Tips for Soloing Advanced

Any tips you can give me for soloing Advanced missions? What characters and items should I use?

Thron for the win. She can deal very high damage from range, deals even more damage when targets are cursed, can apply a DoT, slow oncoming enemies with Blight, she’s more than fast enough to escape any danger and has passive health regen. For items, I’d take even more health regen which stacks with her passive regen and attack or critical damage with attack speed as she fires her arrows somewhat slowly. Her legendary is great for PvE with the extra crit damage and health regen which again stacks with her passive regen and other regen items, and charging curse faster is useful for the fast pace of PvE.

Her legendary, health regen, and attack damage with secondary stat attack speed. That’s what I run when I Thorn on PvE.

Currently level 50 and agree, Thorn.
Move fast, never sit idle.
Focus on using Blight over and over, save your Ult for escapes.
Some maps require 70 minutes on Advanced, so grab a nice drink.

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Thank you both very much for your info. I will try it out whenever my internet stops hiccuping.

I solo’d The Heliophage with Oscar Mike last night for a lot of the same reasons people are suggesting Thorn. Easy to use character that can deal heavy, sustained damage at a distance, powerful ult, and his cloak is a “get out of jail free” card.