Tips for taking out Bunker quickly in UVHM?

I’m level 59
running out of ammo and taking ages

no fun

What’s your build and what gear do you have available (not necessarily what you are using)?

Off the cuff, you can sort of punk him if you stay on the lower level where the vending machine is and take pot shots at him. Is he killing you, or random Loaders?

What @Adabiviak said- the more specific details you give the better the advice you get offered. Really have no way of offering help if all you say is ‘This sucks- help.’


Try Hornet and/or Lyuda. Even without bee they deal decent amount of damage

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Just wanna make sure that you know that the red eyes… lights… or whatever you wanna call them, are his crit spots.

This offers a very safe way to dispose of him. BNK-3R will approach on each sides, and attack in two different patterns. One of them making him completely immobile. This lets you hammer him! Fast firing guns, with good accuracy, are recommended! Get as much dps in there as you can while he just sits there and takes it. Should you run out of ammo, you have the vending machine right beside you. For the final blow, you need to go up top, but by then, he’s done for.

Just keep an eye out for random loaders that spawn down below. Especially EXP-loaders.

Zero can make very good use of Bore, and one-shot BNK-3R. Especially with a Pimpernel! There should be plenty of clips out there if you wanna see how it’s done.

Maya can do the same thing. Sort of… By exploiting a Pimpernel (don’t think it can be done with other guns on Maya) and having 11/5 in Chain Reaction. A, so called, Pseudo Bore. Just keep in mind that this can cause your game to crash on some platforms. Works well on PC, but not sure about the rest. There are clips in this too, so it’s easy for you to find out.

Feel free to use the Skill Calculator link if you wanna show us how you’ve speced. Let us also know which gear you’re using, and the level of it. That way we can offer more detailed advice on how get the most fun out of this game.

Best of luck to you! :wink:


my Axton looks like this

I have various corrosive gear to use, including current level Plasma Caster SMG and Maliwan Pistol and RPG also.

Yes I only realized the red-eyes were crit spots midway through first attempt.
I think I’ll be able to take him down (I saw couple of YouTube vids also), but it will take time I fear.
I was pretty much asking if there was any type of short-cut kill to him I guess, which apparently not for me.

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Also taking down his turrets removes a chunk of health quite quickly.

Personally, I go up to the top where the waterfall is, and dodge around at the top of the stairs there. You will occasionally get a loader or EXPloader jump in behind you, but you can take cover from most of the attacks, dash down and back for ammo pickups, and still take advantage of Bunker’s “hover” mode to wail on his crit spots.

IME Zer0 and then Maya are the fastest.

Edit: took a look at your build. My only comment specific to this fight is that Metal Storm lets you use the abundant loaders to boost your overall DPS. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t turret kills count to trigger MS? That way, whether you chose the low or high level option, you can throw down your turret somewhere to farm loader kills and watch your back while you burst down Bunker.

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Shortcut: Zer0 with some B0re. :laughing:

The method I described is actually pretty fast, unless you have seriously underleveled guns.


thanks Ronnie, I will try it

i use my corrosive social conference call. it works very good cause of the reflection of this weapon but there lots of good weapons. you can try lady fist, fibber, pimpernell, sand hawk, hornet, lyuda, veruc, emperor, madhouse, gub, gunerang, infinity, pitchfork, unkempt harold, bitch, shredifier or lots of pearl, uniques and seraph weapons.

All of them are great options, but you have to keep in mind that we’re talking about a level 59 character here. Many of the guns you named drops way earlier in the game or later. They’re probably not available at the proper level at this point. Unless there are some stashed away from an earlier playthrough. But I kinda get the feeling that this is the first playthrough.

The gun that I ALWAYS recommend for this fight, if the ones available doesn’t quite cut it, is Miss Moxxi’s Bad Touch (assuming that it still is available, ofc). Easy to get, and an excellent gun for the whole Opportunity / Control Core Angel section of the game.


sure the most weapons are available cause there is a random chance to get most of this guns
My suggested tweaks to your build with reasons for the changes:
Unless you have a Ranger/L. Ranger com to boost it Ranger really isn’t worth the point investment- too little of a return for what it should do. If you have a L. Soldier com then one point in Healthy is worth it to get the com boost, otherwise you’d be better off in maxing out some of your other skills. Axton has the second best shield skills in the game after Gaige- maxing Pressure and Willing will go a long way towards keeping him upright. And with Steady and Battlefront maxed any explosive weapons you get will do lots more damage so Torgue is your friend with these skills :sunglasses: Also, since you’re using elemental weapons there’s no real need for Duty Calls (unless you’re a big Jakobs fan that is). If your plasma castor also happens to be Tediore, then Tediore chucking is an option against the loaders on the platform around you (not sure if you can toss one far enough to hit Bunker while he’s airborne but you could give it a try.). Just a word of warning though- depending on how you would continue with this suggested built you couldn’t reach Gemini but you could get to Double Up. Good luck!


A random chance isn’t exactly the same as actually having them, right? If you want a specific gun… What do you do? Do you hope for the best, and expect to get exactly the gun you wanted just by killing random enemies, or do you go to the specified drop source and farm that? My guess is that you, just like everyone else, go to the source. Anything else would be considered mission impossible. And since guns like the Lady Fist, Pitchfork. Bitch and Conference Call have their drop sources after, or during, this mission, it’s kinda hard to have them already, don’t you think?


Thanks yeh I took him out fairly easy taking your advice, you were right it didn’t take that long

Thanks for build advice but I do like my build (I like the skill Ranger also and I don’t like kill skills), however it’s true using non-elemental in UVHM is fairly useless so those 3 points are kinda wasted. Just too lazy to put them into anywhere else really, nothing else in that tree that I like.

I think my UVHM run should be OK, I might have to forget about doing Finks Slaughterhouse though, it seems to be impossible


Understood, although in that case you might want to take the point out of Onslaught and start building Pressure- seriously, it’s one of his best skills ans a shield skill at that- definitely worth the points to get it.

Good work, Mate!

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yeh come to think of it I forgot about the Battlefront skill also, which would probably be more useful than Duty Calls. I will consider a respec.

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Farm knuckle dragged for the hornet and get a grenadier com. Spec in gun damage skills and steady. Shot for the eyes from up top or by the vendors. Easy kills. Ne guns will make it harder then it has to be. If you really aspire to be ne only get to op8 get op8 ne gear then play at lower of levels to balance the gameplay to your liking. Think of it as a difficulty slider