Tl Kope is this good for her

I’m making my baroness 2day and want to know if this gun is any good has highest amount of damage of all snipers but as 1 drawback no scope. It’s like firing a springfield rifle you have no scope.

If you mean the Razorback, it works fine for her as long as you can adjust to the scope.

A muckamuck would still be better deal if you can get one though, just for the faster fire rate and scope.

Nah, not a good weapon generally, only really good at closer range and at that range you may be better off with a different weapon. The kicker for me is that the Tl Kope has a really low fire rate generally, not fast enough to deal with enemies that are that close. A long range sniper like a Fremington might be able to get away with low fire rate, but at short range a weapon with a really slow fire rate means you are toast if you miss.

Future reference Ti’kope is the prefix you get for all Jakobs snipers with the bayonet attachment, which is the default attachment for the Razorback, the actual weapon in question.

As for the Razorback itself. As a blue rarity Jakobs sniper, it’s bolt action, resulting in a super slow fire rate. It’s definitely usable with enough practice, especially with Aurelia, but you gotta be on point as the time it takes between shots will leave you vulnerable.

Yeah, and as a blue rarity it will most likely be outclassed in damage if you find a purple Jacobs sniper. Seems like the Razorback is trying to be an assault rifle, but with slow sniper rate of fire. LOL

Razorback is actually the highest base damage sniper in the game as of now, shot per shot, if I remember correctly.

At equivalent levels maybe, when leveling up in NVHM and TVHM you’ll find better. Don’t remember how much damage the one I got in TVHM mode was, but I thought it was less than the purple Tumtum Muckamuck I’m using right now.

Well it’s a mission reward you can save it for after the end of TVHM if you want an on-level one before going into UVHM.