Tips for OM v Battle School DLC

I still got 6 skins to go, or 7, don’t remember. But it looks like this is another DLC I won’t touch much after I get all my rewards, unless I am helping someone.

So far, GBX still hasn’t found an ideal balance when it comes to grinding without the bothersome finicky challenges and needing to spend over 25 mins running around.

I like all the OPs equally. Shoot me, you two.


I don’t think they respawn, but sometimes when you approach an unexploded one from across the room it’ll flash like it just spawned for some reason. Maybe that threw you off.

No, I know what that is, I’m talking about something different.

Be wary, as a stray bullet from an enemy can set off the barrel and take you with it. You won’t survive unless you’ve been eating your Wheaties.

Actually, this one isn’t too bad for melee characters, at least in my experience. Stick close and the dancer will switch to a different moveset. I think the last time I got this one it only threw maybe 2 balls, then I was able to get in close and obliterate it in the man-barbecue of combat.

It’s actually the easiest, assuming you got the shards to build the two turrets, and then you run the opposite direction from the enemy all the time.

Let the turrets do the job for you.

If you don’t have shards, well…

I just learned something new in the Battle School. If, in boss round, you end up fighting Dire Wolf, you can damage its head enough to where the outer shell falls off, thus exposing a weak point. I just ran through as Ghalt and managed to obliterate the sentry in the man-barbecue of combat.

Yup, Thorn blows that thing to bits. :smile: