Tips For Post Nerf Ambra

I see many people saying that Ambra is a trash tier character and can’t do well with her. Some people have asked for tips on how to do well with her on threads and via messages. Wanted to post some info on how I play Ambra and hopefully it will help people who are trying to play her and wreck face. I think I have a 7 KA/D

So the primary staff attack that she has (RT on console), should basically only be used to generate heat. Try to use it on minions, shards, etc. It can be used on enemies at some points, but mostly it is used with the purpose of building heat. Once you have heat, now you want to engage and use the heat that you’ve built up. Once that heat is spent, use solar wind to build up a little more, and then use it again.

Her main dmg loop should basically be:
Build up heat
Throw sunspot
Use heat
Solar wind to dmg and build heat
Use heat again
Staff to finish off if necessary

Most non tank characters will die from this combo, usually right in time for your flame shield to kick in and for you to get out of there or finish them off.

Ambra’s mutations are some of the best I’ve seen in the game. The two main ones are the ability to buff your sunspots and the staff slam knock back that replaces solar wind. The ability to buff your sunspots allows you to set up healing stations around the map, and when you’re not in combat you just roam around topping them off with health. If your team just finished a huge battle, you drop a sunpot and fuel it with your staff and watch it heal 3 people fairly quickly, something miko can not do.

The second one turns your solar wind into a staff slam that you do twice and it knocks all enemies back, but still builds heat, etc. This is awesome for melee characters getting too close (raths ult), knocking enemies into walls or into your friends when they’re trying to run away. Just got shield throwed by Gali? Hit the slam when your coming out of it and it will knock her across the map so you can run away.

Ambra is super dope if you know how to play with her. Hopefully this helped.

Edit: Recommended gear is attack damage, heal power (which should effect team mates and yourself if I’m not mistaken), and her character specific exotic which is skill damage, heal power, and heat auto regenerates.
Edit: Also has a mutation that gives her the ability to shoot mini rockets out of her staff at the cost of heat, this is also an awesome mutation that I will take against a bunch of ranged characters, rather than the lifesteal. This mutation goes really well with the exotic gear because you will never run out of heat, thus always having a ranged attack.
Edit: Approximate dmg numbers (could be wrong, but probably close):

Sunspot- 66 dmg/ sec
3-4 Melee using full heat (probably has diminishing returns)-200dmg per .5 seconds
Solar Wind to build more heat (after picking level 1 upgrade)- 120 dmg per sec for 3 seconds (360)
Melee using half heat (probably has diminishing returns)- Not sure but probably 150 dmg per .5 sec
Staff beam- 70dmg/sec.

TLDR: Build up heat before you engage, engage, throw sunspot, use heat, solar wind to build more heat and dmg, use heat again, staff to finish off if necessary should basically be her dmg loop.


Yeah looks like her staff + ranged mutation + heat is the way to go now that they nerfed her beam. Like really nerfed lol. Its DPS went from 104 to 70 but I guess that’s fair seeing as it locks on. Only primary close to that is Benedict’s at 92, not sure why his is so low:

Yeah I tend to go with the range mutations, but against a lot of melee characters I’d rather the lifesteal you know? Didn’t know Benedicts was that low either.

I had some good matches with her against disorganized teams. I noticed that when the opposing team focus-fires on her, I had no chance due to her limited range. I had to get close and would be insta-gibbed.

that’s when the mutation would come in handy.

Agree with it all. I still main Ambra and am quite successful. You just have to rely far more on sunspots and solar wind now.

I have her maxed out and have a high k/d ratio as well. Her legendary is fantastic as it build heat pretty steadily. Unlike the OP I do use the staff’s primary attack frequently when in close combat for the sake it locks on. Using Attack Speed stacked with increased healing and healing received really helps keep you on top even against melee characters. You just need to be on top of dropping your sun spots and if it gets down to it ulting on yourself to cause them to back off. I also take the mutation that turns the solar wind into a knock back with two strikes. This is fantastic for pushing them into your ult or into your sun spots. In capture maps this is great for pushing them off the cliff also when killing the mobs for levels =)

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I find she is still pretty good, though I play her a bit differently since I don’'t have her legendary yet, instead I use the one that resets all cool downs when you drop below 10%hp, double ultimate can wreck. Even though she gets the overheal when she drops below 20%, it still works well.

