Tips on Krieg and Digistruct Peak

I heard someone’s screaming.

So here’s a planet-wide ECHO requestin’ strong, loyal soldiers who don’t ask too many questions HELP!

Any of you guys willing to contribute to a Peak guide for Krieg?
We’re looking for :

  • builds
  • gear (remember this is for climbing the Peak, not OP8 runs with perfect gear)
  • general tips
  • specific tips : Scorch , Dukino’s Mom , Black Queens , Assassins , Saturn , OMG and any other minor threats you wish to add.
  • vids! (bonus points if you want to narrate or add text)

These are the things to answer from my experience.

I once more emphasize putting his words into it, “this is for climbing the Peak, not OP8 runs with perfect gear.”


There is no melee… must not melee. Ax is not the best way in the Peak.
It is 10/5 Blood Bath with 99% killskill duration in 14 seconds. It is the best/most important factor. Then someone would ask like this. “Is it O.K with 88%?” No. It’s not enough. I am convinced that the shortage of 1.5 seconds can certainly put you in hell.

For Krieg, there is a reason why Peak is the biggest challenge. The best/easiest battlefield for him is where many enemies are crowded.(Detailed explanation is omitted. If you need more explanation, you are not ready to come to the Peak with him yet.)

But the Peak is not such a place. In a wide battlefield divided into several zones, enemies appear spatially and temporally separated. The character of this battlefield is the most burdensome part of him. The Peak only neutralizes his biggest weapon, the killskill and the stacks, as a way of appearing enemies.

And he is the slowest moving character despite his excellent physical condition(Not mental). It is a big tactical weakness in the wide-open battlefield.(By the way, if someone tells you that Bloodsplosion is necessary/good at the Peak, I encourage you to lighten his opinion on Peak from now on.)

Therefore, he must equip an L-Reaper with a boost of 99%. It will fill 1.5 seconds, which is insufficient to deal with mini-bosses appearing at each gate.

Nevertheless, there will come moments when L-Reaper can not take advantage of it. That can happen when you’re out in the vicinity of only Badasses, or when you are dealing with D’s Mom in half the probability, and you can have a high probability of dealing with Saturns.
At that time I recommend L-Torch. If you have another idea, follow it.

2. Gears
Because this is for climbing the Peak, not OP8 runs with perfect gear, things that are hard to obtain, such as CC or Carnage, are excluded.
The gears needed for him can be divided into three types for the purpose.

A. To trigger the Blood Bath
B. To stack and heal
C. To deal with the enemy quickly with a powerful firepower.

Almost all weapons satisfy all three or two purposes. However, there is a clear difference between each weapon. And! it is important to have such a sense of purpose when we fill our slots. It puts a clear conception of the battle into our minds before we pull the trigger.

Here are the typical weapons that meet each purpose. These are relatively easy to obtain.

A. Kerblaster, Big Badaboom, TEDIOREs, E-Tech Shotguns
B. Grenades(Pandemic! but not easy to get), Hellfire, Infection-like weapons, or every elemental weapons with 10/5 Fuel The Fire.
C. UH, Lyuda, Pimpenel, Big Badaboom, S-Splosion, Inter Facer.
(D. First of all, Slagga. E. Rough Rider)

You may not agree with the introduction of the weapons I have. You may be right and I may be wrong. But it’s nothing important. The important thing is that you play three roles with those weapons at Peak.

3.General tips
The approximate picture at the Peak was mentioned above. My battles mostly start by throwing Pandemic and shooting Slagga. And the end of the enemy is finished by pulling the trigger of Blood Bath.
Simple and basic content. However, this should be as if the uncompromising machine is running.

To maintain a stack of 20 and 100, paint more enemies with more than two colors of Slag and other elemental DOTs, and keep the Blood Bath going.

There is definitely a different result between just knowing and running with a clear grip. Conducting the concept of this battle consciously is like a manual that eliminates your unnecessary movements and convinces you of what to do next in any complicated situation.

In order to do this, it is effective to leave the role of B primarily to the grenade and carry out the roles of the remaining A and C with firearms.

4.Specific tips

I can not remember anything other than OP8. However, I do not think there will be any difference in the situation of summoning this creature(s).
This part reveals the true value of L-Reaper with a boost of 99% in relation to the time it takes for this burning guy to appear.

