Title for mastering all heroes

Something I have been thinking since the release of this game. why is there no title “Master of Battleborn” for people who mastered all 25 base characters? it would refer to battleborn as the characters AND the game itself. and since the master titles aren’t worth as much as they were at the beginning of the game anyways, this title would be more impressive than a majority of the other ones. what do you guys think?


And ones for each faction too!


that would be super awesome!

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Agreed. Been wanting this one for a while.

I think it should be called “Teacher” because whos the master of the masters? The one who taught the master. Really IDC what it is called, they should have had one from the start and I am never against having more titles because I switch between them all the time.

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They generally should give us more titles to earn if you ask me. They could go even further with the factions titles like a title for 1000 games with each faction, 1000 wins, 5000 games, 5000 wins, I don’t care. I see that it would be very hard to get those but I would be all up for it.


There are technically ones for the factions - the ones that come from playing / winning a certain amount of games with them. There probably should be more though.

Well, yeah, but that’s not really it. I have yet to play Toby and I have the win 100 games as and play x amount of games as titles for the Rogues

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Yeah, good point, you can still miss the characters. Ooooh, crazy idea - how about unlocking all the lore for all the characters in a faction unlocks another set of lore about that faction, as well as a new title? Could give some background about the creation of the Woodsworn, the construction of the Arcfleet, some background on the UPR’s efforts to repel the Varelsi, etc.


That would be absolutely and utterly amazing.

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You need to get all their lore done for the platinum trophy anyways, so having that is kind of a mark of mastering everyone.

I’ve got all mastered including the DLC characters, got KU done at the weekend.


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“Master of Battleborn” would be a sweet title. But they’ll probably save it till the last season one character comes out.