Tired Of Farming! LF Select Level 72 Items! :D

Hey everyone!

I do a lot of farming in this game, but alas, there are some items that are really starting to kick my butt to farm for. If you could spare any/all items below (level 72 only please), you’d save my sanity! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Cobra (Skookum or Tumtum)
  • Bekah (Boss or Razor)
  • Interfacer (Practiciable)
  • Hawk Eye (Skookum or Tumtum)
  • Dark Night (Zer0 skin)
  • Dahl Efficiency (Ultra rare skin/all classes)

I have numerous items to trade, from levels 72 to OP8 (just ask).

Thanks everyone! :+1:

I got the interfaces and the skins for you. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

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I’m getting in the habit of having to thank you, Sun_Tsunami, lol! As always, you rock! :dukeaffirmative:

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Update! Have the Hawkeyes for you too.

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That’s awesome, thanks! I’ll be on tonight after 10:30.

BTW Sun, would you also happen to have a lvl 72 purple Dahl allegiance relic, with the burst fire delay and ammo increase? I forgot to add that to my list.

No,but I’m always keeping a look out for one at 72 and op8.