a certain amount of damage per second over several seconds. Several characters have skills that apply these to an area, which, concidentally, make them good at waveclear.

“Jungler”: A Battleborn not often on the frontline for various reasons, such as gathering shards or getting thralls. Attikus and Pendles are the premiere examples.

“Backdoor”: Damaging the enemy sentry from a spot that isn’t along the main minion wave, particularly when the enemy team isn’t there to defend it. Backdoor-capable characters include ISIC, Kleese, and Benedict.

“Feeding”: When a Battleborn dies repeatedly, giving the enemy team an experience advantage.


I would also note that the damage multiplier is vastly higher for NPC enemies, making characters that can crit easily far better at killing them. Marquis, obviously, can, but so can Thorn, Montana, Toby, Whiskey, Attikus, and others.

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Oh, the Golden Keys are gone now? I completely missed that, but I see the patch note now. Fixed it! And the minions didn’t even occur to me! The shards are usually scooped up so fast, I completely forgot about them! Thank you! Super helpful (and fixed, as well).

I’ve always been taught that “an” precedes words that present with a vowel sound – rather than only preceding words that begin with an actual vowel. It’s the same reason we write “an hour” instead of “a hour”. I’m torn, though, because I did find other sources arguing the opposite point. But, I am su~per happy to have someone looking at syntax and grammar; accuracy of both are high priorities in my book. I may have to go with what sounds right to my ear, though, when read aloud – which is “a”.

I wrestled with mentioning the “Shard of Solus”, honestly – and about Lore Legendaries no longer being able to be sold. Unfortunately, I am … RIGHT at the character limit in many sections, but I will still consider working them in (though it may be at the expense of something else). I’ll look at it, though! Picking and choosing the information to include in this guide was … difficult at times. It became all the more complicated when I learned that Steam guide sections have a character limit. [Edit]: Got the Lore Legendary part into the Glossary. I was able to add the “Shard of Solus” to Section #04-C (with the other 0-cost shard generators) after removing the paragraph about how faction related to statistics (which was rather superfluous, imo).

[quote=“khimerakiller, post:4, topic:1577208”] There are actually quite a few other types of CC, if you want to make the list more thorough.

I literally sat here and thought really hard, and I finally realized that I missed “silence”. (Heh. I wanted to at least figure one of them out for myself.) Beyond that, what else am I missing?

Really?! No kidding, huh? Actually, this section did not originally read this way. I was always under the impression that, unlike Shield Recharge Rate, the game’s math would not send Shield Strength into a negative realm. However, someone prominent on the Discord gave me this feedback, and he was quite adamant (and is known for running tests) – so I was loathe to argue. I’m going to poke around for confirmation of the “error” (unless you can point me to some links first) and run some tests myself. Since this is a pretty big factor in Eldrid loadouts, I really want to get this right!

Did not know either of these. Super interesting, and I appreciate you bringing them to my attention. Will try to work in a small addendum. (Both sections are, again, approaching their stupid-butt-faced character limit.) [Edit]: Both have been added.

A~h, guilty admission. I know I should have information about Face Off and Supercharged (Mini Match), but I’ve barely played them because … (whispers) I don’t really enjoy them. AH, GOD, I AM A FAILURE AT IMPARTIAL GUIDE-CRAFTING. No, jokes aside: I wanted to include another section that talked about the “non-standard” modes (e.g. the modes that did not exist in the game at launch) but I was dragging my heels on it so hard that I decided to finish the core guide first. It’s on my mind to add. As for the thralls, man … if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were my brother. Because you are bringing up all the valid points he shot at me. And the only argument I have back is: “character limit”. (Again, though, I will look at pushing words around to get the Headhunters in there, at least. Because, damn it, they DO belong.)

Ah, spell-check failed me! Thanks for finding this! And, I intentionally left out ISIC’s wards (and their reflection mechanic) because I chose to use the space to expand on Deande’s clone instead (which was the source of much personal confusion when I first played the game), BUT HOW COULD I FORGET KELVIN’S ICE WALL?! And, holy hell. I haven’t even thought of the Miko/Thorn stickies in … forever. I haven’t seen them in forever. Looks like I’ll be taking more screenshots this weekend! And the Ambra suggestion is great; I’ll see about working it in. (Overall, man, THANK YOU for your detailed feedback. It is exactly the type I adore and appreciate. I’ll be applying much of it to the guide in the coming week.)

Waveclear is mentioned under the “Team Compositions” section. I really want to add it to the glossary, too – actually, I want to add most of your terms (especially “Jungler”, as I’ve never heard it before) – but that section has been taken right up to the character limit. I may end up adding a second glossary, honestly. But let me ask your opinion on two things: 1.) Are there any terms currently in the guide that you feel are less important to define than the ones you’ve suggested, and 2.) In your opinion, are two glossary sections too much? (Honestly, this guide ended up twice as long as I intended, and I’m worried that it may be losing focus. Is more information and detail better?)


Segmenting your sections as you have is fine as is
People have an easier time with retaining info when they can digest bits at a time

I know to whom you’re referring
He’s a wealth of knowledge but don’t take all of his info as infallible
Some of what he believes is hearsay as well
If you have doubts just test it yourself

I would suggest linking a second post specifically for PvP terminology and discussion. Your guide is excellent for general play but a MOBA is a very dense animal.

