Tips on End Credits

I’ve been trying to make a video and I like to make the end credit similar to RTH30 and EiB. What I mean is you know how when the end credit start, there will be images scrolling right to left from the top of the screen? Well, I’ve been trying to do that but I don’t know how to do it. It was really sad to see the images that reminds us after all we’ve been through and I want to have the similar result to my video.

Do anybody here knows how to do it?

Please! I don’t have much time. Do anyone know how to do it?

I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that, you need to cut out characters and props. As well as background images to put them in.

You might need a video editing tool, I don’t use any sorry. But there’s a lot of well-known apps out there, good luck!

Sorry, I can’t be much of a help. But that’s how I can aid you in a way.


Actually, I think that there are more “priorities”:
-A way to export\edit\import weapon models
-A way to use normal and specular maps textures
-A restoration of the “Nine Days Earlier” level (even if as a cutscene)

I don’t think that the “end credits” are such a big deal…However, good luck with your project.

Sorry for the OP…

Damn… well, thanks for the help. I’ll check out the apps if I can but I’m still having trouble with those images. I got the end credits text alright and sadly GBX didn’t replies to the email I’ve sent for them but I’ll see what I can find.