Tips, Tricks, and Basics!

Just a list of little things that might be helpful to old and new players alike. (Bindings are PC version, sorry console players)

Did you know:

You can teleport back to spawn with B? It is a 4 second cast that is interrupted upon taking damage, but is a good way to recover from a rough fight instead of dying and giving the other team experience. And you also get to collect shards on the way back into lane with full health.

Healing stations provide healing for a duration? You don’t need to hover around the station continuously to reap its benefits! It actually applies a buff to you that lasts for a short amount of time (around five seconds), so you can wander in and out of a fight near a healing station to keep yourself healthy without wasting time standing around idle.

Buildable objects grant XP? Shards aren’t just for feeding your Gearbox! if you find you are having a hard time getting levels because you are getting pushed out of lane, consider gathering some shards and upgrading a healing station or accelerator, or building a super minion! You get more xp toward that helix upgrade you need, and the team has another safety net they can hide behind, if only for a few seconds.

Shard pickups are shared with your team? When you loot a shard, 20% of its value is given to every other member of your party. this is helpful both for keeping your teams gear and levels up, and for topping off all those turrets keeping pesky minions at bay.

Every Battleborn has a knockback? There is a Quick Melee button (Middle Mouse), which will knock an enemy back and up slightly! especially useful for playing keep away with melee characters like Rath or Phoebe, or disrupting characters who use precision like Marquis. Or knocking someone trying to ambush you off of the ledge you are sniping from. With a little luck, it can also be used to push Thrall Mercenaries over the edge in Overgrowth, making those camps a lot easier for less damage focused members of the team.

There are easy voice communications? If you have a microphone, you can use push to talk (T) to easily coordinate with your team, and its much more useful to use in a fight than opening a text prompt (Y).

You can ping your location for allies? Another useful feature for coordinating ambushes and defense with your allies. ©

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I never knew about the shards being shared. Good information.