Tips & Tricks for completing NVHM at the lowest possible level

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No need to re-enter. you need to enter it only once then go out, it register already the respawn point outside the bar.


I meant the save and quit and re-enter the game, not the bar. I’ll go try it out.

EDIT: Oh, I see now. You don’t even have to let the enemies break the beacon. Just save and quit once you’ve placed it and it’s broken when you re-enter with no enemies around. Repair it, wait for the checkmark on “repair the beacon” and save and quit again. Repeat 8 times and you make it through without having to fight any enemies or necessarily even seeing any of them.

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Did I miss something? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The save and quit portion nor the actual end result didn’t really come through in the first post, at least for me.

Saving and quitting “breaks” the beacon automatically so you can loop that 8 times to skip the whole fight. I got the impression from the first post that it was just for making the beacon indestructible by letting the bots hammer away at it.

EDIT: Is it possible to skip the loader/stalker fight in WEP where you wait for the BA loader to open the door for you at the end with just grenade jumping?

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Edited! This should clear things up a bit. Thanks for pointing it out.

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I don’t know, but I do know that grenade-jumping to skip sections of WEP is a good way to break the mission script and make it impossible to proceed. (For example, skipping the box room building by going from Mordecai’s stash above the waterfall apparently breaks the script.)


Yeah, I’m trying to avoid softlocking. I know Sal can jump over that door but there are very few things in this game you can’t find a bypass for with double grenades and double badabooms :smiley: That particular fight is a going to give me a lot of EXP unless there’s a way to bypass it with just grenades.

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Stalkers do spawn in and attack the bots, so perhaps careful positioning and patience could avoid some of the XP? If you can hit the rakk from the adjacent area, will they fly over the cliff and take part as well?

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I don’t think there’s much you can do in that fight sadly. Same in the area not long after where you get back into the facility.

Best you could do perhaps is possibly paint the bots purple and hope for the best! I know the SBA Loader shows up when the Badass Stalker dies.

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I’m pretty sure that the complete wave (BA stalker + loaders) has to die before SBA loader comes out.