Title Screen Desired Changes

By title screen I’m referring to the screen before you sign in to the command screen. The one that had the Battleborn Splash screen pre-WU and the one with the individual BB posters that change around Post-WU.

My thoughts are as follows;

I hate the current and previous Title screen options. The old Splash screen was missing characters, was way too busy, and Orendi wasn’t the main focus. >:/

Post-WU apparently you get a rotation (if you’re lucky?) of 3 possible Title Screens. For me on PS4 it’s Ghalt, Thorn, or Beatrix. I know that an Orendi one exists and I’m upset that I don’t get it, instead 60% of he time I get Ghalt’s ugly mug, 30% Beatrix’s ugly mug, and 10% Thorn’s bow. I don’t particularly care for those 3 characters much, really hate ghalt’s design, and am annoyed every time I see Ghalt’s Title Screen while I wait to have my session authenticated.

Use the title screen as a form to show off Fan-art from the community? Have a place where artist can submit “Title Screen”-able art, pick and choose, and viola! Pretty cool community-geared project! Slap a Battleborn Logo on it to make it more official with a artist signature somewhere and all good.

My main and most wanted suggestion: Are you familiar with One Piece manga? If not, it’s a Japanese Manga by Eiichiro, Oda. Anyways, in his manga Oda has a small “segment” in each cover page where he sometimes either draws fan-requested art BUT more importantly he takes this 1 page per chapter to tell a SIDE STORY that is relevant to the canon…see where I’m going?

My suggestions is to use the Title screen in One Piece fashion and use it to tell side stories via pictures, one at a time. Just draw a scene and use it as a title screen and via these title screens tell a character or thing’s story. It’d be a great way to get lore out to the community in a fun way. You can hide things in pictures like you can’t hide them in written text, it’d be open to interpretation, it’d be…very very very fun to go through them all and see the story they tell. Why write a few lines of text on the battleplan when you can do that AND give us a depiction of something? Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words, so it saves on writing time! Think about it Gearbox!

@Jythri @JoeKGBX @dante_d_silva

In Summary: I think it’d be a cool idea if the Title Screen is used as a way to distribute lore via weekly/bi-weekly Single Scene drawings similar to the way that it’s used by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece. Also you can hide some Easter Eggs and other things within these pictures.




This is a really cool idea! The only thing is that we sort of have to have that artwork patched into the game as there’s not functionality for us to insert artwork there on the fly that I know of. There are probably other technical reasons too that @jythri may be able to speak to as well.

Still, really cool idea!


OMG this would be amazing! :heart_eyes:

“Ghalt’s ugly mug”

Fite me

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The One Piece cover pages used to do lore/side stories, but as of late they’ve mainly been fan commissions of random situations where character(s) are doing something like hanging out with a group of dogs that walk on their hind legs. I freakin’ love these. :heart:

The the idea of depicting snippets of lore in a single frame (especially if @jythri makes Seung Kim draw them) would be fantastic. You’d want to hook it into the same system as the in-game updates feed (which I believe is only loading text, there’s no on the fly image downloading happening). I could then reference these artworks in the Lore Bible and make it more pictureful. :heart_eyes:

Title Screen images are big, so downloading them on the fly would require some dedicated caching servers and some way to hide the fact that it might be still downloading. The last thing you’d want to do is make it take longer for people to be able to log into the game :confused:

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S’why I thought daily/weekly might be asking for too much lol. A MONTHLY update to the Title Screen with Lore Picture(s) would still be cool, I’d just hate the anticipation build-up from one month to another like “OH MY GAWD WHEN IS THE NEXT LORE PIC COMIN, I MUST SEE IT NOW!”

Good to see a bit of support for the idea! Didn’t know if anybody else would really be interested in Lore being delivered in periodic 1 frame pictures like that.

Lore addicts. We will take it in any form, at any time of the day!! :persevere::confounded::triumph:


It’s possible you could try patching in a big chunk of them at once (maybe alongside one of the usual weekly updates, or a separate update altogether) and activate them over a longer period of time - would mean the download’s a little larger than just a simple hotfix, but it wouldn’t be much.

I can see using community-created fan art having some potential legal hurdles, but doing like a one-page comic or something illustrating lore stuff would be nice.

Or at the very least, even if not doing lore ‘comics’ maybe it’d be nice to replace the single-character images with pictures of each faction depicting everyone in said faction.

We would love to do this. There are some technical limitations, however, so I’m not sure when or if we’ll see it practically in-game.

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Make it happen!

Admittedly, I liked the old title screen more, there was more stuff to look at as you waited for the lobby. The current one is not bad, but if there were 30 characters rotating instead of 4 (5?)… :wink:

Not sure how I would feel about slapping fanart as loading screens. It’s a nice thought but I feel like the game should keep it official to give a good impression. I’d be 1000% down for any (lore) screens Seung made, however!

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I’d just be happy if some of the achievement / lore pictures you unlocked got added to the mix.