To all people still trying to find their character

I am almost in the same boat. I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun playing Thorn, almost have her mastered, but ideally my favourite type of playstyle is Salvador from Borderlands 2 (Gunzerking badass). I know you might say Ghalt is similar I havent played him yet :stuck_out_tongue: private story lag.

I was hoping anyone else still trying to find their characters could post their playstyles and could get some help!

Keep being badasses (y)

I just keep trying them until I find ones that click, I don’t look for a playstyle. I found forcing myself to hit random sometimes can really help expand my play base.


haha, we were playing last night with two guys that NEVER play different characters (Marquis and Gallilea) we made them go random (the whole team did actually for quite a while) and hilarity ensued! lol, I love that they put that feature in!

I’m the worst fan, I’m just waiting for Alani this whole time.

I really do enjoy playing miko, thorn and Caldarius. In terms of competency I would say I’m a good supporter with miko but
I suck with offensive characters, so thats something I have to work on.
Tried a few time to play with Whiskey and I sucked really bad.

In the beta I loved playing Galilea in the Story Missions therefore I hope I can relate with Alani as a healer and Melee Brawler

Whiskey’s really rough to play with, I usually recommend that people try Oscar Mike first, he fills a similar-ish role, he’s just simpler at it.

My advice is to just try as many as you can, and give them a few attempts, they never clicked for me on the first play through, some, like Boldur and Kleese actually took a lot of determination to get the hang of. Each different class (and some characters) have vastly different engagement techniques, and you never know which one is going to click for you.

Like with OM and WF you’re going to be engaging the wave first and foremost and making sure the minions are pushed back.

With shooting tanks like Montana and Isic, you’ll be zoning against enemy players and holding the front line. Supports, of course, will mostly be running around behind your front liners keeping them where they belong.

Melee assassins will be always looking for flanks, and ways to sneak up from the side or engage when they’re not seen.

Melee tanks will mostly be in the front blocking and soaking up damage.

Marquis and Toby, etc., should be dancing around in the back line adding their damage to whoever the front line is engaging.

Switching roles means you have to play in entirely different parts of the map and in entirely different ways, so you have to change your mindset, but I suggest learning at least a few different positions so you can pick around whatever your teammates are doing.

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I feel like I’m a Jack of all trades and master of none. So I can fill any roll pretty well but not at a master level.

I’ve been playing Miko, Oscar and Rath. But last night I really had a blast with Montana!

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How can you not have a blast with the big lug?

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Don’t worry whiskey atm is a poor character in terms of what he delivers you didn’t suck as him the character is meh.

I started on Marquis then went with Miko. I have played with WF and Benedict during the solo campaign. Part of me wants to try others, but you know how people get online with calling you “noobs” and you suck with that character.

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I rarely have a game with him where I don’t pull top damage… he dumps numbers very well, but he has some holes in his kit that should probably be taken care of. He’s actually very functional, he just kind of doesn’t really excel at anything.

haha, come play with me, we usually just get a party together and all roll randoms :stuck_out_tongue:

Ambra fits me well, after first trying my best with Attikus but getting frustrated I tried her. I love her survivability and consistent AOE damage versus the delicate balance of running and capitalizing life steal with Attikus. I gave Benedict one try and found his rockets ineffective but I’ll give it another go later. Right now my interest is in Kleese - I think I’m finding that I like these combat medic sort of classes. Alani will probably be good for me too.

I would definitely recommend at least trying everybody once, there have been several characters that I thought for sure I was going to hate, like El Dragon, but after playing him for the first time today I actually ended the match with the highest kill count and had a lot of fun playing as him once I got used to his playstyle. There are others but I can’t remember who off hand, and there have been several characters I thought I was going to love but could not get a feel for their playstyle at all, like Benedict.