Titles and completion

So I don’t really keep track of my titles that much, as I kind of just go with I’ll get them as I get them, but I was looking through for the challenege for assists and went over a few that said they had 100% completion but were not unlocked, such as Worthy of Song and Cooptition. As I said, I don’t pay much attention to them, so I couldn’t point out a specific match I would have completed them in, but it says they are. Is this a glitch?

Coopetition is known to be glitched.

Myself and many others have had to send in screenshots of our Coopetition qualifying match stats screen to Gearbox support to receive ours.

Worthy of Song (25 or more kills in one match) and BADA BADA BOOM! (12 kills by your ultimate in one match) may well be bugged.

For me, they both appear as 100 percent completed but are both still greyed out / locked, but they show up among my completed titles, not my uncompleted ones.

While I don’t remember ever completing WoS or BBB I could easily have while drunk one weekend and didn’t realize they hadn’t unlocked.

Apparently I have worthy of song, says I’m 100 percent complete yet locked, same with coopetition

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Me also, same with BADA BADA BOOM.

I dont ever remember getting It though

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I’ve only recently started paying attention, so finding out I had done these titles as cool. I sent in a support ticket with my player and system id, and Screenshot of the 100% titles. She said that they’d have a statement soon, so I’m waiting for that

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Please keep us updated.

Like @cadecampbell said, mine show 100 percent complete, although I don’t remember getting them (which doesn’t mean I never did, many many MANY PVP matches over the last 6 months).

If sending in a screenshot of your title screen showing it has 100 percent completion but is still greyed out is all it takes to get them, that would be amazing.

If they ask for a screenshot of the stats for the match when it happened, I would not be able to provide that.

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does that mean i’d have to do em again just to grab a screenshot? it’s the same thing with right behind you. I have a match in my recent history with 24 assists, but i wouldn’t have another with 30 atm…

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My right behind you popped as soon as I got it, and I honestly don’t RECALL getting over 25 kills in one match, but it could have happened.

Same with the 12 ult kills in one match one, I could see that having happened with certain characters while I was mastering them.

I usually play support (as shown by my top played characters being ambra, miko, and now kid, lol) so I don’t have much doubt that they’re in error. hell, I went 19-5 with a triple kill on kleese the other day.

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In error as in “we’ve completed them but they haven’t activated for us” or in error as in “they are showing 100 percent even though we’ve never actually met the qualifucations”?

I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if I had, but I have no way of proving it. the closest I can show at the moment in my saved games is 19 kills in a game for WoS with the group having 48 kills in total for cooptition, and 24 assists in a different match for RBY. I don’t have anythingin my saved games atm for the full amounts.

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Yeah I’m in the exact same situation.

I am very curious as to how Gearbox support will reply to @epicender584

BADA BADA BOOM, co-opetition and Worthy of Song are currently showing up as 100% complete but greyed out for everyone who has not completed those titles.

It is a bug.

I have all those titles legit and they show up normally.

My GF has not completed any of those titles and they show up grey at 100%

Edit: Right behind you as well.

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I have a feeling these titles glitched to show 100% completion when the last update came out to show what your percentage your progress is when going for titles. I have seen A LOT of people (myself included) who’s command screens show bada boom, worthy of song, right behind you, and coopetition completed, but the titles are greyed out. I sent in a support ticket for them and the response I got back was basically “we’ve had a lot players submitting tickets for this and we are looking into it. We’ll get back to you.”

If you have a screenshot of the actual match you achieved the title, I think they can update it right away, but the time I sent my ticket in, my match history was full of the ops mission only. I guess we’ll see what happens.


As far as I know, the only legitimately glitched (as in, you qualified but weren’t awarded) title is Coopetition. GBX support require screenshots of qualifying matches to grant titles… which is presently the only way to get Coopetition, so if you do get 60 team kills and you care enough, screenshot and submit. (I’ve never been bothered myself, that title is a mark of shame and I’d rather pretend I hadn’t been involved in those games, haha)


how is 60 kills as a team a mark of shame? o.0

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The only way to get it is in a merciless pub stomp. Same with Old Man Cranky

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Skilled players just don’t die at that rate. Honestly, the same is mostly true for Worthy of Song as well. Only one of my Worthy of Song titles, with Mellka, felt well-earned. My 34 kills match with Gali… not so much.

I don’t mean to discredit players who perform well and get those titles. It’s just that I’ve never seen Coopetition in a fair match and can’t really imagine it happening…


I was in a match where my team died 80+ times and we won.

They got co-opetition, we got the win.

It was an all Rath chaos rumble on our side and my three randoms fed 20-27 kills apiece.

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