If you keep stacks close to 20 and 100 and wait for his appearance with BB activated, there is a time of about 5 seconds.(I’m not sure of the length of the seconds, but)That is the time let you can kill him in that time with a weapon that deals damage to the Damage prefixed explosive Big Badaboom or higher.(It’s hard to do with 88%)

If you fail this way, all that remains is a long and difficult battle with the monster(s) to consume all your ammo.

b.Dukino’s Mom
You are lucky if she appears with migets. My favorite method is to shoot the DPUH after pulling the BB trigger while wearing the sheriff’s badge.

And if she’s in a solitary situation, I will have a harder battle with L-Torch and a maximum of 20 stacks.
In this case, you will have to consume a lot of different kinds of ammunition after consuming all pistol ammunition.

c.Black queens
There is no difficulty because they summon the minions who will bring their destruction.

It is the easiest and simplest way to shoot Big Badaboom with BB activated. It becomes easy to prepare just before entering the place where they appear.
And you have to make a wise choice about which targets to take precedence.

Surprisingly, this object is not difficult. It just takes a long time. You should make good use of terrain and cover and make good use of the turrets.
I think using them as a way of maintaining the stack or as a triggering tool for BB is a high level of combat.
(And if you want to handle them in a really impressive way, you can do it with Fuel The Blood and Bloodsplosion to blow them away. This is the way I have not tried. If you succeed, please let me know. I just have an experience with one Fastball, but no Fuel The Blood that makes half the HP disappear. And on D’s Mom, 60% HP with L- Psycho and one reload of E-Tech SMG of TEDIORE)

I normally use his turret as a trigger for BB and then shoot CC in 14 seconds to remove it.

  1. Vids!
    No. No Vid. I have no energy to do it. :mask: It is hard to make long post with second language…no it’s not true. English is not my second… It is just the foreign language what I use often.

  2. Wrap-up

So here’s a planet-wide ECHO requestin’ strong, loyal soldiers who don’t ask too many questions HELP!

I’m the soldier. and the first one.

When I wake up and check this post, my tone feels stiff and stubborn. It seems to have been a recall of the suffering at Peak. Just running the Peak is not painful at all, but execution for the purpose of TT is accompanied by pain. I have realized by the pain that this battlefield gives him a certain difficulty of nature.

So to complement one thing, melee is a good way to enjoy the Peak.
And to complement one more, the 88% L-Reaper is no problem. Further more, you do not have to stick to the COM.
This post was so focused on a certain purpose…It seems to have been analyzed with too narrow a field of view.

Anyway, Peak is the biggest challenge to him. I hope that this thread is just a reference and that you will find your own way.:wink:

Edit 2:
I think it is important to mention Surveyors as a part of specific tips.
They provide occasional troubles even to those who have been forged with much experience.

It is a tremendous accomplishment to shoot down those with spiral avoidance maneuvers in a predictive shot. And it is wise to shoot them with great weapons like Norfleet.

But there is a more neat way to do it. It is a way of making them approach you in a straight line, that is, overlapping your fire Net with them.
The method is to move away from them a certain distance. If they are in the process of attacking you, they will surely return to you in an honest straight line. That’s when they become the easiest target.
And you can stand still to shoot them down, but as a better battle method, I recommend shooting with the left-back or right-back side moving when they came close to you despite your shooting.
They are supposed to make a 90-degree turn in the opposite direction of your movement with dropping the Thunder balls.
And that moving shot makes you avoid their attack and predict their clear next path.


Out of all the great advice you’ve given above, I find this to be the most helpful one, because it summarises Krieg’s general playstyle and sort of serves as a checklist on what sort of gear you should be on the lookout for.


That’s ok! You’ve already got one :wink:


Badass build. Who needs moxxi?? put up also a no moxxi build with all characters.


Some edits in the old post.


Here’s Ultimate Krieg!!!'s build- originally he ran a Bloodsplsion/Mania build but since mobs are somewhat scarce on the Peak I decided for a Hellborn/Mania build. Two things of note: One- I don’t reset the game to farm quest weapons- as such all quest gear is level 72 to start the Peak and stays that way until OP8 is unlocked. Two- I rarely if ever use RL…

1- elemental Infinity- fire, shock and corrosive. All things being equal use the one with the highest rate of fire.
2- DPUH for bosses (except Saturn)
3- Slagga
4- Kerblaster, elemental (fire) shotgun of choice or Moxxie gun- Rubi, GN, Heart Breaker, etc.
Edit: have an Avenger on hand to regen SMG ammo for the Slagga

Storm Front for most every encounter except UBA slag skags, slag spiderants and flaming spiderants (the ones that burrow into the ground- Fastball those asshats), Fastballs and Chain Lightning.

