Tired of these lvl 49’s

Why is half the stuff I’m getting out of the red chest’s, level 49. I’ve found a few good things and noticed that they are level 49. Anyone else finding this? It’s honestly quite frustrating!!

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I ll advise you to check the actual properties of the object because it is not rare to have better stats than on a lv 50


Still though I hate having that god item or weapon that you’ve been trying to get for oh let’s say the last 4 months. And it’s a level 49!! Kind of a slap in the face when you open up these red chest for this so called special event and every item is a 49 numerous times. Want that god rolled class mod that you will probably never see again here have a 49! Yep thanks. I know it’s just 1 level but come on I’ve spent so many hours farming for good gear in this game and I hate having this in my vault

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well I agree it s kind of depressing not sure why this happens

Yeah, it’s much like finding a purple or even blue that totally outclasses a Legendary. I don’t want some low-life blue thing in my arsenal, or some second-class level 49 trash masquerading around like it’s got any business in my backpack. They need to look good too. :laughing:

I’m having this existential crisis at the moment with Protuberances… I’ve only ever found one purple variant, so the rarity has me hooked, but it’s totally outclassed by some blue thing I’m sitting on.

on protuberance you need to check the parts for the magic 600% weapon damage, I got a blue one like this with clone swap annoint it wrecks

I think I have one? It’s not just a little better… 600% seems right (like I was concerned that someone slipped a modded one into my game somehow). No anointment though. Is that a part or accessory?

I’m going to 100% agree with OP. There’s absolutely no reason that, playing Mayhem mode TVHM, we should be getting under-leveled gear from chests.

Does it make the item useless? No, if it’s an inherently good weapon and has a good anointment it will still do just fine.

There’s just no good reason this should even be an issue.


I’ve only seen one level 49 and that was a rare. My FL4K is 50 and all the legendaries I’ve gotten from red chests have been 50, and there have been a lot!!!

I just checked it is actually the magazine. It is legit I dropped it from solo

I got really excited this weekend when I pulled a Recurring cryo Hex with anointment from a chest, but then I realized it was level 49. But before I sold it to the vendor, I compared it with a non-anointed Recurring cryo Hex and it was actually pretty close. So I ended up keeping it because the damage on Hex grenades is so low now, it really doesn’t matter if it’s 50 points less on a level 49 version because you’re not really using them for their damage.

But otherwise, I agree. Seeing level 49 crap drop when you’re at level cap on TVHM M4 can be a bit frustrating, especially with as much RNG as we have in this game compared to the prior games.