Tired of hearing "no reason to farm"?

Unless you already have God roll artifacts and coms, there is a damn good reason to be farming. A God roll level 60 com will smoke any 65 com that isn’t Good roll.


Class mods and relics :call_me_hand:t2:

Then surely a god roll 65 will be even more smokey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think a lot of people would rather wait and use that farming xp towards levelling when the dlc drops, at the moment it is kind of a waste unless you actually enjoy the game right now.


Also, eridium for gun gun.

TBH, I’m just grabbing those along the way as I have fun doing runs for time.

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Farming COMs and Artifacts kinda make sense, but rng behind the passives is so bad that farming them isn’t fun.


Playing the game with actually good gear is fun. Farming for said gear is not, as you must wade through a seemingly endless supply of irrelevant passives and anoints. Ain’t nobody got time for that (and if you do, how?) I’d rather cheat cut out the middle man, and yes I’m very much enjoying my loot with actually useful passives and anoints because I stand a chance against BL3’s most difficult content.


That’s my biggest issue with class mods and artifacts in this game. It’s not even like it was with BL1 where there are the skills boosted on the COM and then there are 3 passive rolls you can get with 2-3 different values depending on the roll. Best I can tell, there are at least 30-40 passives that can roll on most artifacts (some, like the Pearl, have limited passive rolls at least). Good luck getting 1 or even 2 useful ones for your build. Getting 3 would be SUPER rare.

The fact that passive rolls on COMs and artifacts are totally random - and the fact that they make SO much difference for your build - is one of the worst things about the gear system in this game. Just MHO of course.


If I didn’t like farming gear I’d play something else. Guns, yes, no sense in that. Just tired of the crying when knowing what your getting into.

Feedback helps GBX get a judge on how people feel apart particular parts of the game. If something bothers somebody they have a right to complain.

I for one don’t mind farming but the constant level cap raises are turning it into more of a chore than actually playing the game for fun.


There is 67-69 different passives on COMs, that gives you ~0,0003% chance for perfect roll at 100% drop rate. If you add up to 15 different combinations for skills it’s even worse.
Similar amount of passives is on artifacts, and you also have correct prefix.


How I have time is, I play early before work an hour or two and an hour or two before bed. Most weekends I can get 10 hours on easy. The fact that chances on God roll gear is irrevelent. If I don’t farm I’m guaranteed to never get it.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They made too many situational passives in this game. As soon as I started BL3 and saw percentage increase to Tediore weapons, I knew this system was going to suck. So what happens when I switch to my non-Tediore weapon? Do I now go into my inventory, waiting 10 seconds on PS4 for the menu to load, to change my class mod to a more beneficial passive for the gun manufacturer I switched to?

The passives in this game are mostly trash which makes getting the right roll a supreme pain.

The “no reason to farm” isn’t because of level increases for me, it’s because my time investment vs. return is so out of whack that I don’t enjoy playing.


Ok so I get a com with 2 of the 3 rolls I need. I build around it until I get what I want. On two of my 5 vh’s I have perfect coms and really great other gear. Maybe it’s not the gear I really want run but it works really well. That’s how I enjoy my build with them. On the other 3 I have really great gear looking for that perfect com. They are all endgame capable. I just play knowing they can be better, that’s why I play.

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@kldelp I don’t think anyone in this thread said anything about not being willing to farm. On the contrary, lots of folks (including me) find the joy of getting that perfectly-rolled drop to be a big part of the reason why they play. However, going for an artifact you need for a build that requires a specific roll or set of rolls (and some builds do require specific rolls), especially when, as @GrzesPL pointed out, there are 67-69 different passive rolls (even bigger than I thought with my estimation of 30-40 LOL, but I have no reason to doubt what they said), you have the following chance to get the passive rolls you want on a given artifact that drops:

-1 in 67 chances to get any single passive roll
-3 rolls on an artifact
-1/67 * 1/67 * 1/67 = 0.000003 (0.0003% chance)

Even if you don’t care that much about specific rolls and have a wide range of passive rolls that you are willing to accept, expanding those numbers to 10 acceptable rolls out of 67, the chances are still:

-10/67 * 10/67 * 10/67 = 0.3% chance of getting an acceptable drop

And these numbers don’t even include the chances of the prefix rolls on the artifact itself - or the actual chances that you will get the item you want to drop AT ALL.

Farming is one thing. For artifacts and COMs, the odds are just insane though! Maybe I did the math slightly incorrectly and someone will correct me on my math (because I am terrible at it), but the odds are still astronomically low, no matter how the math works - there are 3 rolls on an artifact and 67 possible rolls, after all.

This is why people don’t like farming COMs and artifacts in BL3.


@kldelp Just to be fair, I do 100% agree with what you said about being willing to accept that “less than perfect, but still good” roll on an item. Players need to realize that, in general, just because X streamer or YTer had Y gear with Z rolls, does not mean that those are the ONLY set of gear and rolls that work on the build. You have to temper your expectations when farming, because the likelihood that you are going to get that “god roll” is astronomically low. Before farming an item, you need to think about the item you are farming, consider the range of rolls that will work with your build, and be willing to accept something that works, even though it may be less than ideal.

Sorry for the wall of text.

But a god roll 60 COM will just leave me frustrated/annoyed and wanting a 65 god roll COM. :smiley: So yeah, no more farming for me for anything until the level cap increase.


If you don’t have god roll everything right now I would like to know what you’ve been playing for the past year, because it’s obviously not this game.

I’ve literally thrown thousands of coms and artifacts away over the past year. It’s not like they’re rare, and only a couple require farming a dedicated drop. Most drop like freaking candy.

2 percentage points on rolls won’t make a 65 better much at all. I run a level 53 on a vh that still does endgame. Levels don’t affect coms shields and artifacts the same as guns. That’s the point I’m making. They are really good regardless of level. So I say farm away.

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There’s no intrinsic reason to farm irrespective of level caps.

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With the constant havoc of guns these last few months - OP cartel weapons, nerfs, buffs, annointment tweaks, fixes, and DLC4 coming to make everything obsolete again - I say that COMs and artifacts are about the only things worth farming for in the first place. Everything else seems to become trash within weeks of acquiring it.

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