Though it’s mostly the same as what you guys have said.

There is also another combo I like to do using her ultimate and one of the nockback abilities for her solar wind. Just use the ultimate behind them then push em all in since it has a delay to impact.

High k/d ratio doesnt matter when you arent influencing the game. If you are able to engage in a team fight and pick people off that would have died anyway or if you are killing weak people that any other champion could kill then that still doesnt mean you are influencing the game very much. Supports like reyna and miko are far better for filling the position she is built to have. She can still heal ok, but the thing that used to make her usable instead of miko is her damage output, she was a more aggro miko, now she is just trash vs miko. Kind of sad. You can get a high k/d ratio with literally anyone.

She does much more dmg than miko…

My build focuses on skill damage, heal power, heal recieved and sprint speed along with a free shard generator item (negative reload). It’s nice with her to be able to hit and run plus the extra healing for all comes in handy if you use the mutation for the chargeable sun spots. I’ve planted one behind my team during a push and fed it, they couldn’t do enough damage to push my team back with the steady heal. Then I just wait for one or two of them to die and do a solar wind rush, drop my ult on sentry or right behind the enemy and go back to the sun spot.

The charging sunspot mutation is so good. Brings it up to 100 healing/sec I believe. Just put a couple down in an area right outside a fight and fuel them as they run low and your whole team can be healed, like you said! Sucks it’s the last mutation, but you do get it early on in game. Haven’t noticed a lot of people doing this. Actually, haven’t noticed many people that realize sunspots heal them either lol.

more than miko? maybe early levels but miko built for damage does far more, not that it matters since miko is better at everything else including stuns and survivability.

We’ll see how Miko is with the adjustments.

“Technically his DPS is much higher because you can reload between shots and with reload speed gear you can reload faster than you shoot.”
"Characters with reloads have their reload speed factored into their DPS calculation"
The way that chart counts DPS isn’t very accurate, and I would take it with a grain of salt.

Idk man with her heat full she does around 200 a hit, 3 melees total before it is completely drained, and even if it does have diminishing returns your still looking at 500-ish dmg in maybe 2 seconds, plus solar wind will get you right back up to half, And with a sunspot and staff on you that’s 150 dps- ish. So with a sunspot(66 dmg/sec), a cycle and a half of heat(call it 600/700 dmg),solar wind (200 dmg?), and the staff (70 dmg/sec) your ahead of most fights once you’ve used all this.

She def lacks a stun, but with mutation her healing is no joke. Think it’s 33/sec regular and the mutation brings to 99/sec. And of course it can heal multiple people.

To me miko is a good dedicated healer and that is what she’s best at, but Ambra has good dmg, GREAT burst dmg, and decent healing. Not to mention she can do dmg while her sunspot is healing.

I’m not super familiar with miko and maybe she can get good dmg if specced for it, but Ambra has great dmg right off the bat with her heat mechanic. If I run into a miko by her lonesome as Ambra she’s killed very quickly

If you haven’t tried Ambra while incorporating her heat, using the knockback mutation, sunspot mutation, and the range mutation, you should. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how great she is. It does take a lot of awareness with your heat, etc though, and I think that is the reason why some players are not finding success.

Edit: solar wind actually does a lot more than 200 dmg. Card reads 80 dmg/ sec over 3 seconds and the first helix choice adds 121 dmg. So more like 360 dmg. Could add 100% more dmg to it at level 4, but I usually go with the staff slam.

Miko is a mushroom, not a she :wink:

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Again at early game she is mediocre late game other than her ult she is destroyed by any class that focuses her. The only thing she has going for her is her thin size and move speed. The slam is decent for clearing though, I don’t think shes horrible but shes definitely mid tier now and nothing to Miko.

Agree to disagree I guess

I keep skipping the slam to give it more damage but it intrigues me, will test soon.