Tired of looking, need vindicator ghast call

Tried forever, really annoyed and mad just want the easy way out at this point XD.

What do u habe to trade for 1?

What are you looking for

Tranformer with ammo regen. Tediore homing mirv shotguns. Good amara/zane items. Good terror gear or relics depending on their rolls. If not lmk what u have and we can try to work something out

I was able to get a redline finally, thank god. I have a few different types of deathless. I ignore most of the stuff that drops from Heck as I dont need it with my moze so I dont have much in the ways of terrified annointed gear

Do you have “On ASE, Gain 100% Bonus Damage” annointment weapons? I have a Vindicator Ghast Call I’d be willing to trade you.

I have a annointed cryo Lucians call that fires terror skulls after phasegrasping.i also need a vindicator