Tips for OM v Battle School DLC

So, I haven’t really played this OPS much, and hoping it’ll get simpler to get 100 OPs Points consistently, but any tips on how to get 100 OPs points?

What are the set challenges (after you reach base 50 OPs starting off) like, what set of challenges are a SURE THING to happen?

Any tips on getting those Shard Barrell kills? I usually fail this one. :confused:
Same thing with wounding with barrells/boombots.

How exactly do you pop the head of that thingymabob? Just get crits?

For some reason OM DLC isn’t really my cup of tea like the last two, so I haven’t really played it much (maybe 7 times total?).

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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I usually fail the barrels, because my team does help with it.

If you don’t already know the static ops point locations, they are: two in each of the three “stages”, one just off to the right as you begin the op, one mid-air on the claw at the end of the conveyor belt, one to the right at the bridge just after the claw and one that requires you to interact with a specific panel at the room just before you start the main part of the mission (the panel is a matching game with a specific clone in the starting room). Note that the first and third points are on timers, so you have to speed run for them.

Challenges at 50 are just basic “kill X enemies with shard barrels/boom bots”, “don’t die”, and “interact with miniboss”. Barrel kills best come from blade bots and primal thrall, since they will mindlessly chase you. If you run out of blade bots, just kill a couple gun bots to get more to spawn. Evolved thrall can’t be killed by barrels from full health, but can from half, so those are an option if you weaken them.

Boom bots are more tricky, since they can outrun you. Maneuver them a short distance away from a soldier or gun bot, since they tend to be stationary, wait for them to plant, then quick melee them into the other bot(s). If you are getting chased and don’t have anything to hit them into, jump onto/off a ledge, since they have to pause for an animation to follow, and gives you time to regain a lead.

You are correct on getting crits on the Devourer. It is the same mechanic as on Face Off.

There are 4 hidden Op Points in the beginning of the mission, before you go into the arena. But you’ll have to be quick to get two of them. The first one is, going forward right after you spawn, in a small room to the right. Just shoo the two chests to find one op point and a helix level. If you’re not fast enough, the doors to the room will shut, so gun it there.

Then you’ll want to speed on over (you’re making good time if you’re in front of the first Mike capsule on the conveyor belt; make better time by jumping on the belt to give yourself a boost) to the room with the bridge going over the Clone-Juice. AKA red, lava like liquid. If you were fast enough, the chest w/ an ops point would have been there on the right side. If not, well… it sunk into the clone-juice.

The other two, non-time limited ops points in the area…

One is in the ceiling-bound robot-hand’s grasp, and the other… well, you know what? Just look up MentalMar’s hidden ops point vid.

Barrel challenges can be done very well with Ghalt or Shayne (hint: pull). Otherwise, just bait melee minions into following you straight to the barrels, then kiss them good-bye. Be careful, though; Strikers and Gun Bots could destroy the barrels, and if you’re standing next to one as it gets lit up, kiss yourself goodbye.

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Hmm…I need to add the Battle School map to my website too…Thankfully @MentalMars was on top of that while I was busy wiping all the game data gunk out of my eyes. :sunglasses:

My observations with the Hidden Ops Points is that they are all fixed this time, ie always 4 before you start the arena bit and a set number will spawn at the end of each round. I could probably work on this tomorrow however I probably won’t be updating the maps page to the new Winter Update theme yet as there is a fair amount of work involved to make it more mobile savvy, which is one of the goals I’ve set for myself with the visual update so it doesn’t get left and then neglected.


Ok, thanks for the responses so far. I already knew about the 4 OPs points at the beginning, it’s just the challenges that seem to be giving me trouble, but hopefully I find a method that works for me. I’ll def. keep a lookout for blade bots.

I even failed this on a solo run yesterday, despite kiting Bots across the entire arena. The tricky part about it was, that apparently you have to be the one destroying the barrel. In my case the bots blew themselves to pieces by hitting the last barrel. :unamused:

Basically, this ‘challenge’ comes down to being lucky as f***, unless you got some kind of Pull effect.

Haven’t played enough runs to be 100% sure, but I had the ‘Twin’ challenge (Kill 2 Headhunters within 5 seconds) every single time, since I hit (IIRC) 40 starting points.

