Tips to get 2nd Character to Level 80

Any tips on how to quickly get a second character to level 80?

Presumably, I have to create a second account, go split screen on an XP farm, get a character levelled up to 80 (no easy task) and then use that character to get another one in my default account back to 80.

Seems like a lot of work. Any tips/techniques to speed things up?

Not sure which toon your using, but you don’t have to go through that much trouble (2nd account, split screen) to power level yourself.
I do do power leveling but with the new level cap been power leveling my own toons to level 80.
I use the BarRoom Brawl tier3 run (Note I believe (though not sure, haven’t paid attention in ages)tier 3 is level 50 in both NVHM and TVHM, UVHM is whatever level you are).
MY preferred equipment;
Storm Front, or magic missle (x4 preferred)
NorFleet, DPUH

For Mechro, Siren, Zero and Krieg, my preferred method is to stand in the door entrance and do timed shots of the NorFleet, throwing out a grenade occasionally to keep the mobs from the doorway, most times I do need to run up and reload on missles, but I am able to always complete the brawl in the time frame.

The Commando, I’ll toss the Turrets on the ceiling (both sides of upstairs) and for the most part use the same method above.

Gunzerker, zerk with 2 norfleets tossing storm fronts as you go

I’m trying to get a Mechromancer to 80. Tried the bar room on my first character, it’s a lot of work. My first charater is a commando. Like you, I threw 2 turrets in (to shake things up a bit I place them in various positions), but can easily clear out the rabble by running around with a double penetrating unkempt harold (which I purchased from the torgue vending machine with all the tokens I accumulated, realising that you can’t accumulate more than 999 torgue tokens).

now on the Mechro, I have on occasion did some leveling in the Warriors area, go in kill warrior and then let deathtrap go to town on the Raks, though in my op this is slower then the BarBrawl.

as for the Mechro in the Bar, again I stand by the Door leading into the Bar area, and mainly use the NorFleet and fire into the bar from just outside the door, I do this for two reasons, 1. I’ve never been put into FFYL, so not wasting ammo reviving myself, 2. standing at that spot I can complete all BadAss challenges for the rocket Launcher.
as for a shield , instead of the Sham, I usually use an Antagonist or something similar.
grenade again Magic Missle or Storm Front
Relic , one that increases rocket damage and or magazine size is best

I have also used The Bunker for Power Leveling and also the Warrior, the Bunker by going in and out of the way you came in (not the FT station) and the Warrior by save / quit

I will say if you do use a second account to PL with, Sal clears the Bar the quickest

Do the new expansion.

Advance far enough to kill Uranusbot and finish mission, then port back to Helios and run back to the quicksave point at the end that only lets you port OUT.

Run around to where the boss is and drop down the elevator. Run just far enough forward to get boss to spawn then run back to where the money crate is on tope of a couple other crates and just shoot boss from behind them.

99.9% of the time his shots will never hit you and you can farm him for gear/xp.

Quit out and come back and you will be at end again right outside bosses spawn point. Takes about 20-30 seconds to run to boss with the elevator slowing you down. Rinse/Repeat

I went from 74-80 doing this in a couple hours with my Siren.

mMy recommendation, Sal and rock paper scissors. If you have a sal, you can use the method that Bahroo (google it on you tube) mentions. It doesn’t matter if you sneak behind or not, shooting the bandit in the face from the normal range location is just slower. Big advantage: tape your controller/mouse and do something else like sleep (when started at nite).

So the biggest thing is a mule Sal. I have had one for ages and used him to lvl my other (existing) toons to 80. I push that op8 sal to 80 and then ran him twice for 10op. He also bumped my other toons to op10 because sal makes it easy.

If you have two of the same toon, I’d suggest cloning via cross save. You can have multiple builds without the fuss of lvling another char. You can then skip all this drudgery.


Take your max lvl char, make a mule account and a sal, then lvl him (by playing split screen and doing whatever you care to on your main). Get him to 80 fairly fast this way. Then all you need is a (fire is best) infinity, lady fist, RR or no shield, a com, the right spec and some tape.

If you plan to do more chars, I’d go thru the trouble of making him op as much as you care to (or just set a lvl 80 sal up over nite).

With the right gear, which is fairly easy on sal, maxing op is not much of a bother… but whatever level you care for (note: that toon needs to have started uvhm for op to stick reliably). If you first lvl sal to 30 or 50 then run normal and tvhm, it’ll go very quick because you’re op as heck. Start uvhm, then run the peak. You can just use your main to run story for your alt as well kinda getting two things done at the same time.

For my “mule”, I have been levelling up a Siren (currently level 72). I do have a level 80 infinity pistol, but without elemental damage, it took me ages to get this farming Doc Mercy, so I don’t think I want to see Doc Mercy again in the near future to farm for an incendiary infinity pistol.

My plan now is to use the Siren with the infinity pistol and the Blight Phoenix skill active on rock paper scissors. Presumably, with Siren on top of the tied up bandit (that sounds so hmmm…), she would be close enough to burn the bandit and I could mimic the burn infinity pistol effect.

Frankly Mercy in the peak is more generous. And the are clones!