Tips to survive RoDP arena op3 solo with siren

Hey all
Im a lvl 72 siren currently playing op2. I have difficulties surviving the final arena in the raid on digistruct peak on op2. Welll to be honest… im completely stuck there :sweat_smile: Tried it serveral times… wel lets just say that dying in the final area for dozens of times isnt highly motivating…
So all tips are welcome! :slight_smile:
I play maya with ruin and motion until subsequence
I use bee shield (op2) with a harrold (double on op1 explicit on op2). I have a grognozzl but i switch it with my slagga. And i use an purple sniper with decent damage.

Maybe get nordfleet and maybee different shield? Granademod i use is also a pyrple one. Got a chain lightning but cant realy get use to it…

One tip is a slag singularity grenade w/low fuse time will be helpful to keep control over the assassins.


This links to a thread in the Maya sub. I think I have recordings of solo fights against each spawn in the Assassin area, with notes. Singularity grenade + Grog Nozzle is a great pairing for controlling the fight and staying healthy. The Harold kinda sucks in there. If you go Bee, use a gun with multiple projectiles, preferably unlisted (SandHawk, Pimpernel), though the Hornet and Lady Fist work great.

If you go without the Bee in favor of a defensive shield, Hammer Buster and Hornet are easy to replace between runs, and they do great work.


Again, singularity grenades - especially Quasars. Plan on using all 10.

Your COM choice is also important - I use a Legendary Cat if using a high DPS SMG like a Tattler (!), Bitch or Sandhawk. If you have a L Cat but none of the above SMGs, grab a Lascaux! Otherwise a Legendary Binder is fantastic in there to max out Suspension so you can lay into them as long as possible.

I always ditch my Bee there in favour of a highly defensive shield - almost always a Blockade - as they break my Bee constantly.

Also, I’m sure you know this, but corrosion is the default element - so corrosive Bones are de rigeur.

BTW, Subsequence doesn’t help in there. You may want to pull a bunch of points and put them into Harmony.


Using singularities and the Bee looks like this. Intentionally used a non elemental SandHawk because it’s easy to get those and fresh Bee shields. This clip is against the 4x Assassin spawn. Same strategy is slower but less dicey with a sturdy shield.

And just 'cause… same strategy, same spawn, different build, different gear, same idiot at the controls:


Generally speaking, I run center and right trees to capstone, then left tree to Converge. Drop at least one of each of the four leftover points into Suspension and Inertia. Do what you will with the last two.

High DPS is top kek in there. Sandhawk, Pimp, DPUH. Also, go grab a Florentine from the vendor in Flamerock Refuge.

Now I haven’t tested this yet, but I’m really looking forward to running the Peak with a Blurred Trickster (11/5 CR, 10/5 KR) and Antagonist. Corrosive BotA with max cooldown should make that stupidly fun. You might guinea pig that one, with Florentine (maybe shock BotA?) and a Quasar. Conference Call or Interfacer or Twister in another slot. Norfleet (or Badaboom or Topneaa) for FFYL. Something with stupid-high fire rate in 4th slot (Infinity, perhaps?). Point being, you want a constant flood of projectiles swarming around that small arena.

WAIT! Corrosive Kitten in that last slot!

Again, I haven’t tried this built for Trickster. My experience has been mostly Good Touch, Bad Touch, Crit/Florentine, BotA, Leg Cat or Siren, Bee. Throw in a Sandhawk for bosses, and a Pimpernel. Works fine for me.

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