I’m just a bit frustrated by my inability to secure all the challenges at once.
Had some good playthroughs using a full-on regen build Galilea, but that’s sort of a brute-force solution in any PvE scenario. And I haven’t played enough to get to 100 yet.

To make a comparison:

  • In the Attikus DLC, I had a few go-to characters (e.g. Pendles, Caldarius or Galilea) with whom I could reliably get to 100 points. Apart from missing a Boombot, there were no ‘impossible’ challenges. But the relatively hard Bossfight at the end was an additional challenge.
  • In the Toby DLC, there were a few tricky challenges depending on character choice, but the overall difficulty was relatively low. So I was able to get to 100 with every character I tried.

Btw, Boom Bots and barrels should eventually respawn. Wait a couple minutes for the next wave, but be careful. It’ll also spawn more enemies.

Unlike the other 2 ops missions I find this one easier to do and get the 100 ops Solo. It’s a bit harder with a group, specially since survive the round gets put in there often

They do? I coulda sworn the barrells didn’t respawn after a few minutes so I just moved it along and killed the wave…

I only have one instance of barrels respawning. I guess I could be wrong if my memory is tricking me? I know for a fact Boom Bots do.

My best piece of advice is to take your time and bring a 0 cost shard generator or a cheap loadout. If you just want 100, play as Pendles, bring the legendary from Aria (and I also bring the max health from this one) and take your sweet time. I run to the first room to get the first OPs point then quickly to the dropping chest.

Yup, same problem here. Especially difficult to do that one combined with “Survive this round without dying” because of all the Ronin in addition to the Headhunters.

I’ll do Oscar Mike for the challenges, but I’m still gonna use Toby’s Friendship Raid to farm commander packs. If the chance to get 100 Ops points is less than 100% … TFR is still better.

The legendary from this Op is amazing. I wonder what Monty’s will be?

DLC3 is by far the worst one to grind 100 OPs if you’re running with a group. The larger the group, the higher the chance you will mess up. As a result, this operation is best soloed in order to control the flow of battle in order to complete the very annoying challenges. This hurts the DLC more than it helps, by the way, I want a DLC that is both good for solo and co-op.

DLC1 is terrible solo, but significantly easier with a group. Time wise it’s a bit faster with a team when you have multiple people running around the map to look for OPs points. This concept was very poorly executed later on, of course, thus DLC3 did not suffer from this problem. Challenges were a lot more acceptable that most classes could do it most of the time, so it didn’t screw randoms.

DLC2… where do I even start with this crap parade? Challenges vary, but it’s beginning to look finicky, in which DLC3 took it to the next level by making it hostile to those playing in groups. Regardless of solo or group, this thing will take long because you’re running in massive hallways with nothing in between. And the ENGINE ROOM! Why are we forced to spend this much time in that wide open space? The only spot that should take the most time is the boss room. OPs points hunting in big empty spaces… this DLC screwed the concept of OPs points hunting, because it made it very un-fun. I despise this DLC, and I hope GBX avoids implementing levels that deliberately waste people’s time in the next 2 operations.

Alright, so what’s the best method to score 100 OPs consistently? You need to use a character that has range and can score critical hits. Such a character can deal with every possible challenge the arenas throw at you.

Arena 1 (Minions) Possible Challenges:

-Wound 5 enemies with explosive barrels. (Hard with group. Easier solo.)
-Kill 5 enemies with explosive barrels. (Hard with group. Easier solo)
-Kill 5 enemies with Boom Bots. (Hard with group. Easier solo.)
-Kill 10 enemies in 45 seconds. (Easy)
-Melee kill 10 enemies. (Easy)

Arena 2 (Minions/Thrall/Varelsi) Possible Challenges:

-Cannot Die. (Very Hard depending on which enemy set you get. Almost guaranteed fail if it’s Minions -especially in a group.)
-Kill 5 Enemies with explosive barrels. (Very Hard if this is against Thralls set, since Evolved and Brutes can survive the explosion.)
-Kill 10 Enemies in 45 seconds. (Easy on any enemy group.)
-Wound 5 Enemies with explosive barrels. (Hard with group. Easier solo.)
-Melee kill 10 enemies. (Very Hard if your character is not melee and against Thrall set.)

