Titles for Multiple "Masters of"

Lots of players are mastering more than one character, so new titles like “Master of 5” would be great.


I really wish these were called something else. Having cool things to put on your name badge is awesome. “Has Played Montana A Bunch”, which is all “Master of Montana” really means, is nowhere near as satisfying to me as a badge like “Hobo”.

It’s fine if, like, the associated challenge is called "master of ", but for my nameplate I’d much rather it was like “SP-Icy” or something that evokes mastery of the character. "Master of " doesn’t feel like it gives me much room for creative expression…

I’m sure some people love 'em. Just my $0.02

But, also, I agree that I really wanted to get some kind of recognition for having hit rank two with every character. Another marker for mastering 5, 10, etc, seems like a really great idea.

I have master titles for multiple characters and the only 1 I used was Master of phoebe because I got hers before I was actually master of Phoebe (Her lore is glitched). Other than that I switch between the name I find most entertaining, like “Figh Hives” or “Toddler Play Time” these titles are not hard to get but the names are just awesome, I just want more awesome title names.

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I’m a master of 3 characters but do not use those titles. I prefer the little buddy and noob toob titles myself.

I used the Master of Phoebe for a long time, because it seemed to show that I knew what I was doing in the game. I have moved on to “Darkness Incarnate” because it sounds awesome. I have noticed that often if someone has master of X it just means that they won’t play X because they already have all the lore and xp for that character.

However, I do think that a master of rogues, master of LLC, master of Eldrid etc. titles for mastering the original characters for each faction would be cool. And maybe a master of Battleborn for mastering all 25 of the original characters.

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I kinda wish the Master titles were more like this

Galilea = Master Of Corruption

Orendi = Master Of Chaos

Attikus = Master Of Thrall

Marquis = Master Of Classiness

Kelvin = Master Of Ice


That’s a strong suggestion, yeah.

I like this. They could also do titles for mastering all characters in a faction.

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[quote=“aerokus, post:10, topic:1539478, full:true”]They could also do titles for mastering all characters in a faction.

This is what I’d like to see, even if it’s just as boring as “Master of the Eldrid”, but it could be flavored up with something like “Black Observer” for mastering all of the Eldrid (which I think is the highest ranked Observer) or “Field Marshal” for mastering all of the Peacekeepers (which is a higher rank than General).

Marquis- Master of Butlery
Phoebe- Master of Cutlery


I literally stuck with Imperium Scum from the moment I earned it until I was roughly rank 80 because it reminded me of Star Wars and my love for the Empire (don’t hate). Titles have never really meant much to me and while I think they can be cool I find most a tad lackluster. Having different “Master of…” titles would be a good start.