Tired of the Balance arguments

I am tired of people saying this game is very unbalanced, it really is very balanced, not saying some characters arn’t overpowered but overall the game is balanced well.
I have played around 100 hours and have come to the conclusion that most people dont understand that some characters using certain builds will have a disadvantage in certain situations. Its the very essence of a moba. Now skill can overcome that especially more so in the fps fast paced relm but you can still be at a clear disadvantage. My example is whisky foxtrot. He can be very powerfull but is essence he is a long range to medium range fighter, if you build him for max damage at these ranges your build will not help you in close range so any melee that gets to you most likely will dominate you, now his kit allows for some close range push backs and other cc abilities at the cost of damage but it allows you to round out his weaknesses at the cost of high end distance damage.
Most characters are like this they have helix builds that can drastically change the style of play. Dont scream overpowerd because you chose a glass cannon route with no cc and a melee gets on you and you die. It has the moba elements meaning your build will have strengths and weaknesses, learn them and play to them.