Bonus Objective in Round 2: By default, if you got “Don’t Die” everything becomes significantly harder to the point you may end up failing one of the challenges. Or both, depending on how you approached the round.

-Kill 2 Elite Ronin Bots within 5 seconds of each other. (Minions Only. Very Hard overall regardless of group make up. Damage must be controlled at all times. Don’t Die makes this even worse.)

-Destroy 2 Henchman Bots within 60 seconds of each other. (Minions Only. Hard for melee. Average for ranged. Damage must be controlled after the bot splits. If you’re melee and have Don’t Die, there is a high chance of failing one of the challenges.)

-Destroy Devourer’s Head. (Varelsi Only. Impossible if you’re an explosive user. Very, very hard if you’re melee. Average if you’re ranged. Challenge can easily be failed if turrets were set up.)

-Avoid Dancer’s Ball Attack. (Varelsi Only. Very Hard for melee. Average for ranged. Very Easy if you set up both turrets and run as far away from the boss as possible at all times.)

-Melee kill Thrall Supervisor. (Thralls Only. Very Easy for melee. Hard for ranged. Damage must be controlled to ensure melee kill.)

-Kill Thrall Beastmaster/Summoner before he summons 2nd wave of reinforcements. (Thralls Only. DPS race, summon both turrets and attack like a madman.)

Arena 3 (Minions/Varelsi/Thralls) Possible Challenges:

-Don’t Die. (Very Hard depending on the enemy set you get.)
-Kill 10 enemies within 60 seconds. (Easy.)
-Melee kill 10 enemies. (Very Hard if this is a Thrall set since Evolved and Brutes come together with the lesser thralls.)

If I missed any challenge set ups, feel free to add your 2 cents in.

Pick the class and gear set you believe can deal with most of the possible combinations of challenges.

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DLC1 is easy to run with certain characters with the challenge about not letting boombots damage the beacon being the hardest for me unless I’m playing Ambra or Pendles. Every other challenge is easy to accomplish aside from the occasional glitch where Skill kills didn’t count OR killing snipers with melee when you’re a ranged character. I can usually run this solo or with friends in about 28minutes usually since the Boss fight takes a bit longer than what I’d like.

DLC2 is by far the easiest for me and it’s the one I use to speedrun and farm commander packs. Solo I can average a finish time of ~20 or so, Galilea can run it in about ~18min solo or less if teamed with another person that is knowledgeable. Only difficult challenge sometimes is getting a crit on the bulwark since sometimes it won’t register and you kill it.

DLC3 is gross. All challenges depend on the enemy rather than on you. Wounding and Killing with barrels is dependent on how many enemies follow you close enough to a damn barrel to get hit/killed by it. Then there are things that can shoot the barrels and ruin everything.
I also failed earlier today with killing the Supervisor with a Melee attack as Galilea…apparently the very last tick of damage to kill it wasn’t my blade but most likely my corruption bubble…I was upset as hell.

I hate DLC3…I hope it burns. The skins aren’t even that good. :confused:

That’s what the problem is.

Nearly all the challenges is reliant on the enemy and no control of your own. The challenges are just finicky for the sake of being finicky. It doesn’t add any real elements of fun. Half the time when you succeed, you’re like, “Oh, the RNG slot machine favored me this time because I chose X.”

The only saving grace for this crapshow is because it’s short. But that’s no excuse to incorporate mechanics and elements that are fundamentally not entertaining.

People keep saying it’s short, but I usually end up taking longer here than in DLC2 because of the challenges requiring you to run around in circles like a dumbass to get them done. "Oh gotta go round up the blade bots, gotta NOT die, gotta kill these things within 5/60 seconds AND not die, etc.

If it’s any challenge other than the speedrun or melee kills, you’re gonna have a bad time it seems.

If you screw it up, you just bulldoze everything.

Therefore it can be short.

Doesn’t mean it’s good.

Artificially lengthening the time for the DLC to have people running around in circles and position correctly is horrible design. They should know better.

If you screw up, you won’t get 100Ops tho, :frowning: I guess you can just get the skins quickly…but that brings me back to my statement of the skins not being worth the hassle and frustration xD

Especially if you went in specifically for the 100OPs points speedrun with a character who already has both skins.