Tips on Silvering Heliophage

Need it for Kleese (yes i know i can wait until rank 34 but meh)

So any tips on Silvering Heliophage Solo? I have nobody to do it with and public Heliophage is dead.

Thanks in advance for helping.

Ps4? I can help. Toby, marquis, thorn can kill rly fast with headshots.

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Use Toby, sit far back, and headshot all of the enemies/bosses. Use slow mines, and take advantage of the few seconds where Rendain USUALLY ignores you to destroy it to either run and reposition, or hit him in the head a few times. I’ll run with you and @dantesolar if you are on PS4.

If you happen to get the Varelsi Conservator as one of your 3 bosses on Normal (and you’ll always face him on Advanced, so this applies there as well), you can farm it endlessly for yellow score orbs. It summons skulks to send after you, and once you clear a wave of skulks, the Conservator begins summoning more skulks, and spews out a round of yellow score orbs. This happens every time it summons more skulks. You can do this for as long as you’d like until you’re comfortable you’ve gathered enough yellow score orbs.


@HandsomeCam I’m bad with Toby. I normally play Galilea, Ambra, Whiskey Foxtrot, Benedict, or Shayne & Aurox.

@dantesolar Yes i play on Ps4, Also bad with Thorn and Ok with Marquis.

@matttgoodman Really? I did get it first time but never knew this, thanks.

Just make sure to keep moving so his attacks don’t kill you while you take out his skulks. And stay close so you can gather the orbs because they drop as soon as the clouds appear above him that spawn more skulks. They disappear after only a few seconds. You might have to damage him enough to get him past his first shield phase, I can’t remember if it’s necessary or not. If he doesn’t spawn more skulks once you’ve cleared them all, just damage him enough to get his shield guys to appear, kill those, and then it’s non-stop skulks from there.

Whiskey is a pretty solid choice too. I build him for health regen so that he can face-tank. Also, even though i’m sure you already know this: Avoid the center platform like the plague. Personally, i prefer the Eldrid platform, with my back to the tunnel, if a temporary retreat is necessary.

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@HandsomeCam Died 3 times on that platform, knockback is a pest when playing a melee character.

I prefer the Bliss platform personally, it’s larger and has the raised platform which affords a nice sniping position and resting place where you can sometimes hide and drop aggro from enemies out of sight. Also, the wall behind you is extremely tall and even if you get knocked up and back, you’ll just hit the wall and slide back down.

It’s a good idea to finish Rendain off in the tunnel on the Ekkunar platform, though. Make sure he’s positioned nicely below the tunnel ceiling, and all those yellow orbs he shoots out vertically just hit the ceiling and drop in a relatively small pile that makes for really easy gathering.

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Yeah, that’s where i go to fight Rendain both times, but for the conservator or Gunhulk, i prefer the tunnel, so i can strafe into it to avoid the volleys of homing ball things.

These are, IMO, the two best areas to defend. I alternate between the two, depending on the boss and brute spawns, they’re on opposite ends of the map though so moving from one to the other can be exciting when fighting or bypassing brutes. The open section of Ekkunar and all of Tempest are big no-nos.

As for getting silver, first you need to complete it :slight_smile: Preferably use a ranged character and either one who has health regen or take health regen gear, or both. You get more score for killing enemies quickly so crits and AoE are key to a high score, Mike and Whiskey are solid picks and Whiskey has health regen at level 5 if you need it. Open all chests for more score, and collect all the bonus score (yellow orbs) dropped by bosses. If you think you’ll have enough time, you can even cross the bridge that separates the two areas where you have to destroy the shards while the times is ticking down, there are lots of enemy spawns there and a red chest, it’s especially good to cross the bridge solo as you might not hit level 10 before the Rendain fight otherwise. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten less than silver on Heliophage, though solo means less enemy spawns and ultimately less score so you have to be vigilant.


If you play Whiskey Foxtrot use him with regen and movement speed, then reload speed. That should keep you alive while strafing for a long time

For PvP I prefer the movement speed augment at level 5, then I run a health regen item and his legendary, but for PvE I prefer the regen helix. I haven’t done Helio with him though…

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@epicender584, @Slif_One; you guys are late to THAT party, because i helped him complete it last night. I didn’t get a medal, but he messaged me a “thanks”, so… shrugs

Oh, and he was doing pretty good as Whiskey, though i felt bad for the other random guy who chose Attikus; i kept killing everything with Toby before he could reach it. Not to be a dick; i’m just wired to get through the timed part as quickly as possible… I offered up all of the helix chests, though i had to take the first on to avoid death when they wouldn’t take it.

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@HandsomeCam I did unlock Kleese (did get that glitch where the score at the end shows 0 though) so yeah. Thanks again.


I helped other 3 lvl10- but server dced us ;-;

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