To all the Attikus mains out there (i.e. every single player), there is an endorsed petition to change his Lv20 title to "Daddikus"

Jythri has OFFICIALLY stated that if this reddit post gets 50 unique signatures, that it will happen. You know what to do.


But why not “Big Daddy Atti”?


Do i have to use my real name? Because if not, i’ll sign it for ya.

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Big Daddy Atti sounds a lot better.

What is it right now? Pouncer Bouncer? (Who came up with these lol :joy:)

If we’re pushing petitions for renames, can we get one for Rath too? Master Juggler sounds more like the name of S & A’s clown skin. I would have liked something more like “The Last Keeper” or " Sword Saint"

Could be just me though.

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Continuing the chain for Big Daddy Atty(i).

I am guilty of calling him Big Daddy Atty. I would like that lol.

Continuing the title train, I find Mellka’s pretty cringey. I quickly went back to Half-and-Half. :smirk:

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Mellka’s is especially cringey, because it is named after a streamer (kalology) who wasn’t particularly good at the game and hardly even played it past release, who happened to play Mellka.

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Pouncer Bouncer is better than what I got with Shane…Insane Posse

Big Daddy Atti


I’ve been thirsting over Whiskey since release and they give me Blue Devil. He isn’t even blue!

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This brought back memories of UK sports coverage growing up, which led to a google search, which led to an interesting comparison:

I want her title to just be “Not Today Eden”

Signed. It looks to be 50+ atm. Could be construed for less if one was strict enough with the wording of the answers. I fully expect this next patch

So all of us Mell mains are blessed with an awful title because some streamer briefly played her after launch…?

This deal keeps getting worse all the time!

Ahh my eyes! Those rubber bands did nothing to hold back that manboobilanche!

Also write-in for “Big Daddy Atti” Even though he’ll always be Fattikus to me.


Whether it’s awful or not is entirely subjective. I like it.