Tips to beat Rath and Galiea

I have been playing phoebe for 30hours now but recently those two characters are giving me the toughest time. While average Rath can be killed easily, its almost impossible to avoid his ult if he times it well and does not waste it, so am I supposed to avoid confrontation forever? Especially on Echelon where there tend to be 2 massive groups fighting each other.
Galiea is probably the worst match up for me, i mean in good hands she is unkillable to Phoebe, at level 5 with attack speed items i got her to 30% health then she uses her ult, she is invincible for couple of seconds, then she gets out of her shadow form, stuns me and kills me in 3-4 seconds. Apart from those two I can find a way to beat every class but good Rath and Gali are making me wanna go back to range classes.

Well, range classes are superior. They have a huge advantage in this game.

Using Phoebe you should definitely hold onto your teleport when there’s a Gali and/or Rath (really anyone) on the team. Use that to escape.

Rath is easy. Avoid his silence (if they choose that helix) by avoiding his crossblade and catalytic smash (allow your teammates to wear him down if they’re ranged and then pick him off). That will help you go 1v1, attack speed vs attack speed. When he gets his ult, don’t get silenced, and use your teleport while the ranged classes attack him.

Utilize Phoebe’s slow debuff when able.

Galilea is not invulnerable when in abyssal form. She can be knocked out and damaged while in it. But only to certain abilities. That’s really all Galilea’s ultimate is good for is a quick escape. It’s not threatening because it won’t do much damage. Phoebe has no skills to knock Galilea out but it’s likely that someone on your team will have a knock up or stun. If not, just avoid her. She can’t do anything. While Galilea uses her ultimate you need to take this time to exploit the opposing teams missing defender.

Hope this helps.

Edit: also, Galilea’s ultimate makes her a target for 2 seconds while activating. Use this time to quickly kill her (if she uses it at low health). Regardless, utilize the free 2 seconds on Galilea’s ultimate activation animation to damage her.

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Hmm, Galilea is a char I like to take on because she isn’t scary at all… Maybe I never met a good Gal, though. But really I don’t find her very hard to kill - I just beat on her, I somehow think that sheer pressure is the way to go with her. Boldur is way more annoying there.
Maybe don’t bring attack speed items, even if they are super useful before level 5, they are most probably wasted after that. Maybe back off when she ults and flank her, making her believe you flew.

Rath is pretty much annoying to everyone, really. Between his knock up, potential silence, and stupid easykill button, he has a strong potential to be a pain. The quick melee button will help knocking him back a bit during his ult but overall I’d say that it all boils down to who was the quickest to level up. When you outlevel him, he isn’t that annoying and you can deny him his own leveling by repeatdly sticking needles in his FACE.

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Like what was stated before try to play mind games with rath if you see him 1 v 1. Hold onto your teleport for escape just in case. For both Rath and Galilea, helix 1 Right Preperation is the best. If you see rath, try to mark him with blade rush so you can silence him before he silences you. Especially if he misses his silence, once you silence him he will be easy picking.

With Galilea, true strike to avoid the shield, if you get in close, dance around her a lot to confuse her with true strike combo. Stay close… You will out melee her, staying close = harder to get hit by shield when you are dancing around. Once she has a quarter health left, go for the silence and finish her. If you are safe and have a teleport, when she shields up just teleport behind and finish her.

Preparation silences enemy after the whole combo is completed, it is hard to tell whether you have silenced a target or not. Altough every time I check my stats after a game and I have only got couple of combos completed, hence im starting to doubt this options is that useful.

You usually see a couple of stars but I usually go by the blade rush symbol vanish from the top of the head to know I got it off… Or if the enemy is running around figuring out what to do lol

I think it’s actually a bit more vicious than that, and comes with more things to consider, like 1/ you don’t need to hit with a full combo, only with the last hit, and 2/ When you unlock Reprise or Blade Sweep, and weave it correctly by holding Primary then Secondary, the combo is reduced to the two last hits but the procs will still work - however MAYBE the recap screen doesn’t count it as a fully performed combo anymore.

That silence is an almost guaranteed silence as long as you are sure you’re using Blade Rush efficiently. While 30% move speed is a very good offensive tool and a decent defensive tool, to escape Rath’s Wrath, the silence is probably best when your Phasegate is down :wink: