Titles won't unlock

So, I was after the Coopetition title lately, did manage a bunch of times getting 60+ kills in a match, 4 times since I’m focussed on it, but the title is still locked (Ticket is open for 4+ days now, so I tried this already).
Since the update shows me now how far I progressed on each of them, I can see that Coopetition is still gray, but has 100% completion, same goes to right behing you and BADA BADA BOOM.

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I submitted a ticket on Thursday for the same issue. I had completed BBB and Coop some time ago. I was told submitting a ticket would be the way to resolve this :confused:

Make sure to take a screenshot, with the title highlighted, showing 100% complete and send it in too. That will speed up the process for you. I had 4 titles not unlock, so I took 4 screenshots for each title.

There’s a number of threads on this already…

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thx for the hint!

This is appereantly the first time my ticket doesn’t get answered within 2 hours :expressionless:

I’m glad they added in the percentages. I was really confused after the third time I should’ve gotten it when my team passed 75 kills. :slight_smile: so yay, at least I know we earned it!

Reply to the email you got after you submitted your ticket saying they received your ticket and attach those pics. I think that may help speed it along there. I’m not 100% sure though, but I know at some point they usually ask for those. It may take a few days because with this update they have tons of Season Pass problems as well, so I think/hope those people are the priority.

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Hehe yeah, good to know that we at least earned it :stuck_out_tongue:
fun part is: since they show me the progress I made, I’ve mentioned that I actually unlocked right behind you and BBB, these were the next ones I wanted to focus on, good to know that I achieved them both already xD

Yeah, I wasted a few matches just trying to focus on assists because we thought it was “team kills” as opposed to solo kills haha :slight_smile:

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@JoeKGBX @Jythri

any statement to this issue?

Man, with those you’ll be done

with these there’d be still 26 titles left, so much to do :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on Angel of Death and MEDICAL USE ONLY, both are around 8k, so I’m busy for at least the rest of the year :wink:

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If you can give me your support ticket number, I can look into this a little for you. :slight_smile:

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first one was: #116100
second is: #116137

I submitted these before the patch, before I knew that BBB as well as Right behind you we’re done already too.

EDIT: To clarify, I wrote 2 not because I wanted to accelerate the solution, I just wasn’t sure which is the proper section for this, so one is in “Other”, the second is in “Multiplayer”

thanks for the quick reply btw! appreciate that

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thanks for swinging the whip :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I have a friendly conversation with Anita (you have many very friendly people in you support team, haven’t spoken anyone who wasn’t kind to me, give them cookies, they deserve em :slight_smile: )

For the peoples with the same (or similar issues), they want screenshots where they can see the results AND your ID!!! so make sure to have em ready before you submit a ticket!
Match ID’s won’t do, if I may quote:

“Thank you for sending us the match ID. However, our escalation department team, who adds missing content to our dear clients’ accounts, is very clear in stating what they need – the screenshot showing your gaming tag and the number of kills the team achieved. The match ID is not sufficient.” (Regarding Coopetition)

Same goes for any other title you wan’t to look on to, but I have a question, she asked also for:

“For BADA BADA BOOOOM >>> screenshots showing that you killed 12 times Battleborns with your ultimate skill”

This should be difficult to submit since, afaik, they’re not shown seperatly from “normal” kills, would it help if I submit a Video where these 12 kills are shown? I actually don’t know if this will do, but it’s the only proof that could be possible to submit…

I told Anita already that I can only submit a proof for Coopetition, which I did, the ones for Right Behind You and BBB are lost somewhere in my match history, I won’t bother you if you can’t fix them because of missing proof, without the update I wouldn’t even know that I had them, so actually I’m not missing them, but would be nice if you could look into the source of the issue, since I want them too, so if I manage to achieve BBB, would be nice to get it without contacting support, since I couldn’t even prove it, for Right Behind You, I’ll take a screenshot ofc!

thank you for replying and ading me @JoeKGBX, please don’t be too hard to them :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hah, no worries! ;D

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If I look to this answer and your profile pic, I kinda smell sarcasm in the air xD

Hey @JoeKGBX I wanted to wait for the Oct13 update before sending in a ticket. I had completed 4 of the titles in question a number of times and didn’t really bother me much with my thinking it would be cleared up eventually. After I saw the titles screen and the 4 100% completions it convinced me to reach out. If I no longer have any of these matchs in my match history am I out of luck?

I have several friends who all have 4 specific titles showing 100% but locked like this, and it’'s the exact same 4 for them, and me as well: Coopitition, BBB, Right Behind You, and Worthy of Song.

I know for a fact I haven’t legit gotten Worthy of Song and my friends feel confident they haven’t legitimately completed these 4 either. I really think this is a bug from the patch, but if Gearbox wants to just award everyone these titles I won’t complain.

If someone (who has the DLC) can prove me wrong by showing their title screen and Worthy of Song NOT at 100%, I’ll rethink my theory. My guess is everyone either has it unlocked, or showing locked at 100% right now though.