Tips for Thorn for someone whose an idiot

Near the end of the Beta I was choosing the random function on Meltdown to broaden my horizon and to challenge myself. But when Thorn came up I had one of my worst games in a while. While I’m OK with Marquis as a sniper I was pathetic with Thorn, and seeing as she was ranked near the top for most damage dealers during the Beta does anyone have any tips for playing her?

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dont take her as a TOTAL sniper just be behind minions if you get too 500 hp or around that RUN


Yeah, i don’t play her as a sniper either, don’t get me wrong i do snipe sometimes, but majority I’m in close to medium range. I like to play in range of her blight max distance from opponents as it’s a good skill that does good damage. Plus you get utility from it, either slowing others or speeding yourself up, or both if you like.

Thorn is mobile, so you can fire off arrows while kiting, jumping and moving around quickly. Don’t forget to use her melee if someones on you, because it can push them away and give you space to escape, attack or whatever the scenario entails.

Also blight can be thrown at your own feet for an movement buff, volleys can ricochet and she can get high jumps and a melee propel that can change her direction midair.

The thing with thorn is she can have a more difficult learning curve than some characters, her aiming can be tricky at first and you can get under pressure at first until you get used to her mobility and skills. Practice is best thing and when you get more games with her, the better you become.

Stay mobile, because she can be kinda squishy, if you’re static too much, people can drop your health fairly quickly.

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What you are saying is mirrored in the above article by F34RLEzZ. I wasn’t being mobile and I was trying to mimic my Marquis style to her’s, and they are FAR different. I guess it also didn’t help that she was what came up when I clicked random, so I wasn’t in the proper mindset.

Ah, yeah, i didn’t know you could click on that and it brings down that full article. Still getting used to these forums.

It’s a nice guide, well written and great tips.

You and me both, this is actually the first forum I am proactively delving into and trying to contribute to because I love BB so much.

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her survivability is great. with less than half half health she can jump in and out of shard for quick farm. gear with less recoil, dmg, shield penetration, and reload speed. play her through the curses she applies for max dmg. overall, have fun while you play thorn. she’s a great hero to run around with. also, practice your aim on turrets and tanks. and don’t get frustrated if you miss shots on orendi and miko: its just as hard for them to hit shots on you, so drop a blight at yals feet

I didn’t play a lot of Thorn but I enjoyed her and my best game was 19-6. The most important thing for me was mobility: Sprint, strafe, jump. Like Orendi you always want to be in the move, you stop moving you die.
The other key points are Blight and Curse, select any skills that augment Blight and always Curse your targets. You can add a slow effect to Blight and a DoT to Curse as well as augment Volley to Curse on hit and Blight fields to Curse your arrows when you stand in them. If you can’t catch Thorn you can’t hit her and if you can’t hit her, well you know. Move and debuff.

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I’m going to piggy back on what @Slif_One mentioned above.

I haven’t seen a lot of love for curse on the forums, in fact, most forego it altogether it seems. While spamming normal arrows is a legitimate strategy, I found great use in the curses. It seemed to me a fully charged arrow had less drop off so it was much easier to land, and landing consecutive charged shots added up quickly. I also went the DOT (damage over time) route on curse a lot, and while it doesn’t seem like a lot of damage up front, that also adds up quickly. Piercing volley, volley curse on hit, curse does DOT. I used those 3 helix choices and found great success.

As mentioned by many, Thorn takes a bit of practice to get her shot down. It helps if you don’t try to snipe as it’s usually much harder to hit from extreme ranges. Especially if you don’t charge shots in my experience.


That was problem: sniping. I was playing Thorn like I would play Marquis and I have been sorely mistaken.

I like the curse route in story mode, especially with her legendary. Can put out a lot of dps with curse and she can easily top damage and kills.

I didn’t play Thorn through CTT but I did play her through Open Beta and I say I have done pretty well with her (one game I put out 270,000 damage with her) The thing I got mainly from her is play mid range majority of the time and long range only on stationary targets or tanks. Her standard attack is cool but is harder to hit than other shooters with good reason, but is so rewarding when it does. Her abilities are some of the best in the game and fairly easy to aim especially blight, which can be used to trap enemies trying to escape (especially if you have the slow CC effect), stationary targets (turrets, players engaging thrall camps, etc) or taking out minions already engaged with others. Stay away from targets that do mid -close to close range that has some form of health regeneration as they can take her out quick and she will almost garunteed to lose that battle.

Thorn shines mainly in the support DD role in almost all encounters. Targeting foes mid range and far is where she is best utilized. If there is a hero and a turret being engaged she goes for the turret then provide support damage. This however doesn’t mean she cannot stack solo damage on her own. Sticking blight and adding passives with curse or slow can really stack up damage fast with her ultimately pushing your opponents back on the retreat.

The items I seen that work best with Thorn are sprint speed, health regen, skill cool down, and skill damage. The root tea legendary (gives you sprint speed, health regeneration, and 200 hp for every 6 seconds you run) works best for her as you will be running quite often with her to help push lanes and provide support DD.


Wait i’m sorry it wasn’t 270k damage it was 220k damage.

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Another thing to consider is that Volley is an incredibly versatile skill, perhaps even more so than Blight. I’ve seen plenty of people build towards a Blight helix only, without knowing how incredibly useful a Curse/Bleeding Volley combo can be.

It depends on the map and if I’m in charge of laning, but whenever taking down enemy Battleborn is my job I’ll always build towards a superior Volley mixed with curse.

On that note as well, if your aim is good, give your curse factor a try. You can rack up some crazy status effects with your helix, and I love experimenting with how many flavors of debuff I can hit someone with at once.

That legendary is incredibly valuable for Thorn, can confirm. It almost prevents the need to BTB for her, and makes her incredibly slippery, more so than her agility already makes her.

you want to be close but not melee close

just enough to spam those headshots

also standing in blight (with damage and duration increase)

her “sniping” should only be used if you HAPPEN to be far away, it shouldnt be your focus

also use her charge shots mainly when teammates are near, so they gain damage boost

(an example of playing her right)…ok this is the last time i post my video (im just so proud lol)

Only Thorn receives the increased damage on Cursed enemies.


You did well, but your info is wrong… :frowning:

Shameless link to my guide… again…