Tired of being trapped in my room by Sanctuary NPCs. GBX please fix

Literally can’t get past the doorway. Can someone reprogram them to respect my privacy?


If you’re trapped inside, you can just fast travel to the sanctuary fast travel, instantly. Unfortunately, can’t help if they are blocking you from getting into a room.
Gearbox needs to add a secondary interaction that moves non-stationary NPCs away from where they are. Either the secondary button (triangle on ps4) or melee, maybe. Just something to get them out of the way.
Would be even better if your character said something. Thinking of Fl4k muttering “out of the way human” and zane saying “shift that arse” or something.

I discovered that if you down yourself, they’ll run over to revive you.

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If you move to the far wall from the door, the NPC will move out of the way but yes it is annoying.