I didn’t want to name him because I know he has a history on the forums. He certainly knows a lot, but I’ve noticed some inconsistency in information he’s shared with me. To be fair, the game is far more complicated than it lets on; I don’t hold it against anyone for falling victim to misinformation. It’s rough to pin everything down – especially when it’s still changing. But, yes, you’re absolutely right: I plan to head in and test a few things myself now. I’d rather have the peace of mind of witnessing it first-hand instead of drawing a conclusion from multiple opinions.

That’s a good idea! I’ll look into doing that.

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I was just taught the opposite then. I only brought it up because I thought it might have been a mistake.

I’m glad you like this type of feed back though, because personally I go back to one of my guides I made a year and a half ago from time to time, and still find grammatical issues. So it would have been nice if someone had pointed them out.

  • Binds
  • Pulls
  • Wounds
  • Weakens
  • Targeting (Hawkeye, Priority Plasma)
  • Damage Amplification
  • Bleeds (Although they more then likely only pertain to specific ones like Mellka’s venom, Beatrix’s Infection, etc… which come with additional benefits like damage amplification or other CC)

Those are the ones I’m more or less confident in confirming. Others include reveals, pings, and Marks (Eins, Zwei, Die and Nature’s Curse). And don’t take this list as the gospel, as I only gained this knowledge from educated guesses and solo testing.

As I’m not all that social, and I’m definitely not social enough to have someone that’s willing to play Pendles for hours… just to be a testing dummy.

There are also push/pull backs, although those aren’t CC effects, but instead an in game physics mechanic. Which reminds me, you should include the importance of quick melee.

I don’t have a link, but it’s pretty easy to test. Run a couple 0 cost eldrid items on Boldur with negative shield capacity, pick Crash Helmet, and go to a story mission and Boldurdash an enemy. Then just watch your overshield capacity after you take damage/ wait a few seconds.

I’ll try to make a video myself just to make sure it still works.

Lol. I worked around that by posting one of my threads on the forums, and then I just reserved the first 6 post in addition to the OP.

Annnnnnd I’m back.

And you can add…

  • That you can cancel primed skills with alt fire.
  • Hard CC puts primed/concurrent skills on cooldown.
  • Hawkeye can be avoided by cloaking or getting around a wall. As well a mention to it’s audio cue, as it’s one of the harder and deadlier things to realize in this game.

Yu~p. I must have read through full sections 4-5 times. Run it through spell-checker. Read it again. Changed something. Read it twice. I just really have this irrational perfectionist streak about anything that resembles a school essay, it seems. Yet I don’t hold other people to the same obsessive standard. I’ll probably find something a year later, like you said, and scowl at it for a full twenty minutes.

I don’t know if I’d classify some of these as CC, personally. I poked around on sites that define gaming (and MOBA-specific) crowd control, and I couldn’t see them including target, mark, wound, or bleed in their overall listings; the definition revolved more around skills that either displaced a player or hampered their ability to physically navigate the field. But I’ve added Bind, Pull, and Silence for sure. I’m really on the fence about Reveal, though. Will ruminate on that.

Look at that. Now, I noticed that “225” didn’t seem to pop up at all; the first number displayed was “209” – which I assume was reflecting the initial damage from the minions since the shield bar visibly lost a small chunk. And then the number kind of flickered. Is that what you’re talking about – in terms of watching the capacity?

So, it seems to me that … because you are, in a sense, altering that Shield Strength stat, it struggles to display the full amount before damage has been dealt to it – almost as if it’s constantly trying to applying the debuff. By the time it attempts to put up a number, you’ve already taken damage – giving the appearance that your overshield did not deploy at full.

That’s what I felt that I saw, though. Either way, if the combined -280 Shield Strength was affecting Boldur’s overshield capacity by even 10%, you wouldn’t have seen a number above 197. Anything less than that, if it exists, feels like it isn’t worth mentioning. I’m going to run a few more tests with Reyna and an M3.Shepherd (+ an Eldrid, I mean), but I’m not seeing a detriment to Eldrid here. Thanks for the video, man!

Hah! You know, I actually love and hate the limit. It forced me to throw away a lot of superfluous sentences. I did hate being cut short in the middle of a thought at times – and then having to hunt for, like … redundant adjectives to delete. Also, I just saw those last suggestions! “Cancelling with alt fire” feels a little advanced, but getting CC-ed out of primed skills is a solid tip. And I didn’t even know that you could cloak to get out of hawkeye; I might try to work that in somewhere!

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Ah, did some tests today. So, at the very least, subtracting maximum shield strength from an Eldrid does affect the overshields from M3.Shepherds. They granted +450 before gear activation, and then only gave +170 after activating two pieces of -140 gear. So, he was right about that. Still need to test Reyna, but it seems like Boldur might be a glitchy exception.

I just tested it, and it’s the same visual glitch as Boldur’s overshield. As soon as you take damage it corrects itself. And there was also a Reyna bot on my team coincidentally, and it looked like it was just the visual glitch with her overshield too.

Oh … CRAP. I didn’t take damage. Ugh. Clearly, I am not meant for testing these things. -_-;; Going to go see that for myself now. For closure.

[Edit]: And, as you already know, you are correct, sir. So glitchy. Going to go full-on clarification in the guide today.