Title Screen Music

So why don’t we ever hear anything besides UPRs theme? Why doesn’t it play various themes from the factions depending who you just finished a match or mission with? OR better yet, why not have different backgrounds for the other factions with the music included?

I placed it at the areas where the other themes play (LLC is my favorite)
18:54 - 21:04 Rogues faction theme
23:45 - 25:50 Eldrid faction theme
27:50 - 30:34 LLC faction theme
33:26 - 35:30 Jennerit faction theme
38:08 - 42:01 Peacemakers faction theme (the current menu theme)


The background changes randomly, BUT it would be dope if the music changed too. We don’t get to hear enough of the soundtrack, a shame since it’s really good!

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It changes on PC? The background I mean?

Yeah, the ship stays the same but you can see outside :wink:

Wot!? lol That’s not anything. I mean full blown background changes. We see really cool backgrounds in the Lore wallpapers. I want to see areas as diverse as those for the title screen background.

I mean that would be cool but I thought it was a nice small change… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I assume menu background picture is our Nova, so it’s not faction-related.

Music change would be cool. Don’t know why they didn’t do that.


I’d love this. I didn’t even know it was UPR

Yeah, it’s the UPR theme from a while back. I haven’t yet gotten around to ripping/recording the newer soundtrack, but if I can find the tools hopefully I will at some point. It definitely would be cool to have randomized backgrounds with the different factions’s themes.

Didn’t even know these existed. I really like the rogue and jennerit themes. Would be great if the theme changed depending on which character faction you just played.


Kinda remind me of this little screen in the background of the command menu that says “Jennerit” or “Rogue” etc. I don’t know what it’s based on, but I’ve only seen Rogue and Jennerit. And it has a picture of a character under it. They could have the same music of the factoion that can be seen on that screen.

I wish they would change it more. Not doing it up for Kid Ultra was a wasted opportunity

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I’d rather they work on more important stuff right now…

In the future, sure, for Kid Ultra? Nah.

Okay, so here’s an idea. I’m gonna have a helluva lot of time on my hands over summer - so I’ve been thinking - should I make a Sync of the title screen theme, using only sounds from the game?

Piecing together sounds like Ernest’s grenades, Oscar Mikes rifle, the sounds of activating buildables and such, in kind of a dubstep remix kinda thing.

What do you guys think?


Omg… how is this not a thing. What the actual ■■■■! It would be so cool to have the music change with the faction of who you last played with. Ideally, everyone would have at least one unique background too eg. Alani floating in her tank, Miko spooning his cabbage or w/e, Toby working on Berg etc etc. Could have additional tidbits unlock as you unlock lore eg. Have Orendi spy on Toby working on Berg, etc.

Obviously not the most important of things… it’d just be really, really cool.


I love game “symphonies”, you should definitely do one!

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That sounds awesome. Look forward to seeing it come to fruition.

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I didn’t know I wanted this until now. Why did they keep such awesome themes out?

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