RR and FotF

Class mods:
L. Torch and a blue Flesh or Tasty Crunch

a BotA in every element, an explosive relic and Sheriff’s and Deputy’s Badges

Why the Infinity you ask? Simple- I origianlly had PiP in a slightly different build but at around OP3 felt that ammo was going to be a big concern and as I was pretty good at getting crits with the Infinity (I practice a lot with it :smile:) I decided to specc out of it and into his current build. Between the fire rate boost from Embrace the Pain and Elemental Elation getting enough lead down range wasn’t a problem and w/o a reload animation to get caught in the damage was also non-stop.
Also, since elemental weapons were used (mainly fire- I know it’s not the ‘best’ element on the Peak but with this build it was effective) Elemental Empathy kept his health up (as did Thrill of the Kill when enemies died).

As for the specific encounters and general strategy:
1- Scorch- the single Scorch in the first few OP levels should be easy enough- Slagga + Fastball/DPUH = win. For the later levels when the have the surveyor escorts my strategy is to lure the surveyors back to the initial stage and pick them off- once dead the dual Scorches should be no problem.

2- Black Queens- once they appear block the archway between their area and the previous one, slag them and then unload EVERY Storm Front you have while wearing a shock BotA and hitting them with a shock weapon- the idea is to kill them as quickly as possible and this way can do it. Once the last Storm Front has worn out equip a either a Sheriff’s Badge/DPUH or Deputy’s Badge/shotgun of choice to finish them off (you could also go explosive relic/Explosive Fastball if you don’t have the Storm Front).

3- Dukino’s Mom- as has been shown by others if you get the distance right you can kill Dukino’s Mom w/o her attacking you at all. Since most of us aren’t that lucky however… Still try to get the distance right but using the Infinity means never having to say your sorry when you die in a reload animation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. If you want use the Kerblaster or your favorite shotgun for this Fight and keep the CL/GN on hand just in case you get fumble fingered and can’t hit RtB in time to avoid shaking off damage from a shock ball attack. Also, try to have Blood bath active when she spawns in the early OP levels and in later rounds when she spawns with minions use them to activate BB.

4- Assassin x4 spawn- the earlier Assassin spawns can be dealt with just like everyone else does, keeping in mind to target Reeth first. Quick tip- when Oney does his charge attack try to get a bit of the blockhouse or pipe between you and him- 99% of the time he’ll charge into the obstruction and leave you unscathed. Keep moving to keep barriers between you and them concentrate on 1 Assassin at a time- the faster you can kill one of them will make dealing with the other 3 easier. Considering there’s an ammo vendor in the next stage don’t hold back on ammo- let’er rip!

5- Saturn. This guy gets the full cheese load- whatever you can do (in a legit manner of course) do it. I tend to crouch behind the green ammo chest near the edge and peek over just enough to hit him with the Infinity. Being a Hellborn build using a Bee isn’t feasible which makes it an even more tedious fight than for others but- you’ll be safe. if you want to try to speed things up by using the Kerblaster, DPUH or shotgun of choice go ahead and do so.

6- OMGWTH- pretty straightforward- hit with Slagga, then hit with everything else- DPUH, Kerblaster, shotgun of choice, Fastballs- whatever gets the job done. Make sure to keep the blockhouse between yourself and OMGWTH.

General tips:
Be aggressive but not stupid- don’t face tank a SBA loader when it’s the last thing around- mutual death sucks. Charge the turrets depending on the location- they can’t hit you when you’re directly below them. For the turrets that spawn in the later OP levels in the second area charge them after throwing Storm Fronts while holding the Rubi/GN- not having a SR means getting in close and with their ridiculously fast health regen getting close and dealing damage works best. In the Doc Mercy area if you’re being shot and don’t know from where look up at the bridge that leads to the Assassin’s arena- usually someone will be up there. If surveyors are among the enemies use Mordecai’s advice and wound something to draw them out- nothing’s worse than having to end a run because a surveyor wandered off and got stuck somewhere you couldn’t reach them. To that end having a Longbow Storm Front, CL or Storm helps should that happen to you.

This isn’t the perfect guide for Krieg (or even the best one) but it worked for me- and hopefully you as well…


I never thought about Infinity. It sounds good and fun. I think I should try with those guns with 2 or 3 elemental in one day.