Tips For Post Patch Galilea Please?

Hi guys.

I know a lot of changes and reworks were made to my main Gal Gali in the latest patch.

I, sadly, do not seem to be doing anywhere near as well with her since the patch.

What is (are?) the most effective way to play her now?




Thanks kindly in advancd!


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Pretty much just stack regen and dr on her now.
Since the level 4 silence was taken away along will the interupt from the pull I’ve accidentally wasted my field a few times thinking that I could stop an ult. So that’s gonna take some getting used to. She’s seems a lot more tanky now though. I really love the damage reduction. Since the skullplate isn’t as expensive I can see that being a very good piece on her. If not that then the purple Eldrid dr.

I’ve always utilized her sustain over her damage so the change is welcome to me. I guess it might be worth running some attack damage since her lvl 3 isn’t a shotgun anymore. But 18% when you stand in your field will definitely help out too

All in all, I love the new Gal. I might be biased cause she’s my main but I’ve never disagreed with any nerf they’ve given her. I just don’t want to feel cheap when playing her anymore.


So, from my own XP, she’s not quite the powerhouse that she was in previous days. Dare I say, she takes some work now, for better or worse.

  • She thrives a lot better by running headlong into a fight now, imo. I would advise stacking some health/shield bumps, maybe some health regen, or just go all out damage if you’re feeling ballsy (Vow of Vengeance + Vow of Zealous Fury + Voxis Core? oh, i’m going to enjoy this far more than i should…).
  • Gals now has better build paths and thus is more versatile. Though even with the massive alteration in functionality to Gals R3 (we all know the one), there’s still little reason to go for the other options since they still, well, suck by comparison (L3 might have a little more utility now, but who knows to what extent).
  • M1 now looks very tasty in PvE thanks to how Desecrate works now. Jump in, pull, then you and/or your team can mop up, especially if you decide to build around it.

That’s all I can think of off-hand. I’ll have to do more experimentation myself to get a better feel for the “new and improved”(?) Gals. We’ll see what’s good in due time, I’m sure.


I suggest just put her on a shelve for sometime. She is (was) my top 3 character and she is so weak right now, especially damage wise. Even with a full attack loadout you can’t even scratch the same surface she did before. No silence and no enemy skill disruption made her shield toss too valuable to throw around whenever you want, especially when all characters get to lvl 5 and start to use their ults (now you can’t desecrate ISIC out of his ult, you only have 1 option - a shield toss).

I dunno. I didn’t enjoy her a single second since the patch.


As it should be. A characters ultimate should be hard to negate, and keep in mind that many characters don’t even have a way of interrupting skills. Galilea had two ways, she’s now down to one which is good. It forces you to play more carefully and tactically, not going geronimo and everything would die. But apparently some people found that fun.


Play her as a tank, try doing all regen worked well for me


I think it’s what’s she best at. She has defintely moved a lot closer to defender rather than attacker.

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True, but then why strip her of everything else? They literally dumped her into a trash tier. Why couldn’t they just get rid of silence, or pull skill disruption and leave the corruption gain where it was? That’s the thing, I want a balanced character too, but not a one legged one that pokes you with a broken stick instead of a sword.

To get to corruption from 0 to full is really hard right now, and if you want to take the HP regen at lvl 5 - it will take you more than 10 seconds of ■■■■■■■■ attack to get from 0 to full corruption stacks. (and only if you have an attack speed gear too).

Now she does very low overall damage (her level 3 helix does just 20-25% at close range and 50% at mid), she can’t participate in long fights and survive as she did before with the right helix choices, she can’t 1-1 most of the characters now, she can only live in her desecrate now (which has one of the biggest cooldowns in this game), she is a bad character for solo queue. She can be semi semi semi decent only on a full man premade (but why would you choose her instead of Boldur or Kelvin or other characters), she SUCKS in PvE.

But if this is balance, okay, we will just have to wait another 8 months like we did with El Dragon and maybe we will see some improvements.

I will need to do more testing with her… but right now - those are me first impressions.

We can always do runs Filthy.
I can give you tips on how to Sword Deande and we can continue to make new discoveries together.
You know that Demz is Always running tests and creating new builds
But you also know that Demz is very infamous among you lot for playing characters in unconventional and odd ways.
Like Frontline Dive and Capture mode Sniper Deande. (It’s just fun gosh) I cannot even begin to ■■■■■ how many times you guys have said, "where is Demz and what is she doing"
Team looks around for me; finds out that I’m literally in top of a Senrty…as Sniper Deande (Marquis)
Of course I am not the best, But Demz sure loves to have fun.

Anyway enough joking, I could use the practice as well. Can never have too much practice


I beg to differ. I just ran a 100-point run in Thrall Rebellion and aside from some misjudges in timing on my part, it was a pretty smooth run. The only things that gave me issue were the brutes constantly throwing me backwards with melee attacks (i wonder why that wasn’t adjusted…), but other than that, it was one of the smoothest runs I’ve had. And I went with a full damage loadout.

Now, you can make the argument that it was one-man Ops versus 3-man Ops, but I feel ■■■■■■■■■ that even with a full sortie with even a slight modicum of knowledge as to how the game works, the result wouldn’t have been much different.

That’s just me tho.

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Galilea is a lot more of a Pouncing character (IMO) Post patch. Pick a lane, and get ready to flank from behind. Desecrating in the backline can pinch your opponents, and be very nasty to deal with. And with how tanky she is, setting up kills is a lot easier.

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Did her DPS get reduced again?

Hey Attacks feel much weaker, especially against Thralls (I used to specialize in melting Thralls in seconds flat as Gali, was proud of myself), even after Laser Swords (which I know got a damage nerf) has been activated.

Of sorts.

There are no direct reductions to her damage, not that I could see at least. But R3 suffers a significant damage falloff the closer the target is, and Desecrate’s damage amp is an augmentation versus a default property now.

So she’s much more of a team player, so to speak. Think most guardians in Smite (if you’re familiar with that) but with better damage output.


She used to get a lot of unintended damage from IDTGA and it’s fixed now


Like, sooooo much unintended damage.

Guess I had started to take it for granted.

How viable is Bola’s on Gali now?

Also, R3? M1?

@Vicks_Toire @SageWindu

Her primary focus now is area detail and sustainment

The greatest changes is to her desecrate feild, and how corruption works. These changed her dps, and her Range significantly. Anywho, will get on later. (Currently heading to gum class)


I wouldn’t, it only boosts skill damage. Not all damage anymore


I don’t use it much myself, so I couldn’t tell you (I may need to fix that now…)

R3 = Right 3 = It’s Dangerous to Go Alone
M1 = Middle/Mutation 1 = Vortex