To all the Attikus mains out there (i.e. every single player), there is an endorsed petition to change his Lv20 title to "Daddikus"

(beta382) #1

Jythri has OFFICIALLY stated that if this reddit post gets 50 unique signatures, that it will happen. You know what to do.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #2

But why not “Big Daddy Atti”?

(Penguin connoisseur.) #3

Do i have to use my real name? Because if not, i’ll sign it for ya.

(PSN: SoloSmile (Lazy faff-about)) #4

Big Daddy Atti sounds a lot better.

What is it right now? Pouncer Bouncer? (Who came up with these lol :joy:)

If we’re pushing petitions for renames, can we get one for Rath too? Master Juggler sounds more like the name of S & A’s clown skin. I would have liked something more like “The Last Keeper” or " Sword Saint"

Could be just me though.


Continuing the chain for Big Daddy Atty(i).

(iPayUrFrenZ on PS4) #6

I am guilty of calling him Big Daddy Atty. I would like that lol.

(The Red Bar Observer) #7

Continuing the title train, I find Mellka’s pretty cringey. I quickly went back to Half-and-Half. :smirk:

(beta382) #8

Mellka’s is especially cringey, because it is named after a streamer (kalology) who wasn’t particularly good at the game and hardly even played it past release, who happened to play Mellka.

(wisecarver) #9

Pouncer Bouncer is better than what I got with Shane…Insane Posse

(PSN-JazzyLemmon) #10

Big Daddy Atti

(Inbound Titan - Killing you with SCIENCE!!!!!) #11


(30% more flak) #12

I’ve been thirsting over Whiskey since release and they give me Blue Devil. He isn’t even blue!

(Is this thing on?) #13

This brought back memories of UK sports coverage growing up, which led to a google search, which led to an interesting comparison:

(Ambra's Arbiter) #14

I want her title to just be “Not Today Eden”

Signed. It looks to be 50+ atm. Could be construed for less if one was strict enough with the wording of the answers. I fully expect this next patch

(The Red Bar Observer) #15

So all of us Mell mains are blessed with an awful title because some streamer briefly played her after launch…?

This deal keeps getting worse all the time!

(Hobbit Warrior) #16

Ahh my eyes! Those rubber bands did nothing to hold back that manboobilanche!

Also write-in for “Big Daddy Atti” Even though he’ll always be Fattikus to me.

(Penaeus Monodon) #17


(Braveheart to the Graveyard) #18

Whether it’s awful or not is entirely subjective. I like it.