Tired of searching

I’ve been searching and trying out different builds for M4 and I’m lost.

I’ve tried the Bloodletter /Deathless combo. Green Monster stuff and I just can’t find a decent M4 build.

Is there a general consensus on what the best M4 build is?

There seem to be so many different ones floating around the internet that I just don’t do well at all for me.

I’m tired of only being able to use her on M3.

This explains the general meta

My favorite build of my own that I’ve been running is this:

My best True Takedown run at lvl 57 so far is 12 minutes with it so I’d say it’s very strong. There is no best though, a lot of good options for Moze
Build Master List - [Guide] Build Master Collection - Moze the Gunner


I haven’t updated the meta post since the dlc drop, but it’s still basically the same. Just toss the extra points into BM or SoR, still works amazingly.

Just realized I replied to Kab, my bad.

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