Tired of [MISSION FAILED!] all the time

I like a challenge as much as the next guy, but I don’t enjoy spending 30 minutes (or less!) in a story mission only to have it fail. Whether from when a sentry blows up, or too many enemies get to the core, or when people run out of lives trying to rez one another in the middle of a fight corridor, it’s not a good feeling.

If, instead of just stopping the mission outright, these sorts of failures resulted in a loss of points, or medal status, that would be fine with me, but just cutting my playtime short makes me not want to come back and give it another go, and I don’t think that’s Gearbox’s intent here. I want to get invested in this game, but I keep getting confronted with unwelcoming barriers to just enjoying my experience.


Find a group with Mic’s!! I find that in PUGs a lot of the missions on Advanced are overly difficult, but with a pre made (even a relatively crappy one) all the missions become mind dullingly easy except the last 3 which are still randomly difficult as hell.

Personally like the difficulty and punishment for failing where it is for my two cents. Others may feel different though :slight_smile:


I can definitely appreciate the sentiment, but it’s primarily those last three missions that are the issue. There are either too many things to defend or too many things that can engage the thing you’re defending from outside of your immediate ability to engage them. Having a mic definitely helps the process a bit, but GBX definitely needs to look at the retooling some of those advanced story missions. There is nothing more aggravating than a Defiler, with a sliver of life that you couldn’t finish off, doing its ground spike on the stairs outside of the final defense point in Saboteur and taking 1/4 of the point’s health while you can do nothing.

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Haha right, many people have suggested it but it wasn’t until last night that I actually tried out just running with 1 other friend. It drastically changes the entire levels feel, I recommend just running with 1 or 2 people until/unless they change the way those missions work.

Two characters that are either A. Healer and Wave clear (Miko or Alani + Montana or Thorn or OM and so on) or B. Wave Clear and Wave Clear if you arnt worried about dying so much. Make the levels infinitely easier to complete in my experience.

Hope this helps!

yeah this is my biggest gripe with PvE… in BL2, playing with four people was challenging but fun, yes things scaled but you had such powerful characters that you could deal and you didn’t have to worry about anything other than keeping your squad alive… in Battleborn, we have 5/8 missions being escort/defense missions where playing advanced (or even normal on the Saboteur) on 5 player difficulty is a nightmare and it’s much better with 2 or 3 because of the lack of defense point health scaling with the difficulty level. I don’t understand why you would make levels that are less fun to play with 5 people, like the game is punishing you for wanting to group up with your buddies… Yes, it’s supposed to be hard, and yes you need to “git gud” for advanced, that’s the point, but my central argument/concern/gripe/etc. is that regardless, PvE is less fun with more people and that makes no sense… I hope the upcoming DLC missions include no more escort or defense because… well is there anybody who prefers that to the Raid style missions??


Honestly the way it went for me:

Algorithm- Cool! Raid style, loving this!

Voids Edge- Alright an escort mission basically, but I get a hilarious giant robot (apparently the funniest characters in the game are all giant spider robots)

Renegade- Alright! A defense mission, cool they’re keeping it fresh with each mission, loving it!

Archive- Alright, another escort mission. The robot is still funny though, still liking it.

Sentinel- Woot! Back to new stuff, raid style with badass traps.

Experiment- Ok… Ridiculously difficult defense mission. Whatever.

Saboteur- Yet another defense mission…

Heliophage- Well I suppose sky diving practice is atleast a fresh concept like the first few missions?

None the less, I feel as though most of the hate for the experiment comes from its massive difficulty spike and not that it isn’t a fresh concept, once you’ve hit the Saboteur I feel that’s when it becomes a combination of both. Rendain is the only reason I feel people hate the Heliophage (could be wrong). I think that once they rework some of the reasons people fail so hard at these last three, people will like the story much better (especially any newcomers).

Now if Gearbox decides to give us more defense/escort missions as DLC, then I am sure it will become a real issue. Keep it fresh like you did with The Sentinal GBX!!


It would be nice to have friends to play with, but that’s not my reality. I pug it, I don’t have a mic nor do I want to run the show and talk at people even if I did. Intellectually I know what would help, but emotionally I resent having to do more than just pop in the game disc to enjoy what limited free time I have to play.

I tried three missions last night, on advanced, and all three ended in failure. It was disheartening.

I don’t want a gold medal just for showing up, but I want to at least be able to see how the content goes and actually learn how to do better, and the current system prevents that. Sometimes I don’t even know what I need to watch out for, and that’s what makes me log out and not come back.

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Playing as Kleese on the defence missions is the best option… Put his shock fields around the defence point (preferably with linking) and just focus on the ranged enemies and replace the lost shock fields when needed… He makes defence missions easy mode, no matter the difficulty, got gold on Saboteur Advanced in a 5 man group totalling over 200-300k damage and the best healing of the group :+1: Love Kleese for PvE, in PvP he is just a massive easy target

Support+toby is also a fair choice. Toby can easily solo most levels on advanced hardcore.

I have to agree, things like mx elite robots that one hit you or times where you turn your back for a moment and boom goes the sentry are unfair if they don’t let you continue. Personally, I prefer solo for more than jjust that i find it easier, but with solo advanced you can’t always choose the character you like over the character thats good at protecting/killing/healing themselves etc.

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Kleese may be a massive target, but if played well he can be one of the best characters. His rifts and his healing together can get on peeoples nerves like you could not believe. Most of the time though you’re right, he’s just a target and nothing more. He’s not bad for PvP, just hard to use well. I personally don’t play him right now but i have friends that are ridiculously good with him.

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At least when you get that one idiot who starts the Experiment while everyone’s away shard-hunting, the loss is swift and painless.



Reyna and Toby are both really good at sentry escort. Both have deployable shields that can block incoming fire when placed well enough.

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To be fair, all characters can.

I dunno, characters like shayne and aurox, reyna, orendi (i know, all of the rogues right?) benedict, and pheobe etc have a hard time because of low damage/low health/team intended abilities or the shear fact that they need to get close to the enemy to deal damage and don’t have lifesteal.

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I agree. I think it’s just unnecessary to cause mission failure. Send us back to a checkpoint and allow us to retry. Very demoralizing wasting 30+ minutes. It’s the equivalent of dying in a game after a long time without saving.

Regarding Story mode comp, I think ISIC is basically the best. Turret mode just stomps. Ideal is probably x4 ISIC and x1 Miko or Kleese.


Orendi and Benedict should do fantastic in Story missions. Their AoE damage is top tier.

Guardians are practically invincible to benedict, orendi has no for of regaining health and has to be fairly close to use shadowfire pillar. They are usable to solo but adv hardcore? They are going to die once. At least.

This. Co-op is supposed to be fun. It isn’t.

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  • Finding people to fulfill the main objective can be a pain sometimes, and a breeze in others.

  • I understand that some people do not understand the main mechanics of the game, but to people who are actually trying to complete the level, it can be very frustrating.

  • I’m sure there’s a section here in the forum where you can team up with people who know what they’re doing and don’t mind playing random maps with you by realizing you want what they want.

  • Which is victory, I too have trouble looking for people to play with who’s on when I am, but I’m sure if we keep looking, it’ll be more fun then playing with low level people who don’t know what to do or even advanced players who don’t want to play a map because it would be their 3’rd time